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  1. The 'hoof' was quite deliberate, took the first East Fife player out and made it vey difficult for the second player to control the ball. Also, he was level or behind 2 East Fife players when he played it forward but well ahead of both of them by the time he arrived in the box. It was a great pass forward and a fantastic run. But yeah, another moan.
  2. Folks criticising Gullan for that miss but it was he who started the move off and somehow was there for Bowie's pass. To go on a lung bursting run like that just to be in the right position deserves some credit.
  3. For those who haven't seen the post match interview - extremely worrying for Hendry and Spencer.
  4. I enjoyed the game, the best bit for me today being the performance of Tony Dingwall after more than 6 months out.
  5. If Matthews is fit I'd stick him on Agnew. Similarly, If McKay is ready I'd give him Steven Anderson's place and hope the five at the back can handle the diving cheat Wallace. Bombscare Higgins to score in a 1-0 Rovers win.
  6. Thomson, McKay, Anderson, Matthews, Victoria, Allan, Smith, Vaughan
  7. Corect. Love, Lamont and Johnston on at 46 mins.
  8. Go to www.raithrovers.net and you'll get the team and updates.
  9. Another cock up on the team sheet. What a surprise. ETA McGurn is in goals. ETA 2 Grant Anderson is not playing, Gullan is on the park.
  10. Was it not John Sim who let Ross Callachan go because he couldn't stand in his way?
  11. The only plus from this farce of a tournament is that we got Dingwall and Bowie back.
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