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  1. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    I'm 34 and couldn't agree more. Everyone is screaming about a lack of 'new signings' but like yourself i'm loving being able to look for the new guy rather than look for someone i recognise. This team did us proud last season and i'm delighted the majority are still here. Feels like i'm supporting a 'team' rather than just the club if that makes sense
  2. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    Was in the Brooklyn Cafe with the wife (from Greenock) and wean at lunchtime today and she couldn't understand how happy I was to see 2 dads and 3 weans in full Morton kit come in. Tried explaining to her that it's a sign that we are back in a league that teams will bring actual away fans to and think she eventually got it... Anyway. Shankland is my favourite Ton reject by far but Murdoch could challenge if he keeps this up.
  3. The Pelé Podcast - Scott McLaughlin 2

    That Mark Docherty one is superb. Johnny Tiffoney a "horrible wee man" haha
  4. I think from what I can remember the keepers played game about at Toulon.
  5. Good luck to him - on paper seems like the ideal place for him to get back on track, with less pressure. Still young but must be approaching nearly 100 first team games for Annan and Ayr and has a league winners medal. At league 2 level I reckon he will do pretty well. Edit to add - from memory one of his better games was away at QP last season in a 2-0 win. Had some good saves including a penalty and then the rebound
  6. Correct - proof if ever it was needed that simply being at Celtic u19's etc doesn't guarantee they will be a star! He was on loan at Annan from Celtic before signing permanently after his release. Time will tell re: Doohan if it's him we sign. I thought McCrorie looked the better of the 2 in the games I watched from Toulon although probably wasn't a huge amount in it. The fact that he spent 6 months at Morton but didnt make the starting 11 once last season does worry me a bit though.
  7. Who was the other young lad that came on today, Baird I think?
  8. I'd hope we will be offering Murdoch something soon - McCall said after the Forfar game I think it was that he wanted stuff tied up on Thursday or Friday - thats obviously passed now and the guy isnt gonna hang around forever. Any word if Bell or Kerr are back yet? They can't be fit going into next week if they havent done a pre season
  9. Aye. Nice to see some of the younger lads get a run out too. I'd like to see some of them get a bit more game time in the League Cup games - seems an ideal opportunity to see who might actually be good enough to step up when needed
  10. Ayr beat AFC Fylde 2-1 at Inverclyde today.
  11. You're absolutely desperate to look for the negatives aren't you haha.
  12. I'm up and down that road non stop (meet a bird at Cappielow and marry her at your peril) but is Inverclyde the bit at Largs? Never actually been but very tempted to take the wee man up for a drive.
  13. Being somewhat over dramatic there IMO. A quick look at the other teams threads accross the leagues and just about every team still seem to be short of a couple of players according to their fans. It's 8 days until the League Cup (which in the absence of Killie in the group this year for me is basically just a set of 'competitive warm up games) starts and more than 4 weeks until the properly important stuff starts, far too early to be claiming 'shambles' etc.
  14. IF we don't have one in time for Betfred games and have to go with Hare-Reid, who would be on the bench? It's a tough one to call now - if as it seems the deal is being held up, does he abandon the deal for McCrorie (assuming that's who it is) now and concentrate on finding someone for next Saturday, or wait until he becomes available even if it means going into the cup with Hare-Reed but having McCrorie for league starting.
  15. From that I had assumed the opposite, with Adams at CB. Anyone confirm? Seems strange to be chasing a trialist CM and not play him . also no sign of Bell or Kerr? Injured?