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  1. Sounds like our usual performance at Inverness then? All that's missing is the opener with a header around 65 mins.
  2. From memory we seemed to get two very different Danny McKay's.....can't think of any others.
  3. That Scottish Cup one was a brilliant day out. 16 years old, carry out on the bus, got served pints in the Social Club and 3 up at HT. The day crumbled the moment Bobby Mann started his run up for the free kick. Just seemed an absolute inevitability that it was going to go in and once it did then it was all over. In the end a bad defeat with a shitty view of all 7 goals down the other end. I'd bloody love a day out like that again tomorrow though !
  4. I know - the players you lost in summer/ injuries etc suggest it's a game we should be winning. However it's still Inverness v Ayr so forgive me for not being particularly confident haha.
  5. A new low indeed (although one that we have already done before). So maybe it's a same as before low.
  6. A pretty positive week I'd say. Next challenge is to go up to Inverness and actually give them a game rather than sit back and wait for the inevitable 1 or 2 -0 defeat that we seem to love against them. If we can do that then maybe I'll start believing haha.
  7. I do get that. But for me it's whether you want to first and foremost 'hate the Killie one team in Ayrshire' or accept that the manager will sign the best players he thinks he can get to somehow get us up to the level Killie currently play at, regardless of who they play for. Kerr obviously feels we need an option up front who is 6 foot 3 or whatever and that Cameron is the best available - so personally I'm all for it. I know there's also the argument about "why are we developing their (Killie, Dundee Utd, Aberdeen etc) youngsters rather than our own". Again I do get that but the reality is that it's a 27 game season so thinking short term he needs to get the best team as he possibly can on the park. Seems fairly risk free to me especially as no fans in the ground to get on his back. If he isn't good enough then I'm sure he will go back in January and we will look elsewhere. If he is, then we should in theory be doing well enough in the league for the majority to not be that fussed.
  8. Doesnt matter - its Inverness away so we arent gonna win whoever we sign haha. And I'd be disappointed if we lost with the current squad....
  9. Absolutely abysmal record considering how many times weve played there, and how many times Inverness have won at Somerset. Score draw this weekend I reckon.
  10. The one voice I remember from the Enclosure from when I first started going (1991 or so) was someone who always used to shout "COME ON UNI-TED" with what seemed like quite a gap where the dash is. Must have been some voice as it's one of the main things that stands out in my memory as a wee guy aged 6 or 7 on the North Terracing haha. That and going down a gravel hill where the Hospitality suite is now to pee in a big concrete trough
  11. I worked last year with a guy who is pals with Neil Watt - apparently he 100% blames the Ayr fans. I was told a story that after about 10 mins of Watt's first friendly in charge at Somerset someone shouted at him from behind the dugout something along the lines of "we don't f*****g want you here Watt and we will see you don't last". Seems a tad far fetched to me even for the regulars in the enclosure back then haha
  12. Aye they were stuck signing second rate juniors on £50 or so a week - couldnt even afford the better players from that level!
  13. Got to say after my complaints about the cutting between camera angles etc midweek I thought the quality highlights were brilliant this time.
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