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  1. Kennoway P-P Dunipace. Couldn't agree change of venue after Hearts pitch understandably fell foul of the heavy overnight rain.
  2. Unfortunately yes. Offered the switch as we have a park available all day but that option declined. Unfortunately with not being able to arrange short notice friendlies now, another playable Saturday off. [emoji853]
  3. Yeah, us too, but given the fudge around professional/non professional to allow us to play not overly. [emoji846] We clarified prior to our first fixture at Haddington as we had a 17 year old in the starting lineup (had started all our pre season games as well) and 2 others in the squad. As it turned out, we had to leave them out anyway that day (plus 2 others) due to a positive Covid test at 07:30 in the morning who they'd been in contact with, but he's played in both games since and in the group again today and the others been involved as well.
  4. Club keeps a log of attendance at every session. Tracers, when a player is confirmed positive and says they've been at football, contact the club. R player doesn't provide details of players, the Club is asked to supply a full log of attendance, including contact details, of everyone at a session within last 7 days. Tracers likely to contact coach for overview of session and player for details of which other players they have been in close proximity to during the session (if they can remember), tracers then decide what to do from there, advising the club and the individuals (using the supplied log and context details) who need to isolate, quite possibly changing their minds on several occasions during that process.
  5. The EoS league have confirmed that 16 & 17 year olds in the EoS league are fine to travel and play.
  6. Everything I said about the Dunipace thing was accurate, if I'm who you are talking about. And it got worse as I actually had to play on the Tuesday night myself, rather than just be in the squad as I was on the Saturday. That's me played for Dunipace in 4 different decades now...... Others commenting, it was 100% conjecture to suit their viewpoint, rather than any representation of reality.
  7. Just catching up on this. Without going into detail, you are correct, not playing wasn't an option.
  8. I'm only talking about one case. Where have I mentioned any other? That case was a shambles. I'm allowed to say that as it's a fact. No idea why you're arguing about it. And yes we were told, both why they were isolating initially (nothing to do with other contacts) and why they decided not to (nothing to do with other contacts).
  9. Sorry Gordon, but no. It's quite acceptable to call it out for what it is. Your assumption for the reason it happened is incorrect, but I won't go into it other than to say they 100% made an arse of it and are well aware of that. There was zero new information and zero changes to the case between 40+ people being told they must isolate for 14 days on Saturday and an email this morning saying no people must isolate at all despite 4 players (who were no closer than anyone else) being contacted by the app and told to isolate already. You can give the benefit of the doubt if you want, having no information and no understanding of the case, but having all of the info and having been involved in it I'm quite comfortable in saying test and trace handling of the case has been a shambles.
  10. Cheers Patriot. While I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of how this season is likely to go, that in itself is a problem, for me personally anyway (and I know for others as well). The level we play at its about more, for the majority, than just putting games on or plodding through a season whichever way we can. Clubs raise funds and develop their facilities to progress off the park. They hire managers/coaches to improve their teams on the park, invest in that area and hopefully progress. I think I'd feel safe assuming all my peers are the same when I say we're all ambitious, or we wouldn't do the job at this level and that as a result it takes up a hugely significant amount of our time chasing that ambition. None of us are turning up 2 nights a week and half a day on a Saturday and that's it for our football week. [emoji846] Under normal circumstances we can all justify that effort/time spent to ourselves because there is a purpose, a target, something to drive towards and for the most part reaching that or not depends on us and our teams (as a collective) performance. If we don't return what we want, ultimately we can only look at ourselves. At the moment, that's not the case, or certainly doesn't feel like it. It really does feel like the only goal is to get games on any which way we can and what happens in them is both an afterthought and in many cases completely outside of our control in terms of how that looks if we do get there. I understand the mental health benefits of getting games on and keeping players playing etc. so playing the games, at least for this initial period to see how it goes, is the right thing to do. We will know more after we've tried it out. But at the same time I think it's OK for me to have an alternate view, being involved in the ground in that initial period and to say that it's having the opposite impact on me personally. I'm not in this just to do a few training sessions a week or make sure I have enough players to put a game on. It's a significant amount of time and effort to expend with a young family when it feels a lot like the only aim at the moment is to complete a season, if we can, hopefully, without killing a club or getting relegated because we've not had a team to field for a dozen reasons that would never be an issue. I appreciate people will think differently, and I absolutely accept that view, but it doesn't make mine or the others thinking similarly villains. Just guys having a different experience of football through Covid.
