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  1. We are now up to 25. Think it is going to be as competitive as the AFC West this season! Kick off tonight, so make sure you have your picks in. Good luck everyone
  2. Just over a week to go until the action starts. Anyone else up for joining the league? It is always very competitive.
  3. League is set up again, password is scotland here is the link good luck everybody
  4. Congrats Fuctifano - managed to hold on for the win! Nice final few weeks gc_smfc, just left too much to do. Can't believe the season is over already! September is a long way off... Thanks to everyone for playing, another good season - 16 people seeing it all the way through. Do it all again next year
  5. A really tough week for a lot of people, including myself, with the average score being 6.3, just below 50% correct! No such problems for Prop Joe’s Picks and Lambie’s Pigeon Feed who both scored an impressive 9. But Spread Picks is hanging on at the top of the leader board heading into week 8. Remember that the games start an hour earlier this week, so get your picks in early!
  6. Great week for Spread Picks and The Lichtie Giants with 12 correct each, taking them to first and second in the league respectively. Honourable mention to ESPNFAN39480111 who got 11 correct as nobody else reached double figures. Onto week 5 and we are passing the quarter way point in the season already - doesn't it just fly!
  7. Another tough week - three people scored the top score of 9. Because the worst week is dropped, and because the top score last week was 8, these three people are now top the league. There is a long way to go though - so get your picks in for week 3. I was just part of the crowd this week with 8-8.
  8. Week 1 is in the books and it certainly was a tough week. The top score was 8, which 6 teams got, taking the early lead in the table. Totally agree Cowshed, the layout is terrible, but not sure there is anything we can do. Good luck with week 2
  9. Loads of people joined up already, only two days until kick off if you want to join Good luck!
  10. The pre-season is done and dusted, the cuts have been made and now it is down to business. Just one week until the league kick off, so if you want to join the P&B Pick'em League, sign up now. For those already in, best of luck everybody. Looking forward to another close season.
  11. Anyone else looking to join the pick'em league? Just over two weeks until the first game - an easy opening day win for the Cowboys surely
  12. What's up everybody? With the NFL season just around the corner, the Pick'em site is now up and running again. I have re-instated the Pie and Bovril League, just a reminder it is a spread league and the password is scotland (all lower case). The ESPN layout looks a lot different this year, not sure I like it, but the game will be the same. Congrats again to last year's winner bwalsh67, who made a final week comeback of epic proportions to narrowly edge out Die Hard Doonhamer on the tie-breaker. Link to ESPN Pick'em Hope you all make it to Week 1
  13. 20 of us in so far First game tonight - easy win for the Texans
  14. Anybody else looking to show off their NFL knowledge? You have one week to sign up for one of the most unique season's in history
  15. If anyone is interested, I have set up the Pie & Bovril Pick'em League again. The password is scotland (all lower case) You have to create an entry (spread entry) then re-join the league. http://fantasy.espn.com/nfl-pigskin-pickem/2020/en/?adddata=pigskinpickem2020_nfl_web_fantasynav
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