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  1. I'm probably biased towards Morton away as my mother in law lives 2 minute walk from Greenock West station so its always a good wee pub crawl from her place to the ground and back again after. That does sound cracking on the way home though as well - must have been a late one!
  2. I'm 37 just now and if we do have a league game at Somerset next season I will still think nothing of starting drinking at 9 in the morning before it.
  3. Morton usually bring a decent support as well. Don't think the difference between Falkirk and Morton twice a season would make much difference. And Morton is a far better away day.
  4. The one before that was also at Cappielow and was Mark Kerr's first win as manager!
  5. Whats the capacity of the bar, do we know? I'm too lazy to trawl through the plans. And is the bar at the supporters club in the Hospitality suite still going to be run separately as a members thing?
  6. Well what a difference a win makes. I did feel the squad was far better than the performances suggested, but still didn't expect anything of note today. All of a sudden I'm looking forward to a few cans and a stream of the Raith game on Tuesday night.
  7. That's our first away league win anywhere other than Alloa since 4th of January 2020.
  8. Funnily enough Morton are the only team that have led against Ayr at any point in a league game this season and not gone on to win the match.
  9. I came joint first last week and shared £31.25 with about a million other folk, based on a 2-0 defeat with loads of shots taken but no goals. Greedily annoyed I didn't go for the more 'positive' 1-0 defeat haha.
  10. Oh well. Time to see if they will look even remotely up for this or another fairly tame surrender with the game being over as soon as we go a goal down. Can't see the interim management making much difference in that regard but hopefully the fact that whoever the new manager is will surely be watching it on a stream might give them a bit of motivation. Sadly I still can't get the last couple of months out my thinking so I'm going for 2-0 Morton with a goal in each half. Hopefully be back on tonight feeling daft but happy with it.
  11. Watched highlights back last night and spotted this too - wasn't just Muirhead, there were 2 or 3 of them having a right go at him and it continued right on until we kicked off.
  12. Agree re Doherty, we have missed him big time. Again re the squad, I'm not saying its perfect or even particularly great, but I'm looking at Morton's lineup from Saturday there and not seeing anything that suggests we shouldn't be going there and being confident of a win - yet in reality I expect us to get beat by a couple of goals.
  13. To expand on my last post - I genuinely don't think the squad is THAT bad. Was saying to my old man before the Arbroath game - if we happened to be playing against someone that day who had for example Moffat, McCowan, Walsh and Smith as forward options id be expecting to be constantly feeling that we were likely to concede as there's goals and creativity in there. Yet for some reason I didn't expect us to score that day in the slightest. Something clearly not right there.
  14. Interesting. McBookie certainly had David Hopkin miles ahead when I looked last night
  15. Aye definitely. The manager market is absolite lottery shit so you'd think they would be happy milking folk's random £10 guesses until as late as possible...
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