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  1. Not sure but Fleming and Watson definitely are and I doubt they’ll get new contracts. I think Dillon’s contract is up but he isn’t likely to be going anywhere. Ballantyne is out as well … he might well move on but he isn’t going to go to you.
  2. Crawford was in the Mo end at yesterday’s game. Maybe looking at some of the out of contract Mo players?
  3. The Mo always seem to come up with different ways of fkkn up playoffs but today was spectacular. Cruising it at half time .. at 3-1 we should’ve seen it out but gave away a pathetic gift straight away. From then on there was only one winner and Airdrie deserved to win overall. We bottled it. SP made some bad decisions today .. which is not like him. He got overly defensive and it cost us. Airdrie deserve to go up but I have feeling that QP will bore their way to the Championship. If it happens I’ll piss myself laughing at the fat and very angry arseholes sitting very close to our support. They really need to eat some salad.
  4. Not a surprising result given our lineup. Rossco and Winker as centre backs was hilarious and ended as you’d expect. Thought young Baxter did well in the second half .. kept going and unlucky not to score. Tuesday will see a completely different team but unless Aiden is back I fear we are going to struggle big time. Also good to see Martin get some time on the park .. maybe set a record … 2 appearances in the first and last games of the regular season.
  5. We’ve been grim since Xmas but that first half took the biscuit. The midfield was completely overrun and the whole team looked confused about what they were doing .. 2-1 at halftime was fair. Second half was largely one way traffic but we continue to want to walk the ball into the net and the chances we missed were laughable .. the last one was especially hilarious. The only positive I could take from today was getting Webby back after a couple of months out. The playoffs look a bridge too far for us at the moment but hey ho .. you never know. Last thing .. the middle aged Clyde supporter with the glasses and one crutch who decided to goad Hamish after the second goal should be ashamed of himself. What an utterly pathetic arsehole he is.
  6. Suspect SP will tinker with the lineup on Saturday to protect those nearing suspension and those with any little niggles. I don’t think it will be wholesale though as we need to get into some kind of form sooner rather than later.
  7. Ooft … that guy is utterly deluded. We scored with our “first attempt in the first half” and our “first in the second” .. aye right
  8. Wow that was eye opening! We were no more than adequate but Falkirk were even worse then I was expecting. Only Kabila looked like he could be half arsed and he gave up at halftime. Griffith must be most expensive corner kick taker in history
  9. Let’s not bother. … you’re pish and we’ve been pish since Xmas.
  10. What’s happened to the team since Xmas? We seem to have completely lost our way on the pitch with a series of grim performances and we now have the worst disciplinary record in the league. No way we’re going to mount any type of a challenge in the playoffs unless things pick up big time.
  11. We are utterly brutal at the moment and deserved nothing from that today. No energy, the passing was awful (even accounting for the pitch), far too slow in everything we did. No idea why we switched the back 4 the way we did when Matty went off .. when our best centre half was sitting on the bench. If he isn’t fit he shouldn’t be there. The starting lineup was strange too .. Milne isn’t a winger, Cameron isn’t a centre forward. The back 4 and Seagull get pass marks .. the rest were miles off it. As for Gardyne …. he flatters to deceive big time and since he came in we’ve been awful from a playing and disciplinary perspective. Are the two things connected?
  12. Better side won. Cove’s “professional” approach in the second half was hilarious .. helped by a gullible ref. Booking Terry after having given the foul to Montrose was my favourite. Why does Logan run around with his shorts tucked into a nappy lookalike? I quite like his “couldn’t give a fkk” attitude but that look is simply weird. His 5 min argument with Vigurs in the first half was also a bit strange.
  13. You really really don’t want Robertson as manager. He was one of our worst .. and we’ve had more than our fair share
  14. Yip .. sadly that pretty much sums him up. There could be a player in there somewhere but .. he can’t head the ball .. he can’t control it .. he can’t hold it in .. he doesn’t run the channels … and he’s as lazy as a very very lazy thing. His effort .. or lack of it .. in the last 10 mins was mind blowing. Bizarrely, he seems have got less mobile/fit the more he’s played.
  15. Well that was daylight robbery. Told you earlier in the thread that we’ve been grim for weeks .. today was just a continuation of that form. From where I was sitting it looked like your keeper made an absolute arse of it for the goal … but to be frank I couldn’t figure out how the ball ended up in the net. As for the tall striker … nah it’s alright .. he’s reverted to the lazy shitebag that arrived at LP. Utterly useless.
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