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  1. I can pinpoint the exact moment my mood swung from excited and buzzing for the season and feeling pretty pessimistic - it was about 2pm on the day of the Elgin game when I saw the starting XI. Was sitting with a beer looking at it feeling utterly deflated.
  2. Based on Annan's twitter he saved from Murdoch and McKenzie and also stepped up to score one against us, presumably just to rub in how pathetically shite we are.
  3. I reckon I'm probably in the same situation as most folk who will be at the Arbroath game and giving the team my full backing from kick off as it's basically a clean slate and first game of a new season. Doesn't mean I don't have a horrendous feeling about it and will be quick to vent if we are 2 or 3 down within an hour though.
  4. If Arbroath beat us by any less than 3 goals I'll be astonished. Especially after St J beat us 3 or 4 - 0 next week too.
  5. Arbroath will send us bottom of table on opening day and we won't move off it. Happy to bookmark this.
  6. This absolutely screams St Johnstone 3-0 Ayr within 35 mins next week tbh.
  7. Wonder if we can make it to 4 before the group finishes
  8. People also probably forget given his quick ascent that in Rose's first season he was raw and McCall didn't know where to play him. He was like a completely new specimen the the following season. Aye I remember there being a lot of grumbling when he got given a new contract when we went full time after being relegated.
  9. I get the feeling all 3 of the centre backs are going to make errors and look wildly exposed / out of position the longer we continue playing them as a back 3 and asking 2 of them to pull wide to either get possession or to cover for the wing back when the other team play it into the channel. It's painful to watch, and I'd say isn't particularly the fault of any of the 3 players.
  10. Even more concerning is that just about every other team in the Championship has either had a decent result against a Premier League side or taken 3, 4 or 5 goals off someone in league below. Or both. Queens Park look to be scoring for fun - Arbroath home then QP away to start could have us in a pretty horrible position after 2 games
  11. Strange game all round. On the one hand, I can't remember a game in a long time where we have created so many chances and had shots on target etc, the problem there of course is that we didn't take them. In fact, of the 12 saves or whatever it was the keeper had I can only think of a couple where he even had to dive - everything seemed straight at him. Typically the only times he was beaten Dipo hit woodwork- either of those would have been really good goals, hopefully once he gets one the rest will come. On the other hand, any time Queens won a second ball or 50/50 and just knocked it up the channel and got someone up to support, we looked all over the place. Gives me the fear for Arbroath in a couple of weeks - Dick Campbell and the team he has could have a field day. Get bodies back and throw yourself in front of every shot. Let Reading and Houston have space to cross it and just defend the box as 9/10 times it will be cleared easily, then just hit on break and have time and space to finish.
  12. Aye could either be 3 5 2 with O Connor behind strikers or a 5 2 3 / 3 4 3 depending how you look at it.
  13. Aye in the first half Houston was actually taking up good positions wide and quite high up the park. We just did absolutely nothing with it though.
  14. Only worry I've got was in post match interview when Callum was praising McAllister and Bullen replied something along the lines of that they may play Kirk ahead of him on Tuesday to have a look at him, which didn't suggest a move from the back 3.
  15. Get the feeling that St J have probably just about won the group today without even playing . Ayr v QoS midweek seems a pretty likely 0-0 or 1-1 then pens which surely rules both sides out after 2 games.
  16. The more I think about it, the fact that despite the big problem in the second half of last season being that we couldn't find a way to break down and beat the other shite teams in the league we still (with an absolute clean slate and loads of attacking options on bench) set up so negatively hoping to sneak a 1-0 today is mind boggling. Still. QoS next. That's going to go well eh.
  17. Aye. If that's the formation he wants to play (which McGinty still being captain and the boy from Arsenal signing with still chat of another CB signing suggests it might be) then what on earth are we paying O'connor or Mitchell-Lawson for, as they will be a waste of a wage. All this talk of possible signing new attacking players yet just about every one available was on the bench today. Absolutely brutal.
  18. Aye Lee it was chance after chance eh. Dipos header or Dipos one he took forever to shoot and ehhh....a couple of difficult headers off target by Hewitt. Elgin had the best of the lot with the 1 on 1 before HT haha
  19. That was fucking dreadful / depressing and from being full of optimism all pre season and indeed this morning I'm already scunnered. Alarm bells are absolutely deafening at the moment - fresh start yet still absolutely awful to watch and zero goal threat. Not a chance I'll be at QoS game and any lingering thoughts of buying a season ticket are in the bin. If pushed for positives I'd say Albinson did well for that great stop before HT, Musonda looks quite composed on the ball and Reading's fitness looked good 2nd half, he was the only one who looked capable of creating something.
  20. Maybe even 352 with McAllister RCB and McKenzie up front. Oh well. Soon find out - plenty attacking options on bench if first half is.shite haha
  21. Interested to see what formation even is. Maybe 4-3-3 with McKenzie and Smith wide if he can play there
  22. That's a piss take surely. 0-1 written all over this now. Very disappointing - there's no width or creativity whatsoever in that team. Was really looking forward to today as well
  23. Was an Only An Excuse clip on that - Chick Young slagging Stainrod for signing all these foreign diddies, instead of some good old fashioned Scottish diddies instead (or something along those lines) Was Dowe the one that did an interview about how he was far too good for the level and that someone had done him in training cos they were jealous of his suits or something ?
  24. I was at the Tranent game and it was hilarious how bad they were. I just dont get their end game to be honest. They talk about eventually being in the Championship or even higher as part of this 'project' but how is that ever going to happen and be sustainable? Its a tiny wee place that is going to be competing directly with I'd imagine Rangers and Killie for fans to turn up every week. Easy to get locals in supporting their 'wee team' when it's 6 quid entry and you are winning most weeks but that's got its limit.
  25. I get the feeling he fancies a 433 so front 3 will probably be Ashford Dipo and O'connor for first game, hopefully seeing Lawson get half an hour or something. Like you, I'm looking forward to it, and the season in general.
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