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  1. 19 minutes ago, steakngravy said:

    Also the X27 from Halbeath takes you into the Town Center fairly regular also there is now a X27A that follows the same route. The bus from Edinburgh airport is the 747 it runs about every half-hour. Failing that get the Edinburgh city buses get on at St James center and get the X60 or X61 from there. Or even a train from Waverly if they are running.

    Hope Tx reads this because there's a mistake in my previous post. It is indeed the X27, not the X26 as I stated. 

    Also, the X27A is being withdrawn by Stagecoach because of low use.

    My wife works at Queen Margaret hospital in Dunfermline and she uses the X27 or X61 at Park and Ride depending on the timing of the end of her shift.

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