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  1. That bit where Moses the vampire begat Goliath on a big boat would make a good film.
  2. You saw through my disguise?? Anyway, you know I'm right, right?
  3. Conspiracy theorists are usually funny. Absolutely nothing wrong with the persons in that group, have a drink and rid yerselves of the paranoia.. 🍺
  4. Too risky for the players, has to be long shooty.
  5. Wait a minute, I'm a Dickhead and haven't moved over the door. 🤔
  6. £51? What about parking fees, pies, crisps and a drink or two? Some fan you are, don't be so miserable ya tight git.
  7. Oh the Germans came over And they horsed us 3 - 1. And they tried to destroy us And they horsed us 3 - 1 😉
  8. A Scotland strip needs no stripes, hoops nor black squiggly lines. It is dark blue with the badge on, simple.
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