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  1. Amazing stat from the league games so far, 7 games played and 8 goals scored - all by different players: Connell, Stanton, Brown, Ross, Easton, Gullan, Dick, Connelly
  2. Yes, e-tickets. https://tickets.queensparkfc.co.uk/package_link/LZEmOKzmpW/QueensParkvRaithRovers
  3. This is the updated link from Rovers' website to the QP page. Unlike the link above you can buy your e-ticket from this page. https://tickets.queensparkfc.co.uk/package_link/LZEmOKzmpW/QueensParkvRaithRovers
  4. Found the link to tickets for Saturday's game on Twitter. https://tickets.queensparkfc.co.uk/package_link/LZEmOKzmpW/QueensParkvRaithRovers £19 £12 and £7
  5. For the Queens Park game you click the Buy Now button and are taken to QP page, click on the Tryst Terracing button and all you get is Call The Office. But there's no number!
  6. That doesn't fit with the idea of every area of the ground being capable of generating income on non match days. I'm sure that was his stated aim.
  7. Calling someone thick and not being able to spell turnstile is not a good look.
  8. Rovers won the toss and chose to kick towards the South Stand. Ayr kicked off.
  9. Spencer's injury was significant as was Tait's transfer shortly afterwards. Wrecked our midfield. ETA A month later we lost Lang.
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