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  1. i do think that ye make somewhat of a decent point mind ye . should have went through that year
  2. scored more than the sum of our strikers in france
  3. Its a big decision considering the depth in the midfield positions but between him and armstrong, gauld needs to be given some time in the qualifiers in march at least
  4. I dont think this european league will be the money spinner everyone thinks, this isnt the usa
  5. remember in 1998 when mccoist was left out the squad for darren jackson... Griffiths has to be in the squad
  6. Come on to f**k . Get him capped
  7. Im really looking forward to the summer. and hopeful we can do the czechs again. maybe even sneak a draw against the sassenach with a free hit against croatia
  8. Naw terrible . The big job got done. Division b is about right for us just now until we can get our final 3rd sorted.
  9. KT really kicking on as a top top player these days. Real class
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