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  1. Instant feedback on Twitter predictably negative as it's from Morton but I'm delighted with that.
  2. They play the way I wish Scotland could. Fast, hard working, high tempo, 2 or 3 players bursting a gut to get beyond the big striker every time they had a chance even when leading late on. Brilliant.
  3. I'd say so. The data suggests we will concede anyway so why not go for it. All 5 of those 6 have came between 32 and 55 mins so it's not as if we are almost seeing out a draw and being suckered late on or even keeping the clean sheet then going and winning it late on with the subs. Think to be fair to Robertson it's a left backs effort. Doubt the likes of Dykes / Forrest / Armstrong would even have hit the target from there to can't slate him too much.
  4. Clarke seems to love this idea of keeping it tight until HT or 60 mins or whatever and then going for it. Stats suggest it doesn't work though - since the Serbia game we have played 6 competitive matches and conceded first in 5 of them with the only exception being the Faroes. 3 of the 5 have came in the 42 - 45 minute window where we seem to retreat even further praying for half time.
  5. Devlin / O Donnell / Rooney etc all pales in to insignificance when the manager sees Lyndon Dykes as a better all round centre forward than Che Adams tbf.
  6. Russel McLean? Saw there he has left Montrose and I think he had knocked Morton back earlier in the month so might be heading to another Championship side.
  7. Right. Now that Scotland have absolutely shat the bed ane we are out already I'm back interested in who we sign. Come on "cheer us back up Tuesday"
  8. Yeah we collapsed big time at the end but if Walsh had scored instead of bottling it and trying to pass at 0-0 not long before Dundee went and opened the scoring we would probably have won the game.
  9. I'm kind of the same as he never seemed fit and when he did play towards the end of the season there was more than one occasion where you could see team mates slaughtering him for not putting effort into tracking back and we conceded from it. That said - at least it was a player who had a bit of ability - thats just one more we need to sign. Could really do with actually announcing someone half decent now to start to replace the ones that have left.
  10. I see Inverness have announced Tom Walsh has re-signed for them
  11. Very randomly I just noticed there is a Luca Sandberg on the bench for Albion Rovers reserves today - can't be too many of them around surely, has he maybe left?
  12. Signing wise at the moment I'd have them strong favourites. The manager has clearly planned for it.
  13. Agree - Killie making some pretty solid signings for this league nice and early certainly isn't helping
  14. Cheers. Still struggling to get my head round the fact Ayr start their season even before Kevin Nisbet wins the Euros.
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