  11. Going to add another frustration to the list: - Test and Trace telling you the whole first team and development group must isolate for 14 days on Saturday, making the club/players/league scramble around all night trying to make arrangements, various follow up conversations with T&T to then be ignored all day Sunday and emailed Monday morning saying "Actually lads, case closed, carry on as normal". As a result of being told they had to isolate on Saturday, guys now working Tuesday night who would otherwise have been available with no time to change that (from home obvs, isolation didn't matter). Honestly, we keep hearing how test and trace is the front line in stopping the virus spread when if you look at the interactions various teams have had with them (including us twice now) they don't appear to know whether they're going for a shite or a haircut. Good news is we're back on, but not without impact (again!).
  12. To be fair Gogsy I am quite a forward character and not afraid to make my views known or share facts when there's an issue I know something about. Some folks don't like that because it's an alternate view and get really upset, some think I'm a gobshite (which there probably some truth to as well!) and others think I should know my place cos it's just wee Dunipace. Fairweather in his defence isn't one of those types at all, he's just open for a decent debate and in the right way, which is what this place is about. He and I, like I and Burnie as well agree on a lot of things, but I think it's healthy that on the things we don't agree on we can have grown up debate about them and put across those alternative views, as long as we have a decent, logical argument to stand behind. That's healthier than having an echo chamber where we all just always agree with each other. [emoji1787] Not a clue what the Twitter thing was about. That wasn't even me, though people probably thought it was!
  13. Yes, we've spoken to the shire and they've told us the effort and time that was required to challenge the decision successfully. We're still in discussion with the test and trace people, but unfortunately we do not have the manpower that the Shire did. As I've said repeatedly, if you are intent on dishing out points penalties for teams who can't complete fixtures because there's no time in the schedule to replay those fixtures, that needs to be fit every postponed fixture. Saying there's no time to fit in 2-4 Covid postponements for one club, but there is time to fit in 7 games off for a waterlogged pitch for another doesn't fly. There's either time to reschedule games or there isn't, for the purposes of your argument. Why they need to be rescheduled, if you are adamant there is no time, is irrelevant. And I'll say again, I'm not advocating that docking points for waterlogged parks is a good idea, I'm arguing that saying Covid postponements should be walkovers is an equally as stupid one. ETA: On the headline front, to confirm, we (correctly) went above and beyond the advice given by the league yesterday, our initial feedback on that advice proving correct when we were contacted by Test and Trace during the game. [emoji6]
  14. As long as we're doing the same for all games postponed over the winter Burnie, that's fine. As I said above, if the reason a forfeit is "required" when teams are being isolated through no fault of their own is because there's no time to fit the rearranged fixture in later down the line as normal, same applies to all fixtures that need to be rearranged, for any reason. And to reiterate, I think that's bonkers, on both counts, but you can't have different rules with oxymoronic justifications. Not to mention the optics of it for the league if that was picked up by the press. "EoS Teams being forced into playing games while told to isolate or face threat of points penalty" wouldn't make for a great headline and would perhaps grab the attention of the government who may then rethink who can play and who can't.....
  15. To be fair Burnie, you guys are a special case as you have the facilities currently to do it following the regs. You are right, they can be used, but the majority of teams won't be able to sit those current regs. It's great you guys can, don't get me wrong, we might be able to sort something out as well, hopefully, because we have some spare containers, but given the demographic of facilities across the league's, you might get 30%-40% who can do something changing room wise before winter, if we're lucky?
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