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  1. The team I'd play and it's actually incredible how much we need to win this game. 1-1
  2. That 2nd one was my favourite game of that season by some distance. Pishing with rain, had thought the league was by just a few weeks previously and we hammered them. Always thought it was very impressive that Shankland got the first goal in all 4 meetings that season - big game player. He is shite now of course haha
  3. Only thing on the line up for me is that I'd have liked to see McGuffie as a straight swap for McCowan and keep trying to play the same way as we have been. As soon as we go down the 4-4-2 with a non wide man out wide route we look very very ordinary
  4. That was all very similar to the first few months of the year, with a 4-4-2 and a central midfielder shunted out wide. Absolutely dreadful. Draw would probably have been fair had their keeper not made that superb save with seconds left, but on the other hand their win was hardly a robbery. Longest I've seen of McKenzie and he looked pretty useful, certainly did more than Moore or Moffat did. Forrest was absolutely non existent, but he does seem far better in the more attacking role rather than just as a left midfielder.
  5. That was the last game I was at and ticket didn't get scanned that day - I've got a couple more on my account that I bought for my old man and they got scanned and have a checked in time etc against them now. But it does seem like I could have done exactly what you say if I had wanted to. That cant be a good thing if it's that easy. After tonight's performance I kind of wish I had saved my £18 haha
  6. Well there obviously going to know now when you have posted on here. I'd rather they knew. It's a massive flaw in what should be a good system
  7. Not sure how to multi quote but I've paid for both tickets ie Inverness and Dunfermline. Got them both on my account both still showing as unused as neither have been scanned. Thought I'd try the Inverness one out of interest when I saw there were no scanners. So f**k you with your claims of cheating the club out of money mate. Just a concern that some folk may realise its that easy and just WhatsApp the same ticket to all their pals etc and get in for free.
  8. We HAVE to be losing money on this ticket system. I got in using my ticket from the Inverness game which still hasn't been scanned. All for it but folk will rip the hole out that if they get word.
  9. He was listed as a sub down at QoS as well. I wasnt there so no idea if he was actually on bench or not though
  10. Steven Bell now injured again according to the preview. So much for the break giving us a chance to get folk back from [email protected]
  11. Think this will finish 2-1. Absolutely no idea which way though. I think going so long without seeing us play, coupled with the last performance being the standard defeat at QoS is making me begin to doubt that we are actually half decent these days.
  12. I'd imagine given the chance Moore would go given the wage rise. I'd be astonished if any of the rest mentioned did, as I think they will have far better options when they come to leave. Harvie will definitely go higher, Forrest as well. The loan guys we have no control over but I cant see any reason that Rangers or Celtic would want to pull their players from their current situation and throw them at Thistle. They aren't daft.
  13. Ah got you now. Suppose it depends the contract - Murdoch supposedly due back fit in the summer so I'd happily see him sign until the end of next season now with the obvious gamble being that he is back at his best by August and we at least get a season out of him, rather than 4 or 5 games as we seem to be getting out of Moore. Anyone going to Thistle the now needs their head examined anyway.
  14. Moore is a strange one. I've always liked him and would definitely want him to stay, but most people I know that go to games think he is somewhere between average and useless. Did think it was strange that Kerr mentioned a few weeks ago that he wanted him to stay and yet nothing had happened. The board / McCall seemed to get plenty stick in the summer for wasting a 6 month contract on him so seems harsh to now say we should have been offering a long term deal at the time - I'm not even convinced he would have been in the team right now if McCall was still here.
  15. I'm probably just being daft but what's the connection between the two?
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