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  1. Skysport's Football News webpage has a reporter confused about the league sizes as well: But Budge's proposed changes to the current 12-12-12-10 structure would solve what the plan describes as the "much debated unfairness and unjustness of relegating clubs as a result of the early termination of season 2019/20".
  2. Are you bored ? I don't think a photo could show why a level of football is/was great.
  3. A few folk used to try and watch the match for free from that road. Sometimes saw the police moving them along.
  4. This league is going to benefit Scottish football, and I just wonder what the leagues will look like in a few years when the best teams have started moving up into the Lowland League or even the SPFL.
  5. He was 61 years old when he scored the penalty !
  6. Dumbarton of course had the three Coyle brothers in their team, though I think only ever two at a time.
  7. Looks like a match on an overseas pre-season tour to me. "I N" on the banner maybe Internazionale ?
  8. Love this ! Better marking of Sposito was required though IMHO.
  9. Keith Peacock, the first substitute in England, came on to replace an injured goalkeeper in August 1965.As already mentioned Archie Gemmill was the first sub in Scotland, in August 1966, replacing Jim Clunie. Subs were only allowed to be used to replace injured players in the early days, rather than for tactical reasons.
  10. He was some player though [emoji6].
  11. There was a John Maher in the team, but Stewart Auld sprang to my mind when I saw this photo.
  12. Match programme for Clydebank v Rangers 12 April 1986. The Bankies first and only victory over Rangers. 2-1. I believe Souness had agreed to take the Rangers manager's job, but the team had been picked by Alex Totten.
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