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  1. Wonder if my main man Bangs will get a start at centre half on Monday night.
  2. I was in Irvine on Saturday and the retail park and Rivergate was jumping.
  3. Strange timing! They've sold 500 tickets for the game already, quite impressive.
  4. As long as you guys pay the £6m up front i am fine with it.
  5. On paper we're the better team but historical results are awful. We should have hammered them down here and yet they somehow ran off with all three points. They are really good at seeing out a result if they get their noses in front, well, against us anyway! As for Tomi i am not in the least bit surprised he is struggling, he didn't do much of a pre season and predictably got injured very early in to the season, the guy bought in to his own hype and is paying the price for it now.
  6. Still ridiculously tight at the top and a horror fixture in Inverness next weekend, let's not worry about next season yet.
  7. The big lad Tiehe was really good i thought, if he had a decent strike partner then Accies would motor up the league.
  8. Ecrepont was great when he came on, was very unlucky with the OG. That was murder to watch mind, we didn't control the game at all. At least the players and manager knew it, it's just what they do about it now.
  9. Jerome was well past his sell by date when he played for us. Imagine that team he played in up against the current lot, it would be a shoeing!
  10. JML didn't get a sniff yesterday, Grimshaw did a good job of stopping him before he got in to his stride. I think he's the type of player who comes on as an impact sub when the opposition legs are tiring - he's certainly been better in those situations. Fingers crossed that Chalmers is back on Friday.
  11. Agreed, one of the first things Bullen and co did was to give Houston a new contract, it was a bit of a shock at the time as he was poor last season as well. I think he's incredibly inconsistent and doesn't get forward enough. Reading is much better at going forward but he is prone to getting caught out with the ball, better player overall though. Ultimately i don't think either of them are good enough for top of the championship.
  12. The catering guys are new this year, the food is much improved from previous years but definitely could be a bit more organised and quicker. As for the game, turgid stuff. I thought we might run away with it after the early goal but the same old problems of being overrun in the middle of the park led to some concerted pressure on us and eventually a good header from Quitongo. I think it was Musonda he got the better of, which was pretty surprising. Ton keeper looked entirely uncomfortable early doors but fair play for the save from the header, it was as good as you'll see at this level. We also had another brilliant chance when the ball dropped to Dipo but we somehow contrived to make a mess of it. All in all, a fair result and we move on to next week. Hopefully Logan Chalmers is back as we really missed him today, delivery was not good enough from either flank. Final thought, Bangala must be an absolute diddy, guys played right back in the past and didn't even get on today after the McAllister injury
  13. I really hope the SRE is rocking tomorrow. It's been a bit lacklustre this season, the Dundee game was the only one with a half decent atmosphere.
  14. I don't think we will see much of Bangala this season, he will need a long, long time to acclimatise to the football after not playing for so long. Bullen chose to play Smith over Bangala recently so that tells you everything about where he is in the pecking order currently. If we end up getting promoted then i expect he will be released or sent on loan.
  15. Good to see some mutual respect in here. Will Morton bring their usual 100-150 supporters?
  16. I see we're only two wins away from matching our total from last season. It took us until February last season to reach seven wins, what a turnaround.
  17. I think he's best off the bench to be honest. Fantastic turn and finish though.
  18. Huge opportunity tomorrow. We all know what that means
  19. Superb stuff from that young man. His father would definitely be proud.
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