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  1. Seemingly we were allowed 350 last Saturday .. only 250’ish turned up.
  2. Was nothing more than a pre season friendly. Mo strolled it but the Brora side looked full of teenagers. Mention to the ref who managed the game well, talked to the players throughout and engaged with a bit of banter with the crowd. Makes a pleasant change from the overly officious twats we often get.
  3. Bit of a non event at LP today. Mo the far better side but looked like Brora put out a scratch side so hard to draw any meaningful conclusions .. other than it was good run out in the sun.
  4. I’d have been ok with McLean staying but not gutted that he’s decided to go elsewhere. For large parts he was utterly useless .. in small parts a clinical finisher. Overall, my take is that he thinks he’s much better than he actually is. However, we do need to find a centre forward. Hopefully, SP has one in mind because as it stands I don’t see CJ as the answer.
  5. Martin is an enigma wrapped up in a conundrum .. I know that’s bollocks but .. he has talent and a cracking left foot .. but he’s been awful since he returned and was poor prior to his move to Ireland. Don’t forget he couldn’t get a game for us at that point. Unless there’s something going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about I’m struggling to understand why he’s still on the books. Rusty is a lazy so and so .. possibly because at 10 foot tall he didn’t have to do much to score when he was a kid. That said, his goals to attempts ratio is impressive and is why Morton are looking at him, I assume. If he could motivate himself enough to start dishing it out to centre halves .. he’s way too soft for a centre forward ... he’d be every bit as good as Lyndon Dykes. So, if I had to choose between the two right now I’d go for Rusty. Ideally, both stay and Martin rediscovers his mojo.
  6. What’s the story with Cammy and Rusty? Have they got other offers on the table?
  7. Retaining both keepers seems a strange decision to me as neither has inspired much confidence over the season. Hopefully, SP has a cunning plan. I assume Cammy and Rusty must have other offers under consideration which raises the concern that one or both may well end up leaving. Not sure how I feel about who we’ve got signed up other than we desperately need a bit of extra pace and nous up top.
  8. And .. on a purely footballing level .. 4 of the team that played in those games against Brora are still first team regulars .. including our current top goal scorer. Just goes to show what a decent manager can do.
  9. When you put it like that ... it’s been a remarkable period of time.
  10. Thought we thoroughly deserved the win. Very poor in the first half .. barely strung 3 passes together, which is unusual. Got the feeling we gave Morton too much respect and they looked a bit sharper without really creating anything. SP must’ve got into them at halftime because it was pretty much one way traffic in the second half. I was surprised how poor Morton were. Both Airdrie and Cove are much better sides. That said, we’ve been here before and ran into Stephen Dobbie ... so still a long way to go.
  11. Jesus .. came on here to post about the game .. don’t think I’ll bother.
  12. Clyde were a big team in the 60’s .. over time they dropped down the leagues .. thought they were a big team and dismissed the demotions as a bit of a blip. Moved to a ground they didn’t own .. suddenly discovered that they were not as big a team as they thought .. even managