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  1. I think that's a fairly standard approach that teams tend to take - rather than paying it all in one go they keep paying an ex-manager's salary until the original contract ends or they get a new job. There are Italian sides that sometimes have often have 2 or even 3 managers getting paid the whole time on this basis - it’s not unusual to for them to sack a guy, keep him on the payroll, appoint a successor, sack him 6 months later then re-appoint the first guy on the basis that they’re still paying him anyway!
  2. Haven’t the poor healthcare workers been through enough already this year?
  3. Can’t believe Celtic would use THAT image and deliberately perpetuate all those 18th Century stereotypes and caricatures about thick Irishmen. Disgraceful.
  4. Which just goes to show all the people who thought that Lennon had misjudged the loyalty of Celtic fans. Give them a chance to play the vhictim card and a good many of them will rally behind it no matter how ridiculous it seems to everybody else.
  5. Would it also mean that potentially more Celtic players, who may have been a close contact of Ntcham, but not Jullien, may have to self isolate now?
  6. Agree with the last couple of posts. McInnes has done a decent job over the years, and has done, in the league at least, more or less exactly what you’d expect him to. He hasn’t overachieved or underachieved, but it does seem to have gone a bit stale. It would still seem harsh to me to sack him though. And the million dollar question would then be who comes in to replace him? No outstanding candidates as far as I can see.
  7. So Tam McManus, who used to play for Dundee, hated United, and was equally hated by our fans in turn, thinks our star striker would be better off at Hibs, another of his former clubs? And all this was exclusively revealed in an article published by the bluenose b*****ds at DCThomson? Bathered.
  8. I think he’s pretty good for the most part. Until Hearts relegation inevitably crops up again...
  9. Dave Narey however was still at the club when we won the cup in 94. Didn’t play in the final, not sure he was even stripped, but presume he got a medal.
  10. Also, if you’ve seen the full photo there’s a random guy & his missus on sun loungers about half a metre behind Broony. Doubt they were in the Celtic “bubble”.
  11. Last week Sportscene was deemed important enough to be on before MOTD. Tonight it was so irrelevant it was dropped completely. For f**k’s sake, at least kiddy on that you’re remotely interested in the other 40 clubs.
  12. Broughty’s changing rooms aren’t great. And someone mentioned Harp - their changing rooms are non existent!
  13. Well reading that news in bed this morning certainly left me with Tears on my Pillow...
  14. Despite the title of this thread, there are very few jobs on here I’d actually count as “interesting”. Which is why I can never really blame one of our players who goes to sign for the Old Firm. It’s probably the difference between having to work once you hang up your boots and not.
  15. In a similarly Carry On vein, in his analysis of that incident Neil McCann was adamant that “a couple of inches is all that you need” 👀
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