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  1. With one of our best players gone, Gardyne injured, players playing out of position, no fit goalkeeper and zero signings … think you’ll win this comfortably.
  2. I agree he has talent and last season he added work rate to his game. I fear he’s reverting to the Lewis of old … floating about the park doing not very much other than the odd flash of quality. In his defence, he seems to get moved here there and everywhere, which can’t be easy for him.
  3. Just watched the first half of the Stenny game … and what an abysmal performance it’s been. Midfield is utterly guff. No energy and no guile. Winker shouldn’t be anywhere near the team .. his first 3 fouls were all yellow cards .. could’ve/should’ve been sent off after 5 mins. He’s slower than a wet weekend in Brechin. Likewise, Callaghan and Milne are just passengers. Rennie is finished and Brown contributes nothing. I hope SP has a cunning plan up his sleeve because as things stand we’ll be staring a relegation battle in the face.
  4. I suspect what we have signed up is what we’ve got .. other than loans. That’s ok for GK as Annie is solid .. right back is a big hole as Webby ain’t Les Barr. Midfield is grim .. Tez,Winker and Whatley will get get ground down .. as for up top ..CJ seems to be getting more savvy but who else is going to score
  5. What’s the story with complete lack of signing activity this summer and the absence of any trialists? Is this a cunning plan or are we fekked?
  6. I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high re Keatings. He was permacrocked in his time with us … similar story for his time at Raith. When he did play he looked lazy and everything he did was half hearted. Scored once for us.
  7. Defence looked like it was still suffering from a post Airdrie hangover .. CJ took his goals well … Kerr got an hour in his legs and Martin 20 mins .. we need a right back. Other than that nothing much to take from the game.
  8. I fear you may be right. Not a fan of pink strips .. they’re simply boufin. Would rather have a new goalie, right back, centre forward and a couple midfielders.
  9. Whoever advised Cammy to sign for Airdrie should be shot . No idea how much more they’re paying him .. hopefully for his sake its a lot. He should be a level above. He’ll always be welcomed back at LP.
  10. Cammy is the best RB in L1 by a mile and you’ve landed a gem .. he should be a level above. He’ll always be a Mo legend. Hope you lot get relegated.
  11. Not sure but Fleming and Watson definitely are and I doubt they’ll get new contracts. I think Dillon’s contract is up but he isn’t likely to be going anywhere. Ballantyne is out as well … he might well move on but he isn’t going to go to you.
  12. Crawford was in the Mo end at yesterday’s game. Maybe looking at some of the out of contract Mo players?
  13. The Mo always seem to come up with different ways of fkkn up playoffs but today was spectacular. Cruising it at half time .. at 3-1 we should’ve seen it out but gave away a pathetic gift straight away. From then on there was only one winner and Airdrie deserved to win overall. We bottled it. SP made some bad decisions today .. which is not like him. He got overly defensive and it cost us. Airdrie deserve to go up but I have feeling that QP will bore their way to the Championship. If it happens I’ll piss myself laughing at the fat and very angry arseholes sitting very close to our support. They really need to eat some salad.
  14. Not a surprising result given our lineup. Rossco and Winker as centre backs was hilarious and ended as you’d expect. Thought young Baxter did well in the second half .. kept going and unlucky not to score. Tuesday will see a completely different team but unless Aiden is back I fear we are going to struggle big time. Also good to see Martin get some time on the park .. maybe set a record … 2 appearances in the first and last games of the regular season.
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