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  1. Very likely. In the league table of boards, ours is bottom of the pile.
  2. My excitement is dampened when I look at our board and former chairman. The very people who are charged with finding the next manager are not themselves well qualified to conduct the interview process.
  3. I hope the board don't reading this. Some of these suggestions are just nuts but our board is daft enough to take them seriously.
  4. https://www.thenational.scot/sport/20109119.raith-rovers-hopeful-john-mcglynn-will-sign-new-deal-amid-falkirk-links/
  5. Petrie is not going to give up his full time job outside of football.
  6. That's brilliant news. Looking forward already to having Spencer and Stanton in midfield.
  7. How many permutations have you come up with? He'll be offered and sign a two year deal in a day or two.
  8. I recall you going on a similar rant just before we embarked on a 15 game unbeaten run.
  9. What's really depressing is that the wee team was used by Hearts to describe Hibs. The fact that you stole it from them a few years ago and attached it to us matters not. We don't care what you think of us or indeed what you call us.
  10. He's here until the summer. https://www.raithrovers.net/44358/management-agree-new-deal.htm
  11. Why would Sim be shopping for a replacement when he's on record as saying there's no vacancy?
  12. I want McGlynn to sign a new contract as well, hopefully this week.
  13. Raith Rovers MacDonald, Tumilty, Musonda, Benedictus, Connolly, Matthews, McKay, Stanton, Williamson, Ross, Poplatnik. Subs: Thomson, Zanatta, Spencer, Varian, Arnott, Young.
  14. More in the Courier on John Sim. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/opinion/3204788/opinion-david-goodwillie-john-sim/
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