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  1. 2nd goal in 3 days tonight for celtic
  2. remains to be seen, he did what was asked of him tonight. 30 aint old even for a striker. larsson was 28 when he signed for celtic. (not for one minute suggesting any correlative ability levels).
  3. Just scored. Would easily be our #1 choice striker if he can hit any sort of form. fingers crossed.
  4. We have seen lee wilkie turn into cannavaro for 90 mins against holland in 03, heid caldwell turn in a goalscoring performance (And 2 shut outs) against the world's finest side, a 40 something davie weir rolling back the years to give us a decent foundation alongside mcmanus at the back in recent times, then the likes of martin, hanley and greer and mulgrew under strachan. Where are we noo? Who have we got ? and who plays against Israel at the back? Right now is Mckenna and Cooper the best we have or will we take one last punt on an aging mulgrew ? Do gallacher and devlin have further parts to play and is talk of steven caulker being an option realistic or the product of some pie in the sky some utopian idealism ? In short.. who are our centre backs going to be in this, our biggest game since Italy 2007 ? Slim pickings doesny cover it ...
  5. as long as he sores the winning goal on the 26th who gives a feck .
  6. there was definitely a lot more than 12 k sold. the entire south and north stands didnt have 2 seats together .
  7. replace phillips with naismith and i think that could be the team. that cb pairing though is enough to give you the boak
  8. we need to wear the dark blue against serbia/norway
  9. marshall palmer/odonnell/tierney? ?- WORRYING ? - WORRYING robertson mcgregor/jack mctominay fraser christie/armstrong(assuming mcginn is injured) forrest griffiths
  10. im just absolutely buzzing for a full hampden in a massive game again. thought those days were over but here we are...
  11. South stand lower. couldnt get 2 together in the whole north or south stands
  12. You can't believe Tierney is out? Tierney?! fair comment
  13. canny believe mcginn and tierney are oot already wtf
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