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  1. Big Jack Currie oot the night before, sorry Jack, couldnae resist it! 😂🤣😂
  2. BC, I used to come on here and give it tight to all things Lanark Utd, but you are the voice of reason, top man. Still hope we finish above you in the league, never lose it! 😀
  3. Boys on the stag do dug the holes!! 🤣
  4. Poor comment Talbot '78, we won't be chuckling when we turn you over in one of the cup games, we'll be supping a right few beers and reminiscing when we were top dogs, you're new to the game! Have a good day ………...
  5. If that's the big chaps attempt at wind up then we are for real hard time tomorrow. Dry your eyes, just a bit ay banter between two Gow diehards. Don't forget we've been where you have been, unfortunately too many years ago! Enjoy the game!
  6. As ever, the Doss-meister winding up the opposition, class, hope to see you the morra big chap, and who did we draw in the Scottish? Wiz it a wee diddy team fae Ayrshur? LOL
  7. Well done JC, always looking out for the Hoose, not easy for me to get to games on a Saturday, but hoping to get up to Park View soon ...
  8. What a result for the Gow today, and Ashfield lost at Newmains, crazy league. Hope the Talbot are looking over their shoulders
  9. Fair point, up to the Gow fans to come on & big us up, we've done extremely well to get to a 'big' cup final, it's been a long time coming ……..
  10. I'm liking what I've seen this season, bit of respect back for the Gow, thought there was quality against Petershill, big McStay found his form good guy to have when he's on it! Mon the Gow!
  11. Any thought for the wee team in the final? To be honest, venue won't matter for the Gow, we'll turn up & give it everything, maybe the Talbot will get a scare. I hope it happens, but just like to see a bit more respect on this one. Over to the big time Charlies …………………...
  12. McCarrison had a couple of seasons where he was unplayable, when he was in the mood. Should have made more of his career, Hamilton Palace escapades didnae help!
  13. Good to see the Gow having a good start to this season after a very poor campaign last year, looking forward to Wednesday, enjoyed the game up at Shotts, penalty shoot-out in the dark!Cannae beat it, well done the Lukester, tidy penalty. Mon the Gow
  14. Played oan it in worse conditions than the photie back in the day! Seriously though, good to meet you at the last game ay the season JC, I only managed the midweek games due to Saturday commitments but what a pleasure to see the standard that you set, although the Tayport game was a blank rubber. Pardon the expression! Be interesting to see how the boys signed fae Wishaw fit in, they sound class signings.
  15. What a strike form the Lukester, well done big man!
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