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  1. It has still to be rubber stamped by the SFA, after Dundee or Dunfermline are removed to the SPL. So, technically, Newco are not in the SFL until some time on Monday.
  2. I suggested that about two hours ago. It wouldn't surprise me if they had the neck to try it.
  3. Come Monday I think the SFA and Regan will try one last throw of the dice - three leagues of fourteen with Newco in the third.
  4. There's a police van with cctv parked down Kirkcaldy High Street. Orcs don't get up this early do they?
  5. You can't relegate a club from the SPL when they don't have a place in the SPL.
  6. Have you considered the fact that the SFL clubs might say no to Sevco in the SFL?
  7. Don't defend him just because he's one of yours. Dundee United fans told Houston where to go with his Rangers comments.
  8. Let me put it another way - how can a club apply for membership to the SFL when they don't have a name and don't exist? They have not, yet, applied. Everything that has happened to date has been at Doncaster and Regan's bidding (and certain SPL clubs, no doubt).
  9. You must have read on here that Sevco might still be smuggled into the SPL. An application to the SFL would get in the way of that. Sevco have not, yet, applied for entry to the SFL (I think).
  10. That's easy - it gives us one year to fire Doncaster and Regan and then tell them to apply for SFL3.
  11. I really don't want loanees to fill the midfield slots. Our midfield last night was Anderson, Walker, Callachan and Hamill. I was delighted with the contribution of all four but the stand out was Callachan and both he and Anderson deserve extended runs. Loanees can fill the bench.
  12. You can't vote yes and no when you've only got one vote. If you vote no then Rangers are denied a place in the SFL and must apply like everyone else. If you vote yes then you agree to them entering at SFL 3 level but the board will change that for you to SFL 1. By voting yes you also agree to the resignation of Dunfermline or Dundee.
  13. Goodness, this is hard work. I am quite sure that Annan understand the consequences of voting them into Division 3 ie they'll really be voting them into Division 1. Therefore to avoid that they'll vote no, which is the only possible way of getting them into Division 3. Please don't reply. I'm getting tired.
  14. That part of the vote places them in the third division for a nano second, then it's straight into the first with them. So Annan will vote no to them joining the SFL.
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