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  1. It's that kind of attitude that get ye georgia 07ed Ukraine are a proud football nation and will see this as a great chance to get to the final
  2. I was watching the Denmark game for the 10000000000th time ... John Mcginn was miles ahead of anyone on the park and his baw in was perfect... but thats just john for ye when he pulls on the dark blue these days... reckon clarke knows that...Shades a wee faddy in mcginn when he plays for Scotland. Liam's header back to the face of goal was due to him taking an advanced position, one where he was able to make an impact, which allowed him to use his experience at the top level to set up young johns epic goal...Liam being a guy who's took pelters, showing us his class. Souttar hungry as f*ck. Good link up between the two CBs I remember Clarke talking about how highly he thinks of McPhee and if we remember the form of Northern Ireland from not too long ago, one wonders how much of a factor set piece analysis and practice was in them doing so well. Ive got faith in the guy. I think he could be really important for us in the playoffs. Plus he looks like Thom Yorke from Radiohead .
  3. Nisbet didwell against the big celtic defender at points today. had his number the whole game and was unlucky not to score
  4. is it oot of order I couldnae give a monkeys f**k about this competition until our ukraine business is done ?
  5. A standout tonight for celtic again. Nathan has the jersey to lose, but big tony is hot on his heels! That's without even bringing O'donnell into the equation. great to see us having such depth at RB. Edit: getting ma pattersons mixed up.
  6. Watch from 40.21 to 40.33... Now watch.. (0.44-0.55) .... Im sorry for the rubbish formatting lol. I think our team now is better than our great team of 07. and provided one of a few examples of why! I watched them v austria at the euros and theres not a lot to fear if we are up for it imo...
  7. coming through this whole norwich nightmare still in great shape where others would have faded . the boy is going to be a superstar (if he isnt already)
  8. Im all for more gilmours and pattersons ! wild success stories so far an all positive. But our performance against denmark was a real Scottish performance. filled with identity. The will to WIN is a big part of our game whether we like it or not, its the way we play our football . Its all about finding a balance to suit the footballing identity in international football imo.
  9. I like the fact mctominay's inclusion is being called to question it says a lot about the strength in depth of our squad now and no doubt will make that young man hungrier . I dont see much of a deserter in mcsauce . Wee fraser on the other hand... hope im wrang on that one .
  10. Nisbet impressed today for Hibs. First to admit i dont watch huge amounts of hibs but i hadn't realised that young kevin had that assist in his locker. Receives ball with a deft touch (like mcginn, holding off the man), adjusts his position then delivers a quality through ball on his 2nd touch to Doyle to put him through for the goal. Maybe developing through playing with top players in the scotland camp? its a possibility
  11. Been watching the 2nd goal again... We have a lot to thank southampton for that silky move dont think armstrong believed his luck when he seen adams waiting for the through baw.
  12. Not true. That was the denmark team sent to face scotland. They were desperate to go into the WC unbeaten.
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