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  1. I'd never rule it out considering you have the 3 points banked on the 23rd to factor in. If you win tonight then add that one on the gap is only 2 points Anyway Mon the Thistle.
  2. It really does make Saturday huge. Win that and an element of pressure is lifted from the trip to Dunfermline (assuming they haven't picked up a shock win at Killie). In theory it's one of those games where the team at the bottom is scrapping for everything, crowd right behind them and pick up a massive 3 points. Will it happen? After the last couple of games I can't really see it, but hopefully having Ashford back and Adeloye hopefully fit means we can freshen it up a bit.
  3. We've conceded first in each of our last 6 home games. Goals timed at 3, 6, 7, 10, 27 and a valiant 32 mins. . Wonder how long it will be in this latest must win game? Even worse is the fact that the run above includes home games with everyone else in the bottom half
  4. Yup. Even if we can stop Inverness getting a second after their inevitable early opener on Saturday and fight back for a point it's now still not to keep us ahead of Pars if (when) we lose there. Brutal.
  5. I'd be astonished if we are still 8th by the time we go away to QoS
  6. Looking at the lineups it's worrying and actually bizarre we are ahead of a side with the likes of Lawless, Polwarth, O Hara and especially Dom Thomas in attack, when we are relying on McKenzie Maxwell and Bryden to create and score haha.
  7. VAR can GTF - imagine seeing McInroy's goal on Friday there, celebrating it (imagine it had been a winner) then slowly realising VAR was analysing the tiniest bit of contact on the Hamilton defender immediately before the ball gets hit with the intention of ruling it out if there was a hint of a nudge.
  8. I popped into the Hub for first ever visit after game on Friday, had just planned on walking home but the equaliser had me in a good mood so decided on the spur of the moment to pop in for a quick pint. Phoned my mate and my dad from queue to see if they fancied joining me as they were walking home in other direction. Ended up staying until closing time and having 5 or 6 pints, and getting a photo with Sean McGinty like the absolute 38 year old child that I am. It's a cracking addition - in previous years I'd probably have popped into the Market or something for one or two on walk home and hearing some local Celtic fans asking if Ayr had been playing. Great to be in with fellow Ayr fans, club getting the money and the odd player popping in. On the other hand - thats 2 or possibly 3 games in a row I've been at and just got waved through without having to scan ticket as the system was down. Really need to get that sorted somehow.
  9. Yup. They were a disgrace. Didn't say the words but "blame the big lazy black guy" was the tone I got (and clearly not just me if it's still being discussed)
  10. It put me off AU Media / Black and White TV anyway, not a chance I'm ever paying them any £ again if I can't make a game . Was disgraceful
  11. 6 days to cross fingers, toes, pray (if that's your thing) that Tomi is fit to start on Friday night. Win that and the pressure is on Dunfermline massive time.
  12. Would be as well playing McKenzie as the centre forward and giving either Gondoh or O'Connor a place out wide, and try and get McInroy forward to support as much as possible if he has Kenyon and Murdoch behind him.
  13. Is Adeloye definitely out? I'm sure I read yesterday he was back training
  14. Noticed Gondoh had retweeted something recently, can't recall the exact quote but was something along the lines of "how come the creative players are judged on how much they run but the running players aren't judged on how much they create". So it may well just be that his numbers aren't good enough. He does seem a little out his depth in the very brief bits I've seen of him though, but probably harsh to judge having had so little game time. O'connor a strange one, he's has flashes of looking pretty good, with a couple of other anonymous ones which you expect from a winger. 3 managers not fancying him though maybe means something?
  15. I went Hurst and Teale as they stand out personally for me due to my age, and I'm sure those of an older generation will make sure the likes of Murphy etc get plenty votes. Didn't sit right with me voting Shankland when he is still playing, don't fancy sitting at the Shankland table one time post match when he's just scored a couple of goals against us that day (especially if it was for Killie or something).
  16. Tomi not in squad suggests he is injured - think someone said he was wearing strapping or something after Killie game. See Arbroath have their sub keeper playing - no idea how good he is but hopefully we test him a couple of times early on
  17. I've got a programme signed by Ally MacLeod from that game up the loft somewhere I'm sure.
  18. To be fair before yesterday they had conceded 6 goals in 7 games which is pretty decent.
  19. Shades of Dunfermline away. Conceded 2 simple first half corners in fairly quick succession that day too. Both from the same side as well.
  20. Aye they've priced him as a non playing full back. 16/1 anytime and 40/1 FGS now! Kinlay Bilham is only 12/1 hah. They do it quite often - was about half way through our first season back up when they started pricing Shankland as a main striker - he was scoring every game and was still priced the same as some of the defenders. Think it's just lazy - Innes Cameron of QoS is joint 2nd favourite tonight
  21. For anyone feeling confident and fancies a bet - B365 have James Maxwell 33/1 first goal and 14/1 anytime scorer tomorrow. Its only 9/1 and 4/1 for same at Skybet or Ladbrokes.
  22. Noticed there our last home win in the league in front of an unrestricted crowd was 16th October. Going to make Fridays win all the sweeter
  23. Would be pretty cool if we stay up having been pumped 3-0 going on about 10 by each of the eventual bottom two.
  24. Kerr McInroy will score his first Ayr goal on Friday. Got a feeling.
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