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  1. Its been done on League positions so we could get Dundee from Pot 1 and Cove / QP from Pot 3
  2. Me too. Probably end up at Partick though. Ex player and ex Ayr, McCall be all over that
  3. Might not even have needed that - ex player and currently managing at a similar level maybe all it needs
  4. I see Bullen is listed by McBookie fairly highly up in the list of possible Dunfermline managers. I actually saw a message from a Pars fan a week or so ago saying Bullen was going there but I took it as nonsense as: A - we have been letting him dish out long term contracts and he seems pretty tight with Smith and Mathie B - Yogi hadn't actually been 'resigned' at that stage and C - he doesn't actually have any track record of success as such yet (although they did appoint Peter Grant).
  5. I'm sure I read it a couple of times he was definitely leaving them on a free but can't actually remember if that was officially confirmed anywhere? If he has been then I'd be pleasantly surprised if he signed for Ayr as I'd expect him to have offers from bigger Championship or even bottom end Premier clubs (hopefully not yourselves of course)
  6. Absolute guess work but might even be different deadlines as McInroy is technically a new signing as a free agent so could be more likely to keep his options open for longer.
  7. Don't think there's really much he can say - we know we have offered deals which players haven't signed - him and Smith etc will privately know what has been offered and whether we would maybe go back to certain players with a higher offer if they reject this one, but that would be madness to publicly comment. They probably have a gut feeling about who is going to sign as well and will have targets identified for the ones that are unlikely, but again there is zero benefit to commenting on that in an interview. He did mention signing a couple of centre backs but that was kind of needless as we have lost 3 so bringing at least 2 in was absolutely obvious haha.
  8. Listened to Mathie's interview there. I honestly can't get my head around how folk can listen to that and have a negative reaction. We've suffered for years by being light years behind other clubs in certain (most?) areas off the field, which we now seem to be fully investing in.
  9. There's one shows up in that Neil Brown database http://www.neilbrown.newcastlefans.com/ayr/ayr.html who played for us once in 94/95 coming from St Mirren. The name in Google also throws up a St Mirren fan page listing him as one of their worst ever players so presumably the same guy! The one who appeared as sub at Livingston was Mohammed Benlaredj I think - that site has him signing from FC Mulhouse.
  10. Aye. I'd rather he stayed as you know what you are getting from him and its one less to replace, but if he does go then definitely replacable and indeed one that could be improved on
  11. Both starred in Scotland's famous 2-2 draw I think?
  12. He scored a good finish away to Hamilton in the cup but his glory moment was home to Dunfermline in the league where he laid the ball off in the right back position then ran the length of the park without the ball to score a header off a cross from Reading to put us 2 up. A massive goal when you consider how the season played out.
  13. All the money needed to sack him was spent on signing Super Joe Chalmers.
  14. Even just last season we started the League Cup opener without a keeper on the bench so had to finish it with an injured McAdams.
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