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  1. So he ended up with plenty of caps after all then?
  2. I see McFadden has been “promoted” to Match of the Day 2 tonight.
  3. I know what you’re saying about Miller pissing on the nation’s chips about that decision, but to be fair I was surprised when we got that decision. And I’d rather our broadcasters hold their hands up when we get the rub of the green, unlike the wankers down south who bang on constantly about diving until Raheem Sterling clearly does it against Denmark and then decide that it was a penalty regardless of there being f**k all contact.
  4. The main transfer rumour around Kenneth that I recall was that we once knocked back something like £250k from Blackpool. Bit of a leap from there to £10million to Chelsea.
  5. If this deal happens at half of some of the numbers being quoted, imagine how happy Ogren will be with it all. In one fell swoop it would go a long way to recouping the millions he’s ploughed in, and it’s not even a deal that was done on his watch! Easiest money he’s ever made - maybe he’s not so daft after all!
  6. We should get our Indian scouting / Football Manager Dept to scour the globe for a player with the initials F T D and sign him no matter what just so we can give him the 83 shirt.
  7. Yep. One of the few benefits of Scottish clubs being utterly broke.
  8. This is such a problem for me. There’s been a lot of talk in here about whether our media should be honest about the quality of our “product” or whether they should be talking it up whenever possible. The fact that they talk it down whilst the English leagues are constantly bamming themselves up is surely a factor in kids following English teams. At first they would say they supported Hearts AND Chelsea, but increasingly it’s becoming a case of exclusively Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool or whoever. A lot of kids even seemed to be cheering on England during the Euros which would have been unthinkable in my day. But the same thing exists on another level with the Old Firm in Scotland. The media will tell you they’re merely giving the majority of punters what they want with their heavily OF-centric coverage, but at some point it will / already has become a self fulfilling prophecy.If you constantly and almost explicitly bang out the message that the Old Firm are the only teams that matter in Scottish football it’s little wonder that kids growing up in Dundee, Edinburgh, Perth, Inverness decide to follow one of the cheeks. Particularly when the commentators and especially the “expert” analysts (I’m looking at you here, Packie) can’t even tell you the name of half the opposition players. Could you ever imagine 5Live (which I really don’t rate in terms of quality) repeatedly referring to “the number 7 for Burnley” because they didn’t know his name?
  9. Is that the funny “sport” where they all jump over railings and hang off walls and stuff?
  10. Of course if that game is full of fouls, kicks and meaty challenges it’s “breathless, 100mph stuff”, “full of passion” and “commitment” and although it “may not be one for the purists” it’s still a “terrific advert for the Scottish league”.
  11. If they’re going to be that sensitive surely they should be pixelating McGowan’s face whilst they’re at it?
  12. Plus we have 2 good keepers, a problem McPake said he was glad not to have to worry about. You might think he would want 1 though.
  13. Caught up with last Sunday’s program late in the week. Say what you like about Tam Cowan and his attempts at humour but at least he remembers it’s meant to be a laugh. Cosgrove, Broadfoot & Sutherland went on about three 15-20 minute rambles around the merits of fan media versus traditional outlets. It was interesting enough at times, but not exactly laugh a minute.
  14. Craig Gordon hates coming for a long floaty diagonal cross eh? Action replay of Kane’s late equaliser at Hampden.
  15. Hence the £3million price tag. Great bit of Moneyball from Big Tone.
  16. Not sure which sounds worse - the Tam Courts word salad or Martindale at Livvy who makes zero effort to cover up his jakeyness and sound remotely professional: ”Wee Brucie has been taken to hospital," Martindale revealed. “ I feel sorry for the boys," Martindale said. "Max and Fitzy were spewing up in the toilets at half-time.”
  17. In Courts’s pre match interview today he was talking about someone’s return from injury (Siegrist perhaps?) and said that having him back was “good for the environment”. I’m sure he meant the player in question was a good guy to have about the place but his choice of words made it sound like having the guy back single handedly made the club carbon neutral. Richard Gordon and Michael Stewart had a good chuckle about it afterwards.
  18. He said he remembered it from his favourite Harry Potter book.
  19. “Ranks and Pates” provided a solid base for the flair players to go and do their thing. They were reasonably effective on the park and I’ve seen Andy Robertson in several interviews before and after he won the CL sing Rankin’s praises in particular as being a great influence and role model off the pitch too.
  20. Love that the Cameroon international we brought in from Alaves in La Liga still has a bit to go to reach the standards set by the guy who came in from Cowdenbeath! Gomis was indeed fucking brilliant.
  21. Friday night 1 league cup game (involving Rangers) to cover = 40 minute podcast. Saturday night 12 games to cover, including 3 league cup games = 0 podcast. Sunday night 4 league cup ties + the draw for the next round to cover = 40 minute podcast. And I’m 30 mins in and all they’ve spoken about so far is Celtic, despite Aberdeen losing to a lower league side and the holders scraping through against a lower league side on penalties. f**k. Off.
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