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  1. FAR too many putts (40)🥴 in my round of 77. Tee to green was fine but my putting ruined a decent score at Raglan. Most of the trees that used to line the fairways have been cut and sold and as a result the course has lost a tiny bit of its ‘bite’. However it has allowed management to upgrade the clubhouse and get rid of the sheep. [emoji207][emoji231]
  2. half way through: Michael Moorcock quite interesting so far
  3. Yes. I live in New Zealand now. There are plenty of small breweries popping up that make a wide range of beers. Some great, some nah.
  4. There are some great museums in and around St Petersburg and Moscow that showcase the Russian war efforts. Get yerself over there and take a good look. Maybe do them as part of the Siberian Railway experience.
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