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  1. Home to Queens Park next week is a case of whether we are going for promotion or fighting relegation.
  2. Couple of pretty important penalties scored...
  3. @Finlay21 looking for info - is club shop open a week today (Monday 26th?). If so, what time? And second, do we have any of the kits - even including retro ones - available in the biggest (XXL maybe?) sizes? Got American family over and he's wanting to come in for a look and probably buy a top if any in his size...
  4. Why the f**k did we change up the defence ? Weird
  5. £14 a ticket, Thursday night, right in between two Scotland home games. Surely the crowd for this is going to be tiny?
  6. Thing is, if (and that's a massive if) we are allowed to play next week at Raith a day or 2 before the funeral there will still be a minute silence - they aren't going to let the first football games go ahead without one. So you are just pushing the potential issue back a week or 3.
  7. Think it seems to be: golf, rugby (England only), horse racing, cricket, ice hockey - show respect by playing as normal with silence / armbands or whatever. Football - show respect by cancelling. Its absolutely pathetic
  8. They've shat it from the Rangers badge / Union Jack / Queen as profile pic Twitter which would have jumped on the outrage bandwagon, no doubt helped along by a few select newspapers. As folk have said, as soon as there was no English football on we were never ever going to play, no matter what other Sports (rugby, golf, cricket, horse racing) are fine to go ahead at various points over the weekend
  9. Killie not offering refunds for tickets purchased for the original date of their game
  10. Today's game marks 3 months to the day since Dipo signed for Ayr. Seems pretty obvious he is finally going to get the hat trick he has been due to mark the occasion.
  11. The Morton match info seems to suggest cash tickets can be bought at the turnstile rather than having to round to ticket office
  12. Ach, it's a warm summer rain. You don't even feel that when you are top of the league
  13. 100% has to be same starting XI if fit surely. Aye I'd imagine it's now O'Connor/Mullin and Ashford/JML ? Excellent window. Feeling very positive. My only real worry just now is centre midfield, and that's simply based on Ben Dempsey's career seeming to have always been interrupted by injures, just like his loan spell last year. Bring on Saturday. Would be very disappointed if we don't take a really good crowd through. Mon Ayr
  14. Intrigued as to how Brad Smith gets on. Quite an interesting career - scored in a FA Youth Cup final win v Liverpool, played for Villa first team c Salah & Mane etc in the cup when all of their first team had Covid, and also seems to have missed a few months out injured after being stabbed in a brawl in a park. Seems like he is keen to come up here and progress
  15. That Vize guy (I know) has us in for the young Ukranian lad at St Johnstone Edit: he's deleted it so assume it's bollocks haha
  16. Much as I love the buzz of an #imminent, the sensible option just now is surely to save any potential remaining budget until the final loan deadline approaches next month and see what we need at that point. A couple of injuries in the next 4 matches and we could be in the market for a position we wouldn't even be considering today
  17. Definitely. We went for a pint after game then ended up chatting to him outside Tutties as players were getting on bus - he was buzzing. Something along the lines of "we were brilliant today weren't we? It seemed we were brilliant. Did it look that good for you guys or is it just me?" I was happy to pose for a photo looking like a creepy uncle and reassure him that yes, we were indeed brilliant.
  18. Watched back the highlights of the defeat at Dingwall the year County won the league - my only visit there, I mind being absolutely raging at the lack of tackles when Mullen waltzed through our defence to score an absolute beauty - it's great watching it back in a new light now though
  19. Think that was the first game after McCall had gone? We were superb that day. Moff up front, Kelly Forrest and McCowan playing off him with Kerr and Docherty sitting in midfield. Jeeezo - no wonder we absolutely pumped them
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