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  1. Aye I couldn't remember If i was getting grounds mixed up but I'm sure at the last one there was a big queue at one turnstile as there was a problem with the scanners and another one open with nobody at it that I was able to walk straight up to and pay cash.
  2. Am I right in saying there is a cash turnstyle tonight as well as online?
  3. Aye Rowe is at Falkirk, was in the SPFL team of the week last week at right back with Josh Mullin ahead of him at right midfield funnily enough. He also made a very brief sub appearance when we won away at Killie, which I remember not even noticing at the time somehow.
  4. If you had told me (or anyone else I suspect) at half time in that first game that Ayr would go on to win the next 135 mins 8-0 you'd have got absolutely slaughtered - Queens had absolutely destroyed us that half.
  5. Cruising into next round, another clean sheet, and Super Mark pays for Friday nights admission with his goal. What a fine evening.
  6. Relying on these bloody updates is brutal. Makes me far less confident of seeing out the win than if I was watching which makes no sense
  7. Aye if that's another injury rather than just a dead leg or something then we really need extra cover
  8. I really hope we have absolutely confirmed Mullin is OK to play
  9. McAleer and Mullin to end of season, pump Cove to set up Elgin tie in last 16 of Cup then pump QP to top of the league on Friday. Thats my prediction for the week.
  10. Can't wait to play the "is Josh Mullin on the bus to Cove or not? All will be revealed at 6.45pm with the team news" refresh sesh tomorrow.
  11. I've got a programme signed by Stuart Bannigan from Firhill hospitality a few seasons ago. He seemed astonished that as an Ayr fan I liked him as he thought he was absolutely terrible for us. Nice guy. Hopefully that completely meaningless anecdote means Mullin is staying.
  12. Surely you are safe - Murray is very good but he is pushing 30, available for free in the summer, top of the league (for another few days ) and on a decent wage already.
  13. I saw the club had tweeted that earlier - I didn't think we were allowed to show live games that aren't officially on telly - is it allowed as it's the cup or something?
  14. Aye I'm 100% in the bad books as helping with homework / dinner prep has been shoddy at best from me so far. Hopefully be worth it
  15. Some laugh if we end up just signing Brett McGavin again
  16. Nah think they were just not letting him play in cup in case they recalled him and wanted to play him in it themselves.
  17. Aye, although I suppose we would probably just go with Houston LB for the next 2 games. Whoever it is at LB will be in for a tough game on Friday anyway
  18. Could we bring Ecrepont back before January ends?
  19. Aye when he blazed his 400th effort of the group stages over the bar I was definitely thinking he wasn't going to do
  20. His wage at Livi is almost double what our highest paid player is apparently. And his agent was wanting us to increase it. You'd like to think that the fact he's clearly loving it here just now might mean something
  21. Jason Naismith has started two league games this season. On both occasions his team have been pumped 5-0 by the Super Ayr. What an outstanding record for a useless Killie b*****d.
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