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  1. Im really looking forward to the summer. and hopeful we can do the czechs again. maybe even sneak a draw against the sassenach with a free hit against croatia
  2. Naw terrible . The big job got done. Division b is about right for us just now until we can get our final 3rd sorted.
  3. KT really kicking on as a top top player these days. Real class
  4. I think the idea is get a 0-0 and anything else is a bonus
  5. Need to press them a bit more outside our box. They keep posturing for a 25 yard screamer which they are more than capable of.
  6. Defence and midfield great. Need more up top to run on to dykes big baldy knock ons
  7. Theres something about patterson... i canny quitr put my finger on it but he has to be good for something. A bit like oli burke.
  8. Mcburnies internatiomal career has to be over noo
  9. We could really end up regretting playing mcburnie we need to replace him
  10. After watching Mcburnie toil last night, would it even be worth thinking about calling S. Fletcher up for the finals instead ?
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