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  1. I'm actually a bit embarrassed to admit that my instant reaction to the draw was "at least it's not one where we will be humiliated" which was my fear if we got a Talbot or Darvel for example. Bad times.
  2. So...does anyone fancy us to win today? Rovers best attacker suspended it seems and off down to QPR for a trial. That has to help. A bit late to mention, but I thought the away support in general last week summed up where we are at the moment. We got in 5 mins late as the ticket system was gubbed and stood outside you couldn't hear a thing. Got inside and once we conceded it was just a resigned silence - from about 30 mins on I just stood with my pal chatting quietly with the game almost on in the background similar to the Chelsea game had been in the pub previously- both sets of players and both sets of fans knew the game was absolutely dead after about 20 mins and nobody in our end even seemed to have the energy to care. Sad times.
  3. Was the Pele Podcast with the guy that does A View From The Terrace - Paddy said exactly that. From a fans perspective maybe having Shankland back from suspension and with a point to prove having lost us the title might have helped but I'm just glad we didn't have to find out
  4. Fiver on Albion Rovers and Talbot beating us and Hamilton pays £150.
  5. Ach we were diabolical as expected. Next 3 games make or break the season. Altbough f**k it - i've had a good weekend in Dunfermline - 2 nights, Old Inn was superb this morning/ afternoon and a takeaway from the Dragon Inn after a couple at the Elizabethan Post game.
  6. Got Matt in the shop and he sorted it within 30 seconds and gave me my 2 tickets allowing me to get in just in time for kick off. Matt is therefore a w****r for ruining my day. Thanks Matt.
  7. Picked him out beautifully. Far better at finding a man than Andy Murdoch so far.
  8. This could be 5 or 6 quite easily. Wish I was still in the Old Inn
  9. In the Old Inn and having a very nice day so far so it's possibly the most tempted I've ever been. Good tunes and the fitba on the telly. With a Pars fan pal though so getting dragged along sadly.
  10. I've just bought 2 tickets online and no email or actual ticket has come through- £40 quid has come out my bank though. Pars fans - any suggestions?
  11. Yup - on paper that was a brilliant signing. With options like him, McCowan, Walsh, Smith and dare I say a motivated Zanatta that Raith seem to have we should have had a far better side. In fairness- there were quite a few games in the first half of the season where we played quite well but some ridiculous missed chances combined with some absolute meltdowns in defence being punished absolutely ruined us. Prime example being Morton away 2-3 game. We absolutely battered them but arguably never fully recovered from the last 8 mins or whatever it was.
  12. That's the team I'd go for. Harsh on Hendry but McTominay more of an attacking option at set pieces etc.
  13. Just did exactly that- first 2 blocks I've ever done haha. Eye bleeding stuff.
  14. I saw that Moldova's 23 year old defender Reabcuik who plays every week for Olympiakos, which certainly seems to make him their highest profile player based on club side, got sent off late on against Israel so I'd assume will be suspended. Every little helps.
  15. Yup - it's a worrying wee spell of games for us at the moment after losing midweek as you could easily see us losing the next 2 after this one as well before we have a run of games against all the other bottom sides - on paper perhaps this one against a possibly under strength Raith might be our best chance of a win....
  16. There were a few Killie fans right behind me on the North Terrace right up towards the fence in the first half - could tell from the odd bit of conversation. Hopefully they behaved themselves when the penalty went in, hard as that must have been
  17. I'd probably agree with that. Pretty sure Killie will win the league but will then need major investment to stay up. I'd like to think Ayr will stay up. Bottom 4 of Ayr, Morton, QoS and Hamilton I'd predict but hopefully with us out the bottom 2.
  18. It's mind boggling to me that Houston was stripped and ready to come on for a clearly done McAllister then got sat back down, unless he was only on the bench to make up numbers anyway. Strange game - thought Killie looked absolutely rotten at the back and their keeper flapped a few cross balls first half, yet they have only conceded 7 in 11 games so obviously doing something right. We offer very little going forward though. Need O Connor back fit and somehow get him, Bradley, Adeloye and Afolabi in same team
  19. I'll be honest- I didn't watch that many streams last season beyond November or so when the novelty wore off- but I don't understand the abuse Baird gets. Anytime I've seen him live he looks like an absolutely average to decent Championship centre half. The fact that our best two midfielders are defenders is far more of a concern I'd say.
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