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  1. So, you want to know when and when?
  2. That crossbar brings back memories, gorilla glue is great eh.
  3. We want to make sure there's been no deviation from our fine tradition and strict signing code so could the white anglo saxon non moustached protestants raise their hands please?
  4. Who the feck is Che Adams and is he related to Grizzly?
  5. Oranjeboom, now that there's a nice drink.
  6. A lack of anything English is never a bad thing.
  7. What was it Basil said to Sybil about going on Mastermind?
  8. We could go for a hologram of Ally McLeod?
  9. You do know why Airdrie built the stadium that size? Give you a clue, it wasn't to play Arbroath,.
  10. Airdrie away is pish? Won the league? Last away game? I'd expect the biggest away support of the season partying all the way not caring which town the game was in. Still that's just me.
  11. No, we all agreed when you were at your dinner.
  12. You're right, it could be decades before these two face each other again. Still, I can wait.
  13. So, after all this discussion, at least we've all agreed it should be a Scot.
  14. Coz he would be part of a great double act. Should never have been sacked.
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