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  1. C'mon Scotland. I'm 28 so don't really remember 1998, so looking forward to this. We can do it.
  2. Maybe I think Hendry and Cooper are better options than Hanley and Gallagher
  3. Marshall O' Donnell Hanley Gallagher Tierney Robertson McTominay McGinn McGregor Dykes Adams
  4. Marshall O'Donnell McTominay Hanley McKenna Taylor McGinn Gilmour Turnbull Adams Fraser
  5. With all the pull outs due to covid I would play Gordon Tierney McTominay Cooper Robertson Gilmour McGregor Armstrong Turnbull Christie Dykes Edited - I thought Marshall was still in the team but he is not
  6. I agree - but he still has something that no other player has - the skill to score out of nothing
  7. Also have a feeling Calum Paterson may go instead of Palmer - Paterson can cover right back and striker
  8. If Clarke chooses this squad I'd be pretty happy with it - tempted to take Griffiths but would understand if he doesn't go Mclean and Jack are very unlucky with the injuries - both would have went
  9. Henshaw and Furlong would be in I agree Furlong is better than Fagerson - I like Fagerson but Furlong is better Henshaw is a great player
  10. there are 3 scrum halves Ali Price, Gareth Davies and Connor Murray
  11. Harris fully deserves to go - I watch him in the Premiership and he good at attacking too - very good player
  12. What are peoples thoughts on a 23 test team from the 37 named today I would go 1. Sutherland, 2. George, 3. Furlong, 4. Henderson, 5. Wyn Jones, 6. Beirne, 7. Watson, 8. Simmonds, 9. Murray, 10. Russell, 11. Watson, 12. Henshaw, 13. Harris, 14. Williams, 15. Hogg. 16. Owens, 17. Jones, 18. Fagerson, 19. Itoje, 20. Curry, 21. Price, 22. Farrell (if he picks up form), 23. Daly I would imagine the 9 and 10 combo will depend on who starts at fly half - if Russell then Price and if Biggar then Murray The 3 Scottish players unlucky to lose out are Gray, Ritchie and Maitland
  13. I forgot about Oli Burke - I think he may go - good shout I have a question - is James Forrest still out? - I have not saw him for ages?
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