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  1. Has this ever been seriously suggested or is it just a bunch of bored Arabs catastrophising? Surely to f*ck the chairman would veto that appointment immediately?
  2. Would it have been too much to ask for them to edit together the highlights of the Hamilton vs Killie & Motherwell vs Ross County matches “as they happened”, where they cut between the two matches? Would surely have worked well today with the dramatic twists and turns. In fact, they could have just shown the Killie 1st half then the Ross County 1st half then the second halves in the same order. Just an opportunity to use a bit of imagination and flair in the presentation of the product, as opposed to the “this’ll do” approach they tend to adopt for everyone except the arse cheeks.
  3. Preparing for a proper relegation battle next season if that’s the case. Although it seems strange to give him the game time instead of Deniz if the intention is to hand him back to Celtic next week.
  4. It does seem a bit like the same old approach from Aberdeen - rounding up out of contract guys who have been good for their current clubs but not good enough for the Old Firm or down south. Don’t get me wrong, its a sound enough strategy, and one that’ll probably keep you the best of the rest or thereabouts, and I dearly wish United had the resources to go and sign a guy like Gallagher, but it’s exactly what McInnes did. I thought the new coach was supposed to have exciting, new ways of doing things?
  5. I made a comment against illegal mass gatherings in the midst of a pandemic on another thread and got several replies saying “Well why is it alright to have crowds in support of illegal immigrants then?” Which is weird because I didn’t mention those protests at all one way or another. Which makes those replies textbook examples both of whataboutery AND bigotry. Which seems to sum up a lot of their fans rather nicely.
  6. Actually, this is EXACTLY what it’s about. It is about forgoing things that, in isolation may have little risk attached for the greater good. If there’s a 5% chance that doing something will lead to you catching COVID then you may think that’s a chance worth taking. But if the entire nation of approximately 6million people did it the numbers would soon add up. Of all the birthday parties, funerals, weddings etc that have been cancelled or postponed a high percentage would have passed without incident. But there would have been some that didn’t, and they would have had the potential to set the nation back considerably. And what makes the average person on the street sufficiently qualified in either infectious diseases or risk assessment to decide if a risk is worth taking? The government decide that. And at the moment, mass gatherings are still banned as a result.
  7. I’m assuming you’re referring to the “documentary” they just announced on Sportscene - “Rangers: How the League Was Won”? That was exactly my reaction too. Why the f**k have they decided that this particular league win needed its own w**k-fest?
  8. The Gregory Pecks are the least of Foster’s sartorial issues.
  9. Agree, and another similarity seems to be that both teams rely heavily on their (ex-Rangers) talismen. Saw the goals from the Dundee match and thought they had a real chance of coming up with Adam pulling the strings like that. Then watched the Killie highlights and suddenly I fancy them with Lafferty playing like he did.
  10. I admire Dundee fans’ apparent forensic accounting talents, which have had them all predicting our demise on several occasions. If only some of them had offered their talents to scrutinise their own club’s books at key points in their history they might have saved themselves a lot of time, effort and tablet...
  11. We signed that guy Newman at the start of the season. He’s 19. Is he not good enough to sit on the bench (probably) for another 4 or 5 games?
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