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  1. 1400 eh? Does that include the Airdrie fans?
  2. The guy behind the linesman is my brother in law from Perth, so he's also my uncle.
  3. Used to be Airdrie songs that upset folk, now it's their flags? As for the league, Airdrie's poor run continuing against the welly wearing thugs desperate to please the 24,000 travelling Fearties and if there's no money in the kitty for January then they can only hope the others continue to be as bad!
  4. Can someone at the Rangers please send a memo to the players to stop blessing themselves when they're on the telly, they're all at it and it offends my protestant eyes. Oh, and can I just say the acceptance of all religions now at their new club is commendable, obviously the Croatian flag would never have appeared at the old British, brogues and handshakes club.
  5. I reckon they should just play Hutton and ask Peterhead if they fancy a game of long shooty.
  6. From where I'm sitting the whole ball didn't seem to have crossed the line.
  7. 52,000 cared for a friendly on Friday. Hampden needed two important matches to get that.
  8. Boghead has an away end bar?! Haven't been since the 80's, glad to hear it's been refurbished.
  9. Does the middle class thing apply to rugby? Apparently we're in the world top ten and would scud Belgium, Germany and Brazil in that!
  10. The fecking rugby team get more because they're entertaining and they win sometimes. And you can have a beer.
  11. See Provan has Russia on his coupon tonight.
  12. Noticed 35,000 tickets have been sold for the game while there'll be over 50,000 at Murrayfield for a less important fixture, changed days indeed. Anyway, a lucky 1-0 Scotland win, at Hampden.
  13. Hutton somehow deals with juggernaut after juggernaut of Falkirk attacks.
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