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  1. And on that note I saw Yogi quoted the other day saying they had missed out on a few targets they were confident of getting - always the same in January when there's probably half a dozen or so fairly similar ranked teams competing for all the same players.
  2. Same. The fact that I'm currently raging at testing positive for Covid about half an hour vindicates that- was holding off until the last possible moment to buy Saturday's ticket just in case.
  3. Yeah I'm fine with this, actually keep forgetting he is only 21 so hopefully an 18 month deal will be good time frame to see if he is going to make the grade. He needs to get himself a good pre season and get fit though- has looked basically knackered since the long summer break after the first lockdown!
  4. Delighted to see St M bringing a big crowd. I'm buzzing for this, think there's 7 of us going- even though that's us shite again I can't wait to get back, not been at a game since Dunfermline away. Hopefully get my first visit to the Hub and also pencilled in a pint with a "Paisley Juventus" fan who I haven't seen since we played amateur together about 15 years ago. Fitbas back
  5. And also what sort of numbers are needed on non matchdays to make it worthwhile.
  6. I was tempted myself but decided against it on the off chance I turned up and there was no free tables - will definitely be visiting fairly frequently once restrictions are lifted and can stand at the bar / be in bigger group etc.
  7. Was just going to say same. Not everyone who follows Twitter / Facebook page will have watched post match interview. Also worth adding I've seen at least half a dozen (probably more) other teams this week use whatever their version of "signing news/imminent" looks like for contract renewals etc is and folk don't seem to get angry. If we had signed him on a senior contract and not put an announcement out you can GUARANTEE there would be complaints of "the social media communication from the club is a disgrace not even announcing it".
  8. Pals with Tomi and on terms with Nouble. That's enough for me - I'M IN
  9. There was that interview recently with Adeloye, Nouble and Obileye I think where they were saying the non league London scene is mental with players changing clubs constantly and that plenty were therefore looking to come to the likes of Scotland to get away from it.
  10. Listened to his interview- he certainly talks a good game and has a bit of confidence
  11. Suppose that's the problem with the club starting to Tweet more stuff - someone is going to find a way to be upset / embarrassed about it. Damned if you do, damned if you don't sort of scenario. This particular one seems extremely strange to get triggered by I'd have thought but hey ho.
  12. The glory days of being 10 or 11 when Simon Stainrod was in charge and shouting over at random new players during the warm up "mate what's your name" and being absolutely delighted when they replied
  13. Excellent. Home to St Mirren first game with fans then - could actually get a decent crowd for that. It's ironic that when the cup draw was made I was pretty 'meh' about it yet now that we've had a month away from games and a new manager coming in / hub open I'm absolutely buzzing for it.
  14. Agreed. His goal v Raith was a good example - probably looked lazy in the lead up to it as instead of chasing from side to side doing doggys he just held his position in the middle, and then was in position to pounce on the mistake and go clean through to score.
  15. That's even more pleasing considering Houston himself was horrendously guilty of that in the gubbing at Dunfermline in November. Maybe a sign that since Duffy has left the general effort / confidence / commitment has improved throughout the team.
  16. Nouble and Hamilton up front is some pairing for a Championship side. Seems only right that Jack Baird and Sean McGinty will someone keep them quiet as Cammy Salkeld bags the only goal.
  17. Any mention of Meadowbank gives me very fond memories of what was one of my first ever Ayr games when Ayr won 7-0 at Somerset in 1991. I was 7, remember it for 2 reasons - one being my uncle winning £100 on the sweep with a ridiculous 7-0, and the other being a moment where the Meadowbank full back slid into a tackle on a really wet park and ended up in a huge puddle on the Ash in front of the North Terrace and just sat there contemplating life (or whatever my young mind thought he was thinking). Think one of our goals was a free kick that went through the keepers legs too. So anyway. Thanks Meadowbank for inspiring that ramble down memory lane.
  18. Its fucking brilliant that we have just announced a new manager and all anybody is arguing about is the quality or lack of it of the guy interviewing him or how it got announced on Twitter. If anything screams good appointment then that's it.
  19. I was just about to post the same thing. Compared to Kerr Hopkin or Duffy that is a SUPERB interview.
  20. I would HOPE too good for Killie and will get a move to a Premier League team - would be very surprised if he doesn't tbh. A very good player and would be a superb signing for your mob. Would be gutted to see him play against us in the next derby
  21. 2-3 new faces apparently. Considering we have to replace Bradley and probably Maxwell, think its safe to say we are in bother!
  22. Had he played any games for Hibs this season? May well end up loaned back out to someone else in our league if not.
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