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  1. Any more signings likely today...? Strikers and a keeper please
  2. Hartley would’ve went for County’s number 14 based on the first part of the highlights!
  3. How can we have the papa johns south stand and not sell the pizzas from the pie stalls. Missing a trick
  4. Pretty much the whole reason I'm going haha!!
  5. Cheers mate. We've seen a few websites of hire places and it seems pretty good prices. I think we are just leaving the lift passes until we are there though. We fly out at half 1 ish 31st january for a week you?
  6. Never tried snow boarding but I do fancy it! Never actually had a skiing holiday either, me and 2 of my mates booked it cause we aren't students now so have money but one pulled out. Will be good, a few others wish they were coming now. Have you hired your snowboard etc before going? And lift pass? Quite confused
  7. Off to Mayrhofen in Austria for a weeks skiing at the end of January! Can't wait!
  8. Has anyone ever had a weekend no camping ticket for TITP but a different person has used the ticket for a day? Is it only camping tickets who get wristbands to get in and non camping people just use the ticket every day and get it scanned as they enter?
  9. This snow is getting beyond a joke, it's more than knee deep in Denny! I'll be keeping my eye out for polar bears!
  10. Wrecked at freshers week last night, can't help it being £1.50 a drink! Think i'm goin to like uni!
  11. Come to the union mate! Then have a party in the halls lol!
  12. Same mate, I'm bricking it. I applied on the 12th August but still had nothing.
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