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  1. So the "get rich quick, YOLO" crowd are the ones likely to lose our at the very least be holding red bags into the next cycle. I've never been in it for the "quick buck" plus I'm genuinely interested in the tech (and markets in general). For me I think making life changing money from crypto is a 2 cycle (5-6 year) game at least so that's what I'm planning for. This cycle I got into late (though still IMO plenty of upside to come) so it's about making enough to take out my capital and de-risk completely leaving a significant enough amount remaining (after tax) to build a portfolio that will bring my retirement date forward by 10 years in the next cycle. For me, that's what "life changing" money means. I don't care about cars and watches and all that jazz. In my head I know the figure that I want (after tax) to be able to retire and my pension is geared towards providing that from 60. My ISA is there so that every multiple of that amount I make is a year I can retire early and I look at crypto the same way. Every multiple of that figure crypto returns is a year early I can retire. At the end of this cycle my capital risk in crypto will be zero (if it goes to plan the next 3 months) and by the end of next cycle I'll be retiring in my late 40's, hopefully. That's long term plan.
  2. I'm now over 200% ROI on my crypto portfolio since February. I'm 9% ROI on my ISA in the same period. I guess it's possible to make that kind of return in equities by picking the right stocks, but they're far more "few and far between" then in crypto IMO. As a complete crypto noob my returns in the first half of the year were mostly dumb luck and even now having spent 10 months learning I know I could have tripled or more the return I have. I'm fine that people don't like crypto, but for me it's been an enjoyable experience and one I'll stay involved in with a portion of my overall investment portfolio.
  3. I really don't get the hype with McGinn.
  4. Sure this won't be a popular opinion, but as a CM, McGregor > McTominay IMO.
  5. Make that 4 really good chances for them. Sake.
  6. That's amateur stuff. Big punt up the park. That's 3 really good chances for them now. Finger needs to come out.
  7. That's what I thought [emoji1787] Pretty sure it is.
  8. Shouldn't matter where the foul is. Position isn't in the rules. That Roofe one was 100% a red as well, I remember arguing with a lot of a Rangers fans in that thread at the time as well. [emoji846] There's no doubt the OF get decisions that the smaller teams don't. Roofe v Saints and Porteous today are two good examples of that. Pretty similar, over the ball, out of control, endangering an opponent. Either both red (my view) or neither. Sent from my HD1903 using Tapatalk
  9. That's the joke actual Rangers fan would make. [emoji6][emoji1787] Sent from my HD1903 using Tapatalk
  10. Again, you've made that up. I don't exclusively watch Rangers matches or only take the piss out of Celtic. I watch lots of matches and I take the piss out of them both. But keep saying it, if it makes you feel better. Sent from my HD1903 using Tapatalk
  11. It's quite simple, it's because I'm not a Rangers fan. Not difficult. You've added 2+2 and got 27. Sent from my HD1903 using Tapatalk
  12. You're making that up. I take the piss out of both for being shite. As I say, if your way of dealing with a differing opinion to yours is "definitely a Rangers fan" crack on. Says more about you than me. Sent from my HD1903 using Tapatalk
  13. That's just not true. I have spent all afternoon posting in the Aberdeen v Celtic thread just today. I watch a lot of games and comment on all the threads for those games. Aribo got booked, rightfully, for that one, didn't he? If thinking I'm a Rangers fan helps, by all means go ahead. I just say it like I see it. I think Porteous intention there was too leave one on Aribo, he went over the ball and it was a red. I'd be saying the same regardless of who it was or who was playing. Sent from my HD1903 using Tapatalk
  14. Hibs the better side by a mile first half hour. Deserved lead and really comfortable in the game. Stupid decision by Porteous now has them up against it. Walsh booking Allan for walking off slowly then Nisbet for a nothing foul will help with the narrative, but as shite a referee as he is I still think he gets the red right. Sent from my HD1903 using Tapatalk
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