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  1. Was Bullen not down playing in a testimonial at Wednesday and it was a former teammate, or possibly a French lad from his under 23s, that knew Bangala and recommended him? That's what I remember of the Vision night. Did they not also have him in at training for a look at him before he signed?
  2. We should know by Tuesday whether or not he'll be staying on. Would like to think he'll be staying and, of course, playing on Tuesday.
  3. 17 goals conceded in 4 games for Cove is some stat. They look totally devoid of any organisation and desire without the ball. Hope the lads enjoy the trip home on the fun bus!
  4. What is the state of the pitch? Well above freezing today in Aberdeen. Seems a bit suspect to me.
  5. I was thinking about the goals this morning and realised we haven't scored a goal from open play since the 17th of December!
  6. Didn't we have a really late call off against Arbroath a few years ago? Possibly due to high winds... What a shit journey home that would be! AccuWeather forecast has some ridiculous wind gusts forecast as well, I doubt this will be on.
  7. Alex Kirk is just so good, I would hate to be a forward and have to get past his big telescopic legs. As has been said already, a very flat atmosphere and performance but a win is a win.
  8. Novak Djokovic is one of the fittest guys in the world and he's a vegan.
  9. Wonder if Bangala will ever see the pitch again for us? I highly doubt it. I'd be disappointed to see Daire leave, he's a better option than JML for sure, lacks the pace but he adds much more to our all round play than Jayden. It all depends whom we bring in this month - sounds like we will need a replacement for Dipo
  10. Kappa would be a touch of class but it'd probably end up being £60 a top for a club of our size. My money is on Joma.
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