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  1. Was there some sort of invasion at the end there?
  2. Right this whole shitshow break is done, in the past... Big improvement needed .
  3. Nasty looking clash that was . Jesus
  4. Is mctominay shite or just out of position?
  5. Clarkes biggest feck up is not sticking with souttar and mckenna and playing a central midfielder in defence along with hanley, a guy who just got relegated when we have better options
  6. Yesss armstrong! Come on scotland ffs !!!
  7. Could probably live with him getting one more chance but after that, knives are out.
  8. Crap inept atrocious diabolical shite
  9. This has berti 1-1 moldova vibes
  10. We need big changes from back to front starting tonight.
  11. Right up there with the worst ever this game
  12. Adams jogging about with his heed down. He needs to come aff
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