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  1. Tayport are struggling in a “super” league that is a shadow of its former self following the defection of all the top clubs south of Dundee. Their form has picked up a bit in the last few weeks, but anything other than a comfortable win for Talbot would be a big surprise. Interestingly, most of the management team at Tayport were at Carnoustie when they played (and lost to) Talbot twice in recent years.
  2. Or indeed over an innocuous comment on a hospital corridor.
  3. Bad injury for Brad Smith too apparently. Hopefully his recovery goes as smoothly as possible.
  4. Was the plan not to use it to extend the cemetery? That was the best surface in Dundee when the Cash has it, crying shame they got kicked off it.
  5. I see. Making puns about Bobby having an R & B singer as a namesake are we? Well, Two Can Play That Game...
  6. He barely touched the ball. Surely you have to test him? At 47, his reflexes and movement etc can't be the same regardless if he has 20 years experience or not. Absolutely, but it’s that much harder to test his reflexes when his communication, organisation, command of his area, decision making and distribution are top class.
  7. A 47 yr old with the best part of 20yrs of full time experience under his belt.
  8. Very honest report. Thought the first pen was a good shout these days - you see them given a lot, but the yellow card was maybe harsh. The second pen was a stone waller, as was the yellow card that went with it. Carnoustie’s second goal was a handball and should have been disallowed. 3rd goal was a nuke by the keeper who has apparently been excellent since he signed. No idea what Deasley said for his red, but he was walking well before the ref pulled the card out which probably indicated a guilty conscience.
  9. Good result, but a lot of people did see it coming - it was fairly common knowledge locally that Kirrie had about 8 players as late as Saturday morning.
  10. Not so sure about this. Looking at the winners / runners up of the HL for the past 10 years you’ve got Buckie, Forres, Clach, Brora, Formartine, Deveronvale etc, none of which are easily accessible from Dundee and even a decent distance from Aberdeen, again over terrible roads. Only really Cove or Inverurie are within a 4hr round trip from Dundee. Several highland league sides have massive budgets for that level, that dwarf anything in Tayside and all but one or two junior clubs across the entire country. Lochee United could probably be reasonably competitive, the next couple of clubs could maybe hold their own in the middle/lower reaches of the table. Similarly, only 1 or 2 Aberdeen based junior clubs could compete in the top division of a combined set up. I don’t think the balance of power would centralise there as readily as it will further south.
  11. See also “the Highland League covers Tayside”.
  12. It’s tight, but the linesman should notice before the corner is taken that Lochee don’t have men on the posts, whereas Talbot have a man on the keeper. As soon as a Talbot player wins the header the guy in the 6 is offside. He might even be behind the keeper too, which makes it even worse! More and more teams are emulating the pros by not having men on the posts for this reason, but if the officials aren’t switched on it’s a dangerous tactic.
  13. And his brother Kenny jr is a Tayport legend. He must have won the Scottish with them?
  14. I’d imagine the other clubs have looked at what Broughty are (rumoured to have been) paying players and decided they’d have a slice of that.
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