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  1. f**k hell no, the place would fall on my head if I stepped into one of those places! No saint m8 lol
  2. Swearing and and trying to avoid the profanity filter is against our TOS and Community guidelines, but it isn't something we really enforce, and we certainly would never ban or hand out warnings for doing so. Sure we might quote the TOS (now and then) when someone continually uses excessive language and especially when aimed at another member, but ban someone, lol no.
  3. ~Hell will freeze over before I pay the man a minute respect or applause at any Dundee game. I have no time for him, wont show him any respect but at the same time I won't speak ill of him either (more down to respect for his family)
  4. That still doesn't prevent the family of the deceased from suing for defamation of character through civil action, and while there is a good change that nothing would happen I would rather not take the chance.
  5. Hey Deeboy, We have never ever given a warning or a banning to anyone for swearing or manipulating the swear filter, never!
  6. Hey Mr Grandosaur, I only removed the comment about him being a wife beater because it would have been considered libellous to you and the forum, the rest of your comment was left intact and I happen to agree with you that Dundee FC shouldn't be giving him the time of day.
  7. Wasn't playing for our under 20's tonight, was there attending the game. Rumours that he will sign for us tonight, but I have been told we're not signing anyone else. Plus now that Swanson has been released, more rumours that he might sign for us in the next few days, but I doubt it. Couldn'a handle that wee dab playing in Darkblue!
  8. Hearing rumours that G Harkins could be on your way, don't know how true it is and just wondered if anyone had heard the same?
  9. Well you guys be changing your name to 'St Meltic FC' now? Seriously though, I would be raging as well if the Darkblues ever let this happen with Utd. I hope you guys milk every penny from one half of the ugly sisters.
  10. Lex, try switching the two teams in red around, and you will have a more accurate representation of the league as it stands just now.
  11. Sent you a message regarding this, as I didn't feel it apporpriate to talk about on another forum
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