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  1. Some very worrying comments on here. Hasn’t been any violence at a Mo game for decades .. so not sure what’s going on. If Raith supporters got jumped it’s out of order and we need to weed out the dicks that did it.
  2. Think this pretty much sums it up. We completely dominated the first half but don’t have anyone up top who is a clinical finisher. Second half was more even. Not too down heartened as we’ll play worse and win this season. Tough game next week and we need to get something out of it.
  3. Well that was 2 hours standing in the pissing rain sandwiched between a 6 hour round trip well spent! As soon as i saw the team I knew we were in trouble. I can see that SP might want to give fringe players a run out. But to make that many .. and to change both centre halves with guys who haven’t played in months looked high risk .. and so it turned out. Well done Bonnyrigg, you played to your strengths and defended for your lives in the last 15 mins. Best of luck in the next round.
  4. By any measure that was a pretty uninspiring game of football. Neither team deserved to win. A positive for us was 3 clean sheets on the bounce. Whoever threw the lighter should have been “dealt with” and then chucked out. Nobody needs/wants arseholes like that letting the rest of us down. As for the floodlight .. nearly shit myself when it blew.
  5. Watch it again in slow motion. Looks to me like it hits him smack in the face. In real time and at the game I admit it looked like a pen.
  6. The run continues[emoji3][emoji3]. Could’ve been 2 down in the first 5 mins but thankfully Danny Denholm had one of those days in front of goal. That said Webby nearly scored in the first 5 and Liam missed a sitter shortly after when 1 on 1 with the keeper. Pretty even after that until Winker robs a player in midfield and Webby rattles it home. Nearly scored again shortly after but Joel scuffed a great chance wide. Second half was like watching us in the promotion season .. solid and hitting on the break. We could’ve had a couple more. Aaron (he’s getting better every game) pulled of a great save to tip one over late on but other than that East Fife huffed and puffed without really threatening much. Thoroughly enjoyed that today .. let’s make it 6 on the bounce against the Bridie munchers next week.
  7. Tommy Campbell .. complete and utter fkkwit .. and we’ve had quite a few over the years.
  8. Nah .. Rusty is your saviour .. [emoji6][emoji6]
  9. Fkk me .. he’s completely lost it .. looks like a man adrift. Can’t say I’m too disappointed after what he did to us ... with the biggest budget we’d had in decades.
  10. If we finish 8th then I’ll be ok with that. Think we’ll be higher than that tho.
  11. Think Liam deserves a lot of credit for turning things around. I was surprised he got a new contract but based upon the last month I was wrong.. I hope he kicks on.
  12. I’ve been puzzled for a very long time why you let Andrew Steeves go. He’s probably the best left back in the league and has been a class act from the moment he arrived at LP.
  13. Strange game. We were well on top for the first 20 mins .. then fell away for the next 50 ... but once they scored we got on the front foot again and (just about) deserved the win (which should have been bigger but for poor final balls). Wouldn’t have grudged Stranraer .. who played some neat stuff when not humping ball the length of the park .. a point. They do look pretty toothless though. Didn’t think we were at our best today and one or two were a bit off the pace but still ground out the win. Cammy deserved MotM but for me Dillo came a close second. Some cracking passes and last ditch defending.
  14. Well done to the boys today. I was getting worried but it looks like the corner has been turned with the last 3 results. Onwards and upwards!
  15. That’s your man .. Christ knows why we signed him. SP must have seen something in him but he’s the only guy I’ve seen who retracts his neck when he jumps . starts out 6’ 4” jumps a foot and still ends up 6’ 2” off the ground. I really hope I’m wrong but I fear he’s a dud.
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