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  1. I was referring to Paul Watson released by Livingston. This is the other Paul Watson.
  2. Could someone who was at the Queens Park game at Lesser Hampden yesterday confirm that Cardle was a trialist?
  3. Listening to folk today, Paul Watson might be the centre half.
  4. Anderson, Malone and Hamill were released. Don't know the situation with Clarke but that leaves only Graham, Mensing and Walker.
  5. As has been said elsewhere, one of the three would be Smith.
  6. Wrong on Donaldson and wrong on Hamill and Malone. Thank god you're not the manager.
  7. Paton had a pittance to spend because of overspending in previous years. At the time the Pars were over £1 million in the red. But I give up with people like you. You can defend the indefensible all you like - it's something you're very good at.
  8. But you weren't in that league on merit. As you well know, you cheated your way there. I'll say it again - that stadium shouldn't be there and your team should not have spent all those years in the SPL. A wiser man than Masterton would have said that you couldn't afford it and taken the consequences.
  9. But you didn't have the money so it shouldn't have been done. You could have spent some time in division 1 until you were better placed financially. On the point of Rovers, we had £800000 left in the bank when the rebuilding was finished. Admittedly that didn't last long with the jannie in charge.
  10. I think there's more money available to us because of the departures of the likes of Walker, Graham and Hamill, all of whom would have been on higher wages than we're probably offering today. At least I hope that's the reason.
  11. Wrong. The stadium was a prime example of Masterton's decision making at its worst and you're still agreeing with it. Masterton and Dunfermline didn't have the wherewithal to embark on such a daft project, but on he went, dragging Dunfermline ever downwards in the process. Add on the big name signings and massive wages, the planned hotel, the executive boxes, the undersoil heating, the artificial surface, Pitreavie and all the other trappings of a pretend big time club. Dunfermline's stay in the SPL was unsustainable but year after year the overspending went on and on and didn't stop until Masterton ran out of people to con. If you had the same situation today how many Pars supporters would agree with just one of his ludicrous decisions?
  12. I seem to remember him being out injured for a while. Can't remember what the problem was but if he's fit now it's a good signing.
  13. After the McManus affair they never say anything until confirmation is received from Hampden.
  14. That was the problem - the guy at the turnstile was taking the money.
  15. Incredibly crass statement from a team of cheats of 10 to 15 years' standing.
  16. 3 Mar 2013The Scottish Mail on Sunday By Andrew Picken RBS calls in £600,000 loan to ex-boss of bank THE taxpayer-owned RBS has called in a £600,000 loan to the former boss of a rival Scottish bank. A company wholly owned by Gavin Masterton, ex-managing director of the Bank of Scotland, was allowed the loan after he personally guaranteed around half the cash. But bosses at RBS, which posted a £5 billion annual loss last week, have become irritated with the firm missing repayments and have started moves to try to get the money back. It is understood Mr Masterton’s company, Charlestown Holdings Limited (CHL), also owes money to HMRC over unpaid tax bills and has missed a number of deadlines. Mr Masterton’s complex business empire – which includes his ailing football team Dunfermline Athletic – faces an uncertain future. The public purse could lose millions as another of his firms has a separate £12 million loan from the state-backed Bank of Scotland. Also, the future of Dunfermline Athletic – which has struggled to pay wages and tax bills all season – is in doubt, as it is part of the CHL group. Over the past few weeks, we have revealed the extraordinarily close ties between the Fife businessman and his former employer. Bank of Scotland wrote off a £4 million loan to a company owned by Mr Masterton – then sanctioned the £12 million loan to another of his companies that allowed it to skip repayments for the next 35 years. A source close to the club said: ‘This RBS loan will be news to many people. ‘It feels like all these complex layers of companies and loans is finally catching up with Gavin and it looks like bad news for both the taxpayer and fans the football team.’ Dunfermline Athletic and CHL last week broke Companies House rules by failing to lodge their latest accounts. The move came as a £500,000 share issue at the football club faltered. In a separate development, it has also emerged that CHL owes Stagecoach tycoon Sir Brian Souter nearly £1 million in a loan due to be repaid next year. Mr Masterton, who retired from Bank of Scotland in 2001 with a £250,000-a-year pension, has contacted the Scottish Government for help. However, Holyrood officials insist they are only providing advice on how to reduce his team’s electricity bills. A Scottish Government spokesman said: ‘While we do not intervene between energy consumers and suppliers, Dunfermline Athletic have asked us for advice on how to reduce their electricity bills. We are engaging with the club on this basis.’ Asked about CHL owing money to HMRC, a spokesman for Mr Masterton said: ‘Our client considers that your inquiries relate to commercial matters which are confidential to the parties concerned. ‘Accordingly, it is not appropriate for these to be commented on. Our client respects the right of any party he or his company transacts with to have their contractual rights and obligations remain private.’ The spokesman failed to respond to a request for a comment on the RBS loan. A spokesman for RBS also declined to comment.'
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