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  1. He'll be a lot more expensive now that Livi aren't paying a portion of his wages. Also, Livi won't be paying his digs this time.
  2. QUEEN OF THE SOUTH: Currie, McKenna, Quitongo, D McKay, P McKay, Morrison, Cochrane, McGrory, Paton, Todd, Murray SUBS: Cowie, Trialist A, Trialist B, Connelly, McMahon, McKechnie, Muir, Gibson, Johnstone
  3. I hope we don't sign players for the sake of it. If they're not of the desired standard we should wait. Plenty of time.
  4. At present the left back position is a weakness. I'd hope that we are looking at Paterson and that Dick would eventually be back up when Lang returns to full fitness.
  5. I was referring specifically to the Dunbar friendly. Zen had asked about parking in Dunbar and since he's done Updates in the past I wondered if he was going to do them today. Also, afaik RaithTV aren't covering the game today whether it's with updates or audio. Maybe I missed it.
  6. Are you doing updates on the game this afternoon?
  7. Why only the Championship? Spencer, Lang, Brown and Easton all came from League 1 and all will probably be first picks next season. Also, Murray's spent the last 4 years there so he'll know if any players are any good.
  8. Did we make Musonda an offer or was this a Tumilty type departure?
  9. He was on loan from Motherwell. Now signed for Morton.
  10. Grant Gillespie signs for Morton. He's hardly kicked a ball since he left us 3 years ago.
  11. The season ticket portal on the main site has frozen. Demand must have been brisk.
  12. Anyone else who wants to join the Rovers Digest can do so here.
  13. It's in the Rovers Digest that's emailed to subscribers. Dare say it'll be on the main site shortly.
  14. There's only one I want confirmed just now and that's Brad Spencer.
  15. And that would suggest Murray has his own players in mind for the defence.
  16. Falkirk are in dire straits financially, absolutely skint.
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