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  1. kirky can you empty your inbox a minute so i can send a wee message thanks

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Baillie
  3. Retired aged 41 in 2000 after the Scottish Cup final Played 26 league games that season too
  4. Possibly Willie Howie? Was at Thistle until 2005 and they were in SPL 2002-2003 Not sure if he played though as the attack he was badly injured in was in 2002
  5. Are we not missing the one and only Jon Connolly?! Murderwell and Rob Roy
  6. The fan boys are back, been posted missing the last few days Your posts are almost non-sensical now, there really isnt any point being so biased it makes you look like a bit simple 1 clean sheet this SEASON in league and cups, only 2 clubs in the entire league conceded more goals, 26 goals gone past in the last 12 games....for sure, the defence doesnt help that, but really, best in the juniors??... And that in a nutshell is the problem with KRR and the precise reason they are dropping like a stone, well done Davie, Rob Roy till you die etc etc
  7. Is your inbox full? Tried to send you a PM.

  8. Just gets better and better from you, even the Talbot fans are cringing
  9. Bwahahahahaha Do bankies get a "quote for the day" sent out to them? Because when one of them says something, you invariably hear it again 20 times, You are allowed to think for yourself, give it a go No-one is tense/frustrated/stressed What a lot of folk are is tired of the same old lame points getting regurgitated over and over and constant paranoia and hysteria anytime anyone says something the bankies dont agree with As HTG says, the point has been made, hopefully some will learn that this boasting and exaggeration without anything to base it on will be seen by a lot of people, and ultimately make you look foolish when it proves to be just that Oh and Rob Roy till I die (apparently this shows enthusiasm )
  10. Married with a 2 year old, im afraid those days are behind me She would probably have issues with me sowing my oats
  11. Im in my 20's, as are MOST of the Roy fans on here How young are you wanting?
  12. He can post what he likes 1111 Hes an embarrassment 1 What part of being "proud of your team" involves slagging off opponents and fellow forum users?
  13. No-one said that they did share the same view But then again, i havent heard anything other than "he can post what he likes" coming from your support Reading between the lines, you dont agree with what he says, have you said this anywhere? No, you havent, all you have done is snipe at fans of other teams who are not "towing the party line" and do call him out regarding his drivel It may be "just a bit of craic" but its quite often running down other teams and fans, lost count of the number of guys he has called names to now Still doesnt wind me up though
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