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  1. Okay, I'll reword that - he had 5 years at Clyde when no one would touch him with a bargepole.
  2. The lesson didn't need to be learned by other clubs, only ourselves and Clyde. No other club would touch him with a bargepole.
  3. I think we've been very quiet on the re-signing front because we lost buckets the last time we were in League 1 and won't want to go deeper into debt if we do end up there. So, until we know where we stand league wise you can't blame the board for not offering contracts just now. Saturday was a disaster in that respect with Hamilton winning and Arbroath, Cove and ourselves all drawing.
  4. Best way to defend a 2-1 lead is to attack. We didn't.
  5. Mate of mine (not a season ticket holder) phoned this morning at 10am and got a ticket.
  6. Either that or the kicking he took v Morton is taking longer to heal.
  7. Was it f**k Morton, who were only playing at debt. The true kings of debt and administration are our friends along the road. For a provincial club to run up debts of £12M the Pars take some beating.
  8. Watched yesterday's game from home on VIP Row and whilst there's no substitute for being there the player that stood out for me was Dylan Easton. Great effort from him.
  9. That's probably the more likely reason he wasn't selected today.
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