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  1. I think it is Dundee Hibernian. The cup design could have changed in 100 years.
  2. Posted my vote last week. Not expecting them to win the seat though [emoji54].
  3. Tommy Coyne left Clydebank in search of his fortune in 1983/4 season, before returning in 2000/01 (19 years after his debut).
  4. Surprised this well known photo hasn't appeared yet, though it is of course located out in Slovakia [emoji6].
  5. I think the eastern European teams were named as they were because their players were workers for the railway companies rather than the grounds being located next to a railway track/station. In much the same way as clubs associated with the armed forces being named 'CSKA'.
  6. It was £3 per ticket for Nelson's testimonial. League matches were £4.50 by 1986, so O'Leary's match was probably around that per ticket.
  7. Not saying anything negative about this, but there was a 'Jinky' gnome for sale 3 years ago.
  8. His testimonal was actually in 1980. This was David O'Leary's match.
  9. I imagine they are qualified referees anyway. As are the AVARs.
  10. I'm pretty sure his contract was not renewed as he was accused of being too critical about Scotland's poor performance against Costa Rica.
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