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  1. Dunipace FC

    No need to apologise. [emoji846] You took your chances when they came and thus deserved to go through. Sometimes that's just fitba. All the best for the next round. [emoji106]
  2. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    I've been on both. It is. [emoji846][emoji106]
  3. Dunipace FC

    Yes. Newer technology means smaller, individually controllable banks do the job as well as older, bigger single unit technology. The lux output comfortably meets entry level license requirements. [emoji106]
  4. Dunipace FC

    Yep, it's really coming together now! What was pie in the sky to many a decade ago, through lots of hard work by those at the club is less than a week now from hosting it's first game. Can't wait. Covered terrace/seating is being planned just now, as well as club rooms and cafe. Hoping it won't take too long, funding permitting, to get then added after this phase is complete. You'll be welcome any time. [emoji106] Last I heard over 35's was looking to be Friday nights, which suits me. I need to get on the treadmill before it starts (January/February time I think, but would need to check!)
  5. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    See if you can join the dots and figure out why I might know, regardless of timeline, that he didn't act up in the tunnel and certainly wasn't chastised by his manager, which was the point I was answering. [emoji6]
  6. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    That didn't happen. [emoji6] No idea where that's come from. We had a light hearted joke with the ref coming out for the second half where I agreed with him (the ref) that Chris wouldn't have had the gash on his leg from Will's tackle if he hadn't tried to stop Will getting the ball for the free kick in the first place. We were all three laughing about it, was a bit of harmless fun. Was an even game between two teams playing contrasting styles. Thought we were better first half, fairly even first 15 second before Bo'ness stronger in the last half hour. One goal was always likely to win it and you were more clinical with your opportunities than we were. With 7 players missing, happy we showed again that as a completely new team we're better than many people expect. [emoji106]
  7. EOS Grounds for Optimism

    That will come, old terracing on far side was knocked down and the land graded up to get rid of the spoil. This is only the first phase, there's more to come all around, including covered terrace (hopefully before end of the season). Most important was the park and surrounds for now, with the new portakabins also providing toilets does matchdays. Park is bigger than Benburb as well, in terms of dimensions. [emoji106]
  8. EOS Grounds for Optimism

    Westfield is getting there. Latest photo from late last week, contractors expecting to be complete in the next week or so.
  9. Lthv 17/18

    Not sure good get that passed as it disadvantages already existing members. All of LL and HL go into R1 at present, bar the top 2 who go into round 2 along with L2 clubs. You'd be bringing in half the LL and HL a round early, plus bringing the top 2 in a round early (meaning no benefit there for finishing top 2 that currently exists) plus the whole of L2 a round early, L1 2 rounds early. That's a lot of change for teams higher up the pecking order to benefit teams just joining. I'd pin my money on an expanded preliminary setup than anything changing for R1 proper.
  10. Juniors v non-Juniors

    It's a line I've heard as well. No idea where it has come from. I think if you look at the original 13 in particular who applied, before the influx later, they all I'm pretty sure listed licensing as their aim at the time. I know for example my club (Dunipace) have already started working on it, both with the extensive stadium redevelopment work and the processes side of things. We hope, once the moratorium is lifted, we can hopefully get it in time for next year. We've also started a new under 20's side at the top of our youth section and brought the entire club, youth and Senior teams, under one umbrella (and constitution) for the first time, as a Senior Club. I'm pretty sure our near neighbors at Camelon have exactly the same intention re: license given their initial statement and the work already done at Carmuirs which from our two games there I think ticks all the licensing boxes. And they too have started an under 20 side at the head of their youth setup. Between the two sides we have attracted a lot of excellent local talent into our development squads, both teams already fielding players from there in first team matches. What is true, certainly from our perspective, is that we are not "throwing money" at the playing squad, as suggested as being the case for the junior movers. We're not that kind of club. Everything we are doing is with the future in mind, for the whole club. Yes, we have been able to recruit better players than we would have had access to in the bottom tier of the West Junior ranks, but that is because of the vision the club and management team have for the future and players wanting to be part of that. Not to mention the lure of playing against the teams we are now in the company of in a brand new ground. It's easy to look at what teams are achieving (Ex Junior and Ex EoS) and assume "money" when they are doing well. I think that does a disservice to those at a lot of these clubs, including the players, where planning, vision and hard graft is actually the reason.
  11. East & Lowland U20s Thread

    Dunipace 2 - 1 Cumbernauld Colts
  12. Dunipace FC

    Big nets at Carmuirs. [emoji16] FWIW, I thought it looked over as well, but a deserved lucky break for the home side for the "shenanigans" on the day. [emoji846] And probably cancelled out by the goal chalked off at the other end before it TBF.
  13. Selkirk FC thread

    I dunno drs, im sure everyone in conference B would be happy to swap them for last season's EoS runner up. [emoji846] Whatever happens, hope they survive. Whatever the problems on and off the field, it's always a nice place to go and the people who run the club couldn't be any more welcoming the times I've been there. Not nice seeing them struggling.
  14. Dunipace FC

    Yep. [emoji106]
  15. Dunipace FC

    Yes, Camelon for the Nitten game. [emoji106]