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  1. While we're on the subject of the Cheats, hope Dougie re-signs tomorrow morning, if only for what he did to the wee scrote. My favourite moment in sport.
  2. I'd say I'm 100% in favour of the Cheats staying down.
  3. Clyde promoted next season, Morton relegated. Job done. Got yer box handy?
  4. Davidson was part of a dreadful midfield. McGlynn can have him back if he's being released.
  5. Paragraph 5: http://www.raithrovers.net/14660/onwards-and-upwards.htm
  6. Not a thing has been said about Ellis. I wonder where we stand with him?
  7. It could be a new signing but it just says first signing news. Could be Watson.
  8. He hasn't, but since he's out of contract I thought I'd ask. He played only one game against us but it was so long ago I can't remember what he was like. The one who really stood out in your recent 4-2 win was Keaghan Jacobs, who's also out of contract. He'd be better than a certain Liam Fox.
  9. The statement said some of the existing squad will re-sign, not much.There is a difference.
  10. "Look Kenny, you tell them you've resigned because that'll make me look better."
  11. I took it that your post was in reference to the railway stand. However, he did say 'but when you read some of the nonsense written on here...', which is probably as much as you're allowed to get away with over there.
  12. At New Douglas Park on Saturday from amongst the Morton faithful was heard the following exchange, five minutes from the end: “Dad, how long does this go on for?” “All your life, son.”
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