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  1. And griffiths. (Im allowed 1 joke)
  2. Noticed a key difference between this scotland team and previous ones... When its all set up to go wrong, a lot of the time it doesnt with this team. We arent great but we are still standing and in good shape.
  3. This. Everyhings said through a veil of irony
  4. Its baffling how dykes can go from being so bad to being pretty decent so dramatically
  5. Austrian heads seem to be gone. Adams booking was a joke
  6. Nae excuses tonight . Nowhere to hide . Stand up, get this away win and push us on from a pot 4 team to the next level. It is in our hands . One win tonight and everything changes.... get beat and we are back to square 0
  7. Need a striker to step up. 3 points and on to tuesday
  8. Gilmour and mcginn off reminds me of the dykes and christie sub against serbia ... thinking the job is done at 70 minutes is a dangerous game
  9. Is the austria israel score good or bad for us lol?
  10. Almost perfect goal. Clarkes tactics worked a treat there with the interception
  11. Hope young nisbet does the business tonight
  12. Not sure i agree with this. They had 7 players out on wednesday night and showed a lot of depth . This could be something of a golden generation for the danes. You can see the quality they have as they can consistently carry out their game plan which is reminiscent of belgium to an extent , in that they control the game high uo the pitch then use their 2 advanced midfiders to up the pace momentarily to find a killer pass. They are also super adept at set pieces from what ive seen over their last 4 games or so.
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