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  1. We’re due this mob one. Late winners in the first two fixtures were both killers. 3 points or bust, c’mon Alloa! We might actually outnumber the away support for a change too...maybe
  2. A football ground where supporters can spectate from all four sides of the pitch seems to be bringing out the jealous rage in some of them, perhaps their age if they’re a post-Brockville era supporter
  3. Adding "Just Can't Get Enough" to the tannoy playlist. Also releasing a statement selling the naming rights of our ground for £100,000 to Indodrill on the same day they sold Ibrox off for £1. I'd be amazed it took them so long to figure it out......if it wasn't them!
  4. Only the fourth game I've made it to this season and only one hasn't had an injury time goal to change things. Arbroath at home in the cup (lost on pens), our two late goals to turn it around against Forfar and I was in the hospitality for the East Fife game (the only one I'd seen in our 5 wins on the spin). That's now 3 last gasp goals against the top two teams, costing us 5 points! Makes quite a difference in a league with such fine margins and similar ability teams...yes that includes you Ayr lot! Agree with the comments earlier regarding the late free kick, Flannigan should take ALL of those! Really thought from behind the goals that Cawley's effort was going to creep in but what seems in typical fashion a very near 3 points soon turned into 0. From the Ayr highlights Cawley's effort was right in line with their camera and it was never going in but we really should've been behind further before our equaliser anyway, the effort which came back off the bar for Ayr leaving that guy with an open goal but I'm assuming nothing is being made of that since the three points are in the bag. Might've been the same guy that squared up to Renton (definite booking) for a millisecond before realising he was only half his size and cowered away quietly. Surely the Ayr supporters want more opposition players to be like our number 3 (Crane). It's those type of players that get your backs up, make you shout for your team more and generally get you more involved with the game. When Hartley took abuse from the Alloa support when we played Aberdeen in the cup, they got a penalty...he scored it...then celebrated in front of us with a 'shoosh'. Took pelters during the game but was at least respected for 'joining in' I guess. Ten months later he was our manager Must admit that even though it was gutting to lose so late on, I was actually quite impressed with our performance yesterday (more so the first half) and we never gave up in the second even when it looked like things just weren't going to happen for us and I'm a lot more optimistic about the rest of our season than I would have been had I missed the game I reckon. 11 points is far too many already to catch up, especially with two full time teams above us but I'd be more than happy knocking Ayr out in the play-off semi-finals before relegating Hartley's Bairns in the final. Oh , nearly forgot. Bunch of Brian Reid loving, David Crawford loving, John Hillcoat hating, jealous of Scott Walker and Allan Maitland manky Lochside c*nts! Mon the Killie!!
  5. One of the older ones I have. Got quite a few from round about this era. Not sure when Alloa actually started doing matchday programmes, perhaps Programme Contributor can answer that one. Team lists for this game: Alloa - Park, Junior, Vint, Docherty, Kidd, Wishart, Foley, Walker, Gibb, Gillespie, Murphy. Cowdenbeath: Dorman, Lindsay, Clark, Mitchell, Campbell, Buchanan, Gilfillan, Craig, McWilliams, Murphy, Shaw.
  6. Taggart was one of our most consistent performers over the season and defenders will always make a mistake or three at this level. He supplied two perfect crosses for Spence and Mackin on Saturday however and his attacking play (including actually being quite a skilful player) has been better than most. Definitely one on the 'keep' list for me. Might not be the most popular opinion coming up but one player who I think had a gradual decline in form during the season was Kirkpatrick. Started the season on fire and admittedly no-one would be able to keep that level going throughout an entire campaign but he seemed to be trying almost too hard to make an impact or create an opening for one of his trademark screamers in the last two to three months much to the detriment of his own performances I felt. Spence has a canny knack of being in the right place at the right time and his goals tally speaks for itself but he has next to zero ball control/first touch, so frustrating at times. Obviously still a 'keep' as the guy loves the club and the supporters and will always get goals at this level. Would love to see Ben and Sparky come back, especially if Waters leaves which is likely.
  7. Well done Brechin. Brought a decent support with them and pretty noisy too. I'm sure they'll all enjoy their night and it's one for the memory bank of a lower league supporter, although unfortunately that's the case for the losing side's supporters too. Great game as a single spectacle and just like last week Alloa were rotten on the Wednesday and good on the Saturday. Could've easily been 4-3 or 5-4 last week against Airdrie too had it not been for both keepers pulling off some great saves to keep their respective sides in it. Looked like a clear foul on Parry for Brechin's third but not going to complain about it, those are the breaks you get for/against your team all throughout the season in these leagues and it just so happened in such a vital fixture. Would've liked to see Longworth come on today, perhaps for Kirkpatrick as we just didn't seem to have a lot of composure in the latter stages when it mattered and he's good with the ball at his feet as well as in the air. Also thought Holmes would've been a penalty taker, he's our best at them and didn't even take the sudden death one. Be interesting to see who we can keep now that we're staying in League One, and a tougher one than this season in my opinion. Would expect Waters to leave, perhaps to St. Mirren and team up with Jack Ross again. I doubt Graham or McKeown would've been at the right pace for the Championship but perhaps both (and Marr) might stay now. Possibly Longworth too if he's assured of getting some more game time. I quite like the look of Martin too, he's a bit like a younger version of Flannigan and could prove to be a good addition to the first team squad throughout the coming seasons. I'd expect Goodwin to be kept on as manager too, although Mulraney is prone to the odd knee-jerk reaction so not counting on it, especially with Hartley out of a job although I doubt he'd drop down to League One level again anyway. Anyway, good luck next season Brechin and we'll just have to enjoy Station Park and the Smokies next season instead of Inverness and em...Greenock. Oh well, every cloud I suppose! Also, we'll probably have a New Year 'derby' with Queens Park instead of one with Falkirk.
