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  1. as i said i hope the guy comes and plays out his skin next month.
  2. Playing in a Brazilian world class team Shevchenko is a good example of a world class player in an average team . Different position but his levels never dropped as much as andy robertsons do for scotland (in fact he scored nearly 1 in every 2 games for ukraine ) . im sure there are plenty of examples of world class players past and present from smaller nations still able to perform at (or close to) their club level in international games.
  3. Naw for scotland he really isnt that good and never has been. 36 caps noo. Hes played well in certain games but world class? really? world class players maintain their levels for both club and country.. For instance, Roberto Carlos was world class.
  4. flatters to deceive when surrounded by class (compliments with one-twos, pace and crossing) . nae gareth bale though edit: would love for this to come back and bite me on the arse.
  5. Whats your logic behind this comment based on what we saw this week ?
  6. seems to be full agreement that mctominay isny a defender. anybody got a changed opinion on cooper tonight? cant remember him standing out too much , was it him who turned his back instead of pressing at one point as the czech boy hit a long shot? mckenna played fine though with some good clearances and looked over both games like he actually gives a f*ck
  7. also agree re: mckenna. that CB position looks a lot more healthy than it did before now
  8. you literally picked 2 of the worst players he ever picked. he had colin hendry, the last great cb we had , john collins at monaco, lambert who won the european cup, burley who was a brilliant midfielder , mccallister mccoist .. the list goes on no comparison to today
  9. its easy to say our players arent good enough yet northern ireland have just came out of a period of being one of the most consistent sides in europe with a far technically inferior set of players...
  10. Naw. You obviously missed the pressley wilkie years
  11. those players always have top level players around them at those levels. look at robertson and fleck tonight trying to link up, lack of quality .
  12. good(?) chance of world cup playoff (top 2 group winners that dont qualify in wc groups get a playoff)
  13. dykes' goal.. mckenna looking decent... other than that... ?!
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