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  1. When did this happen and what happened to the proceeds of the sale?
  2. Ryan McGivern and Michael Nelson have been told to gtf.
  3. "O, woe is me, To have seen what I have seen, see what I see!" Big Berk Act III, Scene I
  4. Someone on Fantalk suggesting that the 'big' signing is Wedderburn. As things stand he's the only one who hasn't re-signed for Cowdenbeath.
  5. If there's one player I really want back at Starks Park it's Dave McGurn, so in that respect I hope we don't sign Robinson.
  6. Spence on Twitter just now. have you left the rovers bud not sure right now pal will put something on this when I no
  7. I liked him at Raith but he was never a high scorer. However, he did score that goal against sevco. 2002-04 Clyde 1 (0) 2004-07 St Mirren 22 (4) 2006 Stenhousemuir (loan) 19 (5) 2007 Montrose (loan) 9 (5) 2007-09 Montrose 41 (20) 2009-10 Airdrie 43 (13) 2010-12 Raith 71 (23) 2012-13 Dundee 37 (4) 2013-14 Partick 13 (0) 2014 Raith 12 (7)
  8. We could also do ourselves a favour and pinch one or two players from both Cowden and Alloa, although I would hate to do that to Cowden because they're my absolute favourite team just now.
  9. Possible, but David Smith has just signed another contract with Hearts.
  10. Expecting some news only to get a repeat of another thread.
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