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  1. Only for 4G parks. Hugely unlikely anyone with a grass park in Scotland, like Pollok, is training on it.
  2. If only people were that sane. We have a neighbor who objects to everything, having bought a house next to a football park, who now does everything they can (including waiting till Saturday kick off time to burn his rubbish in his garden so the smoke covers the pitch!) to disrupt us. The number of baseless complaints to the local authority is astounding, going door to door to try and have us closed down, complaining about the noise, the lights, the carpark, the kids teams, the adult teams, just anything in general. Never second guess how weird people can be. [emoji846]
  3. If those ties to the past come with an entry fee payable to the SJFA for the rights to run the competition and use the trophy it will never be an all in cup. There are, remember, a number of teams out there who went through a lot of abuse, threats etc after their move out of the juniors and more still who have never been junior and have been belittled almost constantly for a decade from that direction. Would, for example, Kelty or Clydebank want to pay money into the SJFA coffers just to play in the Junior Cup? Would Cumbernauld Colts, EK or BSC, the "boys clubs" want to? Only way you get an all in trophy for non league, which you're 100% right is the way to go, is for all sides to give up their "biggest" cup and start a new one. Use the trophy if you want, sure, but it can't be run by one association alone and that certainly can't be the one who has done their best over the last 10 years to alienate a fair percentage of the club's you'd want to enter it. Just my view.
  4. If we don't start again till 2021 then perhaps the best thing would be to complete this season. It is, unfortunately, becoming a more and more likely scenario that we'll be nowhere near Football in July or August at the very least.
  5. Points per game, as has been discussed elsewhere, isn't any fairer than just taking it on points at the moment. Fixture imbalance and calloffs, where some contenders have played each other twice but others not at all, make points per game at this stage just as false as actual points accrued. Neither reflect what the positions would be at the end of a season or how well, relative to each other, any team has done to this point. Option 1. Finish it when we get started again Option 2. Void. Anything else you'd be as well pulling the names of the teams who can still mathematically win (or be relegated) out of a hat. That would be just as fair as using current points or current points per game or current standings.
  6. I'm assuming he's done it based on the overall table at Tier 7 as things currently stand, if the season was stopped now, as the 4 he lists are the current top 4 in the 24 team table. Given its a conference setup and teams are playing across the leagues I can see why that makes sense with not all games completed. But TBH, I'm not sure there any fair way to look at it. At this stage only Tynecastle are assured a place in the "top 4" either way. LTHV, Leith, Dunipace, Kinnoull, Inverkeithing and Glenrothes still all hunting the other spots, with Oakley arguably in Conf A as well with their games in hand.
  7. Think you're playing fast and loose with the word "fair". [emoji846] I'd accept "least worst" outcome, based on limited options, but there's plenty of teams who it certainly wouldn't be fair for and others who would be huge winners, across all the leagues.
  8. Might be we're on pause to this time next year where we finish out this season! [emoji44][emoji44]
  9. This, 100%. I know from bitter experience that when it comes down to it in large multi nationals past performance/commitment means less than f**k all. You are a number, nothing more.
  10. Fingers crossed. Tynecastle would arguably be the biggest loser's if we didn't manage to see it out, as of the sides chasing promotion across the non leagues they are really the only ones where we already know it's guaranteed.
  11. They're a good side and in the driving seat to win the conference if we hopefully get started again. When you look at the games all 4 sides have left then include Oakley and BurntIsland (who also have a lot of games in hand) it would certainly be an exciting run in. Lothian, Kinnoull and Leith have 3 games against each other to play, with Oakley still having nearly everyone to play as well, BurntIsland everyone except Dunipace, including Lothian twice and Kinnoull, who they are one of the few teams to beat. Everyone in the top 8 has a mix of games against each other and anyone in that group can beat anyone else on any given day. Hopefully we get to see it as the top two in the conference will certainly have earned it, whoever that ended up being.
  12. Takes a special kind of person to interpret multiple posts saying my preference would be to finish the season as "wanting the season over." We're in a cup semi final, a cup quarter final, the last 16 of another and still in the hunt for promotion on the league. Why on earth would anyone think we want the season over. [emoji1787][emoji1787] Who's your team?
  13. While I see what you're trying to do, PPG at this level is a non starter. The fixtures are too imbalanced. East example: Kinnoull have the highest PPG in CA, but they've not played Leith at all and still have Lothian and Dunipace to play. Leith, Lothian and Dunipace have all played each other twice and have all taken points from each other as a result. Kinnoull benefit from a higher PPG having only played 33% of their games against their rivals at the top, where those 3 have played 100% of their games against each other. There's no fair way to decide anything in current standings. We either: 1. Finish the season once we can get started again 2. Void the season. My preference, though there are issues with it, is 1.
  14. For me, the biggest issue with the Junior Cup bring retained as a single non league trophy is that to enter it, you would have to pay into the SJFA, either for cup entry or "membership" which includes cup entry. As I've said before, given the vitriol that has consistently come from the SJFA towards the LL, The EoS, all of the club's who left, including Clydebank who were treated in a way which could have had serious repercussions for them, how many non league teams from those leagues would enter it/pay money to the SJFA? I think you might find you end up with not much more than you have now, potentially less in terms of club's joining with the remaining ERSJFA club's clearly being further disenfranchised by the SJFA. I just don't see it playing out as the Junior Cup doing anything other than fading into obscurity.
  15. Why would they? Why would club's continue to pay to be members of the SJFA when they get very little, if anything, for it?
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