  8. Perhaps a Catch 22 in regards to that. Alloa win 4-0 tonight and you'd maybe get in for free, although probably not bother going anyway. A tight game tonight then it'll definitely be full admission as a few extra quid (above your perceived value) won't stop a football supporter going to watch their team in the most important game of their season.
  9. I've got 8 tickets, 4 are mine and 4 are my pals. Still got them because I didn't hear the number getting announced either.
  10. True, although I think the SFA take quite a hefty cut of the play-off gate receipts.
  11. I was under the impression he did have other offers, at least four, including a renewal of contract at Stranraer (League One), but chose EK for the aforementioned personal reasons. However Alloa, having just had a few reasonably successful seasons for a part-time Scottish club, were simply an offer too good to refuse at his stage of his career and had he not taken it would perhaps one day rue a good chance missed before his footballing retirement. It would be no surprise to me if Longworth joined EK in the next year or two anyway, especially if they become a club playing in the professional leagues, an increasingly likely prospect. Plus, to re-iterate someone's previous point, EK are a junior club (amongst many) who could probably offer better terms contract-wise than most League One and League Two sides.
  12. He was signing for EK mainly due to his friend being the manager there but also with it being easier for his work. When we came in for him, the manager knew it'd be too big a draw for Jamie and actually recommended he join us too.
  13. Longworth has admittedly been a bit inconsistent in his time with us but based solely on last night's game he was excellent in what little time he had. He created numerous chances and was unlucky not to score on a couple of separate occassions, one shot from a tight angle took some of us by surprise never mind their keeper. The one instance in particular though was when he controlled a kick out from McDowall on his instep, turning his defender whilst doing so, then slipping the ball through for Cawley in one fluid motion which was just absolutely sublime. The recognition from Goodwin over it could be heard from the opposite end of the pitch. Being an Alloa supporter I have no interest in a Spence or Longworth debate, they both do a job for my team in my eyes and I'm a big fan of both as such. Based on last nights performances however, Longworth would've got a 9 and Spence a generous 3 for their limited game time. Longworth was dangerous and creative whereas Spence got caught in possession a couple of times and perhaps tried too hard to make a difference with only being given a few minutes to do so. Both players celebrated our late winner, as did I!
  14. Not made many games recently, this season in fact, but was able to make this one. I wish I could say nothing beats a cold Tuesday night away from home with an injury-time winner but it was done in typical Alloa style and my toes were still defrosting by the time we'd passed through Dundee on the way home. Quite a lot of cars in the Glebe Park car park and surrounds last night and when I checked the time before the teams came out there were what looked like about 60 folk in the ground, and it was 19:47! Late kick-off, hardly anyone in, and I still managed to finish nearly 2000 numbers away from the winning 50-50 ticket in a crowd of 372, or whatever it was. Beforehand, I'd heard that Goodwin had shouted instructions from the sidelines to Greig Spence during the East Fife game on Saturday which Greig had found to be undoable and had taken a bit personally. He was then subbed by Goodwin less than 5 minutes later and had words after he came off, although I don't think they were arguing, more of Goodwin actually doing a bit of sensible man-management. However, this may have had a say in whether Spence started last night, Goodwin showing who's boss regardless of whether that means dropping his top goalscorer. I also mentioned to someone before the game that the conditions were perfect for Hetherington to be booked tonight, and was duly proved correct in the first half (albeit for simulation rather than a mis-timed tackle) On the subject of the referee, I also thought he had a poor game. There were two instances inside 30 seconds in the second half when Alloa were given a free-kick and the referee indicated the use of an elbow, no card awarded much to the ire of a few Alloa supporters. The free kick broke down and Brechin looked like they were breaking away when Flannigan pulled the shirt of the player with the ball, and was booked (correctly I may add). Both sides had what I believe to be justified gripes against him but the arguable decisions made I didn't think included any game-changing effect. Unfortunately it's something us lower league supporters have not only got to put up with, but are now accustomed to. The flip-side to that coin though is that they make for some interesting comments from the sidelines to officials, players and opposition supporters and at a game like last night with the volume of support there, everyone (players included) hear everything As for the game, it was quite an exciting end to end affair (after the Brechin-dominated first fifteen minutes anyway). Was glad to see the teamsheet beforehand and see Trouten was a sub, always a thorn in Alloa's side but Brechin still had a couple of half-chances in the first half which went just wide. Alloa had a great chance to get the opener about ten minutes before half time. What looked like could've been a penalty was waved on as the ball broke to Kirkpatrick with just the keeper to beat. He went for the opposite top corner when along the ground inside the near post looked simpler. Still a good save by the keeper but a glorious chance missed. We then got the opener right on half-time and should've made it two right after half-time with two brilliant chances, one of which was cleared off the line. Brechin were never out of it though and you just got the feeling we'd rue not killing the game off and Brechin duly obliged with a goalmouth scrambled equaliser from a corner. They did have a good chance just before the corner but we just didn't seem to learn the lesson. As has been mentioned, Goodwin brought on players who you felt could make a difference although Longworth and Flannigan made a far greater difference than Spence did to be fair. Even after scoring in injury-time to go in front, Alloa still contrived to give away a free-kick and a corner in the dying moments (remember that typical Alloa comment from earlier ) but thankfully we held on. Last night's result probably confirms at least a play-off place for us and a three-way fight for the other two play-off spaces, although I'm sure one or two other teams will keep going to chase any slip-ups. I quite like the way Goodwin went about it last night. If we've got any chance of catching Livingston (albeit unlikely) then draws are no use and he changed things and went for the win as soon as the equaliser went in and it paid off.
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