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  1. he wisnae the worst in the Euro 2004 section from what I remember the alternatives were kevin kyle and stephen dobie at the time . He had a bit of a purple patch in his career with brewster at dunfermline and I think he even scored against spain (in the match that had the blackout).
  2. Fifa and Uefa have been reportedly working with the idea of banning players of clubs who signed the breakaway plan for the proposed european super league from playing for their international teams with immediate effect. Disaster if this happens however we would be far from the worst hit nation
  3. I fear we will be lumbered with scott bain soon
  4. We beat holland with rab douglas in goal
  5. A boo from the stands should suffice..then again a sore one wouldny go a miss!
  6. he has something we havenae had since wee barry
  7. Tierney should surely go into the euros as skipper
  8. tierney's on a completely different level to anything else on the park so far
  9. think mctominay seen pogba there with that pass
  10. you must have missed the transition between pa broon and vogts if your idea of dreadful is kenny mclean
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