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  1. Luke Mahady out on loan to Gala Fairydean for rest of season.
  2. The tickets we got today are for Block B of the Upper Tier of the Main Stand. If they're all from that section it holds 8 x 28 = 224 seats. Not a lot, so no surprise they went so quickly.
  3. Never believe any figures coming from East End Park. They've been fixing them for years.
  4. Anyone know if there are supporters buses running to Ibrox?
  5. Whatever's happened, it's a massive plus to have Brown signed until the summer of 2024.
  6. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11781/12805884/david-goodwillie-leaves-northern-premier-league-club-radcliffe-as-club-admits-significant-misstep-in-signing-ex-scotland-striker
  7. Hats off to the 200 Club and the Jim McMillan Club.
  8. The camera likes to follow Ian Campbell's baldy heid.
  9. Okay, I'll reword that - he had 5 years at Clyde when no one would touch him with a bargepole.
  10. The lesson didn't need to be learned by other clubs, only ourselves and Clyde. No other club would touch him with a bargepole.
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