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  1. I'm not sure about him he never really did anything at falkirk but they may have played him out of position so hopefully he'll do us a job
  2. I'd like to see a new carcary type fast and can shoot at goal
  3. Why am I get picked on ? Aren't I a sons fan too
  4. New chairman yes but that means nothing sadly
  5. I love this club but it does give heartburn every summer I think we should appoint an independent manager person to handle contract and not our manager as we seem to always be left behind year in year out
  6. You can't really blame the players I blame the board and manager as should have sort stuff before holidays it's a piece of piss that we're in the last week of his contract and he's still not signed if I was the club I'd say look pal if you don't sign by this date cheery bye as players have a deadline so why not manager I'd off Durrant the job then
  7. Our club is looking a joke to other teams get it sorted dfc
  8. Betfred have us 2/1 and St Mirren 5/4 and a draw being 12/5 I fancy a wee two quid Dumbarton win but both team scoring bet
  9. Sorry it was a paddy power thing so may not be any truth in it
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