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  1. West Region Games Off - 16th March

    Looks like the Pools Panel will be sitting again today [emoji23].
  2. 2 Games at 1 Stadium on 1 Day

    The fourth team was Bahrain. All the group stage matches were double headers. Group A @ Hampden Park (1st matches only) and Fir Park; Group B @ Pittodrie; Group C @ Dens Park; Group D @ Tynecastle. The matches seem to have taken place without any delay between them, judging by the kick-off times being only 105 minutes apart.
  3. Most Games in a Season / more Cup than League

    Willie Miller played 20 times for Scotland between 1982 and 1984. So with an average of 7 matches per season he would be up to 67 games.
  4. Most Games in a Season / more Cup than League

    Just having a quick look and noticed that Eammon Bannon played 60 matches and David Narey played 58 in 1981/82. Willie Miller played 60 matches in each of the next two seasons (missing only 2). Will we see the like again?
  5. Chic Murray, right hand side just above half way up.
  6. Todays scores 23/2

    Hurlford 0 Clydebank 1 (Shelvey 63).
  7. Todays scores 23/2

    Hurlford 0 Clydebank 0 h/t
  8. Scottish Super Cup?????

    Did anyone watch The FIFA World Club Championship, the ultimate Super Cup of them all, this year? Never really interested me since it was expanded from just 2 teams.
  9. Brechin scored 90+3 [emoji2].
  10. Is the Loan System getting out of hand?

    Players are allowed to play against their parent club in cup competitions though.
  11. The Phil Jones Appreciation Thread

    Started this while at Blackburn.