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  1. Given that the directors are probably better described as unpaid volunteers that try to carry out Sims plans, I don't think its helpful to wish them gone.
  2. four solos and 5 duos for my team of singing budgies. Bring it on.
  3. Berra is having a great season. Launch away, he doesn't miss many headers.
  4. You havent had time somehow stolen from you if you die from covid as opposed to something else. good point
  5. Won it at the golf, which is usually not a good sign. But it’s very drinkable.
  6. Keeping the ball only takes us so far. It doesn't look like the midfield know when to play the strikers in, or that the strikers know how or when they want the ball delivered. The result is we keep the ball for too long and give the opposition far too long to get in position. Shake it up a bit McGlynn!
  7. I had a horrible dream the other night that day after day a member of my dead pool died and in the order I had listed. Fifteen days fifteen dead. Somehow this extraordinary coincidence got out to the public and I was being hounded / investigated. Currently sitting with no points patiently waiting for the first hit of the year.
  8. Like father like son. Get yer money on Charlie boy.
  9. If we don’t test that keeper every five minutes, we should just pack up.
  10. Good call. Can I paste his puss, just after you have softened him up?
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