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  1. I think Ashley has security on the car park whitch Sevco bought from one of David murrays children so he would own the car park that you need to open the Club deck
  2. "So if I look at Rangers financially, we are one of the strongest clubs in the world financially."- D King 16 May 2015
  3. I heard brown going on about real Rangers men on the board which seemed odd as Dave King was on Whyte's board and Walter was on Greens. I hope he will be doing another "Rivers of Pish" speech on the Ibrox steps.
  4. The wee tax case was a EBT scheme why did the company owe £2million in tax for it when it was liquidated and not the trust? Why is the Murray group and Rangers PLC (IL) or whatever they are called still in court to this day disputing the Big tax case if it is the trusts liability?
  5. He was a huge success last time he was at Ibrox I think he would be able to repeat this with another liquidation
  6. I was just talking about No8, I can't remember who's fault his jigaboo posts where but I'm sure it must have been somebody else.
  7. In Manchester you blamed the police for a mob of Rangers fans kicking them down the street now it's the hearts fans fault there seems to be a theme developing here.
  8. I called the song racist because it was found to be in the apeal court I expected No8 to defened this racist chant but not anybody else http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/glasgow_and_west/8109359.stm
  9. So what are the 9 words to the WDYGH chant and do you find them racist ?
  10. I am not offended but is the chorus the same as the chant and if so do you find it racist?
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