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  1. In other news, water is wet. You seem to be arguing a completely different point to the one I was answering, but carry on if it makes you feel better.
  2. You're mixing things up a bit. He's right in that exchanges crash which means people can't cash out unless they already have their orders in the system. But that's just buying and selling assets, not actually using the Blockchains themselves. Think of it like trying to sell your car when the webuyanycar website has crashed. You can't sell unless your order is already on book, but doesn't make the car any slower or less of a car, just hampers your ability to sell it. Selling/Buying crypto on a CEX doesn't require using the Blockchains. I've never had an issue getting an order filled that was already placed during these events, be that a stop or, in yesterday's case, some buy orders as I'd taken some profit 2 days before. Blockchains themselves are designed to handle busy periods in a number of ways, such as raising transaction fees (like ETH) or slowing processing speeds or both. Some are better than others, but it's an issue that needs to be improved for future iterations. But these 2 issues are different things. Centralised exchanges, at best having questionable infrastructure that can't cope with buy and sell load at busy times, at worst that being intentional, has nothing to do with blockchain technology.
  3. Slight correction. Small traders who are stupidly over leveraged in the margin casino caused a chain I liquidations that brought the price down to support as the exchanges basically stole all their capital. Leverage in crypto is an absolute mugs game and why one of the key indicators I watch is the market funding rate. Whenever it gets too high and people are getting too greedy with leverage they have their money taken. Still, I took some profit over the last few days and this morning I'm buying the 30% off sale with that. I don't agree with you on much that's crypto related, but there's a reason I trade spot only. You're bang on about leverage (and futures). Just making donations to the big players.
  4. No surprise Porteous makes a c**t of it really, rash from him, but Kent was looking for it and was always going down with the slightest touch. It's a penalty, unfortunately, but with a smarter defender it's probably a yellow for diving.
  5. Personally I thought he was poor. Thought Hagi was your only player looking lively. Hagi for Rangers and Doyle-Hayes for Hibs the pick of a poor bunch. 0-0 about right.
  6. Can't wait to hear Sky try to talk that up at half time. What a brutal 45 mins of football.
  7. Wow. Risky having that in a hostel, will be breaking into that to get the coins out. [emoji1787]
  8. He is, but they don't see it. The second goal today sums him up. Any half decent defensive fullback takes their line from their CB. If he does his job, Boyle is offside.
  9. I genuinely think you and most Rangers fans are blinded by Tavernier. For example, he is directly at fault for two goals today, the first shared with Balogun, and not for the first time. Carrying the ball forward means hee haw for a fullback when he's shipped 2 goals. He played above himself last season and rightly won player of the year, but he's back to his usual level this season, which is average. IMO he's not even the best right back at Rangers, never mind the league. You'll scoff at this, as most Rangers fans do, but this season he's no better than Ralston. Their numbers in terms of goal involvement are similar (and Ralston doesn't take set pieces) and they both give goals away at the back. That's not me saying Ralston is great, just that this season so far Tavernier has been no better, which pretty much every non Rangers fan can see, but Rangers fans can't.
  10. Well yes, that's where they should have gone last time they died as well. But we both know how Scottish football works.
  11. Gerard would have made no difference, history tells us. Though I do agree the subs were odd. Aribo was probably your biggest threat and Jack ain't a player to throw on when you're chasing a game even when he's not been out 30 odd games. Kent was shite tough, he was lucky he lasted 60. That Tavernier and Morelos finished the game was amusing. Worst 2 players on the park. Sakala is an imposter of a football player. How he gets in ahead of Hagi, one of your best players, is bizarre. Must be dynamite in training.
  12. He's lucky he's playing in the Scottish Premier League. Him and his mate Tavernier. I always find it amusing when people talk about them at EPL level.
  13. Going to be hilarious when Celtic win the league and the champions League money that comes with it, consigning Rangers 3 to another start again in the Lowland League. [emoji1787] All that money Gerard spunked to win what is now 1 in 10.
  14. Hahaha, what a fuckin Donkey. [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  15. This has been as comfortable for Hibs as they could ever have hoped. Macey hasn't had a save to make.
  16. No idea. Was sure I'd heard that's why he wasn't taking the team. If he's just watched that 45 and decided not to go in because he doesn't fancy it, that's an interesting choice. Didn't really have anything to lose. Just seems a crazy decision if he is allowed in but he's chosen not to.
  17. I thought he wasn't allowed in the dressing room as he's not got a work permit yet? Interesting decision if he's not in there by choice. [emoji1751]
  18. Big Porteous auditioning for the Rangers back 4 there
  19. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  20. First half hatrick incoming. [emoji1787]
  21. You've been honking all season defensively. Your best CB is injured, McGregor had been a shadow of himself and your two most in form fullbacks are continually left sitting on their arse.
  22. Van Bronckhorst notebook thus far: 1. Tavernier: X [emoji1787]
  23. Rangers are fucking garbage. [emoji1787][emoji1787]
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