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  1. Scottish Super Cup?????

    Did anyone watch The FIFA World Club Championship, the ultimate Super Cup of them all, this year? Never really interested me since it was expanded from just 2 teams.
  2. Brechin scored 90+3 [emoji2].
  3. Is the Loan System getting out of hand?

    Players are allowed to play against their parent club in cup competitions though.
  4. The Phil Jones Appreciation Thread

    Started this while at Blackburn.
  5. Planning ahead! Good man [emoji16].
  6. Do you save your change?

    I keep about £20 in change in my car, mainly to use in parking meters and in case I stop off at a supermarket etc and realise I have left my wallet/debit card at home (happens once or twice per month).
  7. A Photographic History Of Scottish Football

    Brilliant goalkeeper [emoji3].
  8. Multisport players

    Another cricketing footballer was Ex- Partick Thistle and Montrose player Harry Johnston. In the 1970s he played 2 first class matches for Scotland, as well as quite a few one-dayers.
  9. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    Probably some Dad's Army as well !
  10. Football League 2018/19 season

    A nose job ???
  11. Very Low Attendances

    Clydebanks final season in the seniors saw some very low crowds and of course there was the match when only 29 fans watched v East Stirlingshire in the Challenge Cup in 1999 (which I believe was a Saturday afternoon).
  12. Completing the 42

    I completed all Scottish league grounds during the season of 1995/96. 40 teams and 38 grounds.
  13. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    My firsT pinT of Tennent's for more than 5 years. Maybe enjoy a few more on this short trip to Edinburgh [emoji3]
  14. Primary School speed limits

    Idiots speed on the roads near the primary school where I live. They don't care about kids walking home and probably don't realise the school day starts at 7.30am (breakfast Club) and ends at 6pm for some children. There is talk of a 20 zone being introduced, though speed humps, which would be more effective, can't be introduced because it's a bus route. I'll be having a chat with my local councillors about this again soon.
  15. Unfunny comedians

    Heard Keith Lemon being interviewed by Gary Davies on Radio 2 last week. No talent whatsoever, or maybe I am too old to appreciate his 'humour'.