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  1. There were a few Killie fans right behind me on the North Terrace right up towards the fence in the first half - could tell from the odd bit of conversation. Hopefully they behaved themselves when the penalty went in, hard as that must have been
  2. I'd probably agree with that. Pretty sure Killie will win the league but will then need major investment to stay up. I'd like to think Ayr will stay up. Bottom 4 of Ayr, Morton, QoS and Hamilton I'd predict but hopefully with us out the bottom 2.
  3. It's mind boggling to me that Houston was stripped and ready to come on for a clearly done McAllister then got sat back down, unless he was only on the bench to make up numbers anyway. Strange game - thought Killie looked absolutely rotten at the back and their keeper flapped a few cross balls first half, yet they have only conceded 7 in 11 games so obviously doing something right. We offer very little going forward though. Need O Connor back fit and somehow get him, Bradley, Adeloye and Afolabi in same team
  4. I'll be honest- I didn't watch that many streams last season beyond November or so when the novelty wore off- but I don't understand the abuse Baird gets. Anytime I've seen him live he looks like an absolutely average to decent Championship centre half. The fact that our best two midfielders are defenders is far more of a concern I'd say.
  5. We were rotten 2nd half - goal seemed inevitable but thought we had weathered the storm - to then concede a penalty from our own corner - f**k me. Can't believe nobody emptied him as he ran 50 yards with the ball Edit: mental Duffy left the changes so late. Adeloye and Bradley both put a great shift in but looked burst after 65 mins.
  6. Absolutely.. ironically I only even noticed Ayr were training the park up from us was when one of the other dads who is a Killie fan made a joke about it.
  7. The thing is - and I'm maybe expecting too much here - but the likes of this morning could be worked so much better. I was there for Ayr Boswell v Valspar age 2015's. Probably about 40 kids aged 5 and 6 there. On the other half of the park was a similar amount, slightly older but not sure the teams. That's about 60 kids and mums and dad's etc all there, and Ayr are training 20 yards away. Yet me, my dad and my son were the only ones who spotted it and walked up. Can't help but feel that's a missed opportunity - my wee man was absolutely star struck by Fjortoft as I've said and he recognised Moffat and McAdams - someone from the club could have wandered down and invited 50 kids up to say hello. Even 5 mins for a wee kick about or something (covid rules maybe forbid it, no idea). The rest of the players were literally walking past the remaining kids after it ended - zero interaction. Such a wasted chance.
  8. Yeah. I follow some of the ex Junior clubs on twitter and there's loads of them put us to shame with regards to social media output
  9. Did he look like he was going full beans? Don't know unfortunately- they were split into 2 groups and he was in the one that was just playing that wee piggy in the middle game, I didn't notice him until they were walking off. Was a couple of faces I didn't recognise but probably just younger lads. One was a keeper. On a side note, when Markus Fjortoft noticed my 5 year old watching in his Ayr top he came right over and spoke to us for a few minutes asking the wee man questions etc - seems a right nice guy.
  10. They were training at Queen Margaret this morning- watched the last 10 mins after my sons game - was good to see O'Connor involved.
  11. Did Maxwell not actually get sent off at Somerset for diving in the box against us last season?
  12. I can't stop watching it and giggling like a wee boy. So magnificently Needless.
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