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  1. Had his best game for us at RP and that's about as much good stuff as i can say about him.
  2. Was Kirk even carrying a knock? No mention of it on the preview.
  3. I much preferred it when McGinty was an impact sub. Is Alex Kirk actually carrying a knock?
  4. We look like an absolute gang at the back today. Meanwhile our shiny centre half from Arsenal is sitting clicking his heels on the bench.
  5. What a shambles that second goal was - if you've not seen it then you're in for a treat. Would love to hear why we changed the back four after they were settled - one for Bullen to explain later on. We will need Akinyemi to pull us out a hole here, not played well at all.
  6. Can you not use cash at the Somerset ticket booth?
  7. You know it's bad when the kids on YouTube are giving more detailed coverage to games than the national press. Fair enjoyed watching the vlogs from Saturday.
  8. It looked a great result at the time but a poor one now. It's strange to say it but McKenzie coming in to the side has transformed us.
  9. Every team at this level relies on one or two star men. Arbroath stumbled without Nouble, Thistle aren't great when Brian Graham isnt playing, Kilmarnock needed Lafferty to get over the line etc. These guys are the difference between 3 points and a draw.
  10. Should be a cracker, expecting well over 2500 for it. Get your mates along and roar on the boys to another three points!
  11. Watched the vlogs on YouTube, seemed like a great atmosphere in the shed, fair play to the Morten lads.
  12. Watched a bit of the game since the Morton stream was so poor (no fault of theirs, it's not like I'm paying for it) and I thought 2-0 flattered Thistle. Looking forward to the 10th, should be a cracking crowd inside Somerset.
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