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  1. He's a dumpling. Hopefully the other three marquee signings will be better.
  2. I've got a degree and I can barely work the kettle. Britton is a disaster of an appointment for Chief Exec.
  3. I've been a supporter of Archibald since his appointment, even through relegation, but i'm done now. He simply cannot put a squad together, even for this level. He needs a Director of Football above him, but watching Britton's interview, the guy looks and talks like a car crash victim, it's no wonder we can't sign anyone.
  4. I wish you would stop putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  5. This is what is wrong with Scottish football. Roasters like you doing anything you can to stop people creating an atmosphere.
  6. We are weak in the full back positions and we need a dominating central midfielder.
  7. We shouldn't be signing players with hideous tattoos. This is the leafy west end for f**k's sake.
  8. The Royalty used to see a lot of Jags fans in it around that era.
  9. New club, Same old inbred roaster fans. Looking forward to more laughs this season, Hibs doing you was a great day for Scottish football.
  10. Two centre backs, a ball playing midfielder and a right back utility man and maybe another forward and a goalkeeping option. Wilson and Scully are shite and should have been punted.
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