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  1. Non-top flight clubs in continental competition

    Also my source [emoji4].
  2. Non-top flight clubs in continental competition

    So Southampton can be included as they were Division 2 in that season. Also, West Ham as a Division 2 team in 1980-81 CWC, after an FA Cup win the previous season. Also Birmingham City, who won the League Cup, were relegated in 2011 and played in Europa League the following season. Then Ipswich Town qualified for Europa League through Fair Play and entered the Europa league in 2002/03 while playing in the Championship. I am trying to think of a French side which also fit this criteria. It isn't Sedan, as they were not selected for Europa League after being runners up in the French Cup in 2005. Edit: Found it: Fc Gueugnon in 2000, in the Europa League while a Ligue 2 side [emoji4]. SV Stockerau played in CWC in 1992, losing to Spurs in a qualifying round. They were a second tier side.
  3. In the hot seat

    John Sheran will be a new entry at No.4 next week.
  4. Fantasy Premier League H2H league

    The Pie And Bovril H2H final has been played and congratulations go to Neville Wears Prada, who defeated Indo Infidels. Well done to both teams.
  5. Fantasy Premier League H2H league

    As the QFs are 1st v 8th, 2nd v 7th etc, I suspect it might be the winner of the first match (mine) v second match in the list and winner of 3rd v 4th.
  6. Fantasy Premier League H2H league

    The season has reached the QFs, with the top 8 in a knock out competition. A couple of the matches are very close.
  7. The first ever international between the two teams took place on 25 June 1966, at Hampden. The WC warm up match finished 1-1.
  8. Is that what they meant by "swaps" ?
  9. 2 Games at 1 Stadium on 1 Day

    The Vale reached the 1953 final, beating Annbank. Their semi-final v Ashfield took place at Ibrox on the evening of 2 May, with an attendance of 33000. There are also details of a league match taking place at Ibrox on the same date - Rangers beating Dundee 3-1, with an attendance of 60000.
  10. Teams representing a county/region

    Metropolitan Police FC used to be made of players who were also employees, with the team being based in Surrey. When time off to play matches was stopped any player could join them.
  11. Played for 3 or more Glasgow clubs

    Max Murray, a striker in the 1950s and 60s played for four Glasgow teams : Queens Park, Rangers, Third Lanark and Clyde.
  12. Played for 3 or more Glasgow clubs

    Joe McBride, a striker in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, played for Partick Th, Celtic and Clyde. Central defender Alan Mackin played for Queens Park, Partick Thistle and Clyde in 70s and 80s.
  13. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Knowing I was coming to York and that they were playing at home I did check if they still played at Bootham. Apparently a planning application has been granted for houses on this site, so the move to a community stadium should be from the start of next season. Link to the new stadium details : https://www.york.gov.uk/info/20080/sport_and_leisure_facilities/481/community_stadium
  14. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    York City 1 Southport 0. Quite an entertaining match in front of 2000+ fans. York had a few players that caught the eye - Langstaff, Wright and Kempster in particular. £15 to sit in the popular stand - was going to stand behind the goal, but then the drummer started and the ultras chanted.
  15. Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    Relegation from League 2 is never going to be straight forward, as the leagues below need to be balanced out. Whether one, or finally two teams, are relegated to the LL, re-jigging is going to be required in the LL tiers. with some teams not knowing where they will be playing until after the final play-off.