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  1. Looking at fixtures and table after last night I'd say Alloa is becoming a must win to avoid getting dragged into the battle to avoid 9th and the massive extra pressure that brings. Which is a concern given their form - hopefully our recent good run against them can continue
  2. We've managed it once (Doc double v Alloa) in the 14 (13 if you ignore the Arbroath game) games since beating Partick 4-1. It's definitely a massive concern as we always look likely to concede, and a lot of our wins this season have come from quick fire goals in short spaces of time - Alloa twice, Arbroath, Morton twice spring to mind. Games like yesterday you really need to take advantage of a relatively early goal.
  3. 10 games since we managed 2 goals in a game....doesnt look good...
  4. Based on the previous two meetings I'd say it's fairly likely that both teams will score at least once in this. Really hope we can get the first goal .
  5. Muirhead will still be suspended. So we have a bit of a crisis for Tuesday night assuming Bell still struggling but in theory should be fine after that.
  6. You have to choose between going to watch your team or playing when you get to 17/18 it's brutal especially when you are used to going every week all over the country. Dont know how to part quote but that's the bit that absolutely stands out for me. Its mental. Probably the basis of my whole annoyance - clubs like Ayr and Arbroath and about 30 others need every penny in the gate as they can. Competing with amateur leagues etc and playing 4 months of the season in dreadful conditions is mental. Use Arbroath as an example - I'd consider myself a fairly big Ayr fan and came through for the game in September. Great day and one of the best away days in the country Didn't even give it any consideration today.
  7. Is that a bad thing though? No real need for two leagues both of reduced quality - amateurs play at 12, no need for a Saturday morning league. Obviously nothing will suit everyone as some amateur players work Saturday morning then play and plenty would still not bother going to a senior game in the afternoon but from experience any team I've been with in the last 10 /15 years would have had 3 or 4 players every week going to Ayr or Killie if they could. Cards on the table - I'm just ranting at this. Had the game today played to a finish and we had scored a laughable wind assisted winner I'd probably be sitting here saying nothing
  8. You could well be right. Just doesnt seem ideal to me the now so I'm open to change. Seems there would be less postponements / times where folk look out the window and think 'f**k that' and watch the EPL games / Soccer Saturday / Champions League on telly instead. Always seems to be more postponements or games in awful conditions in n Jan / Feb to me but haven't researched it. On a side note I'd also have amateur games starting at noon to allow folk to both play and then go and watch senior game if their team is at home but again that doesnt seem popular so what do I know haha
  9. Absolutely - Irish league just started last week or so. But there would be less need to try and 'get games out the way' in nonsense like today as the amount of fixture pile ups would be minimal. In a 'summer' season assuming today was a league game I reckon it would have been off at 8am and nobody would have complained
  10. Summer Fitba anyone? The 'older' I get (37) the more I think it's the way forward. That's after 30 years of playing and watching on a Saturday throughout winter. The fact that the amateur team I'm involved with and then Ayr both have games abandoned on the same day possibly adding to my total scunnertness tonight haha. It's so much more enjoyable going to games from the Betfred Cup in July until about November then its 4 months of call offs and games played in shite conditions then a few nice days in March and April on absolutely ruined parks Ahh rant over. Kerr saying we will be telling the SFA we simply cannot play on the Tuesday in March (17th I assume) but considering we have a couple of games still to be rearranged I dont think we will have much say
  11. It's the opposite viewpoint that I have I have to say. When we had a game with Inverness last season called off with wind about 45 mins before KO my first thought was sympathy with the raging away fans rather than 'get it up ye'. I wasnt even there but think this seems like a total farce of a situation.
  12. Arbroath have apparently confirmed that everyone will get their money back even though they dont have to offer it so well done to them.
  13. Was starting it obvious and correct? What changed between 3.00 and 3.45?
  14. Would it have been abandoned had it been 3-0 at half time? Would it f**k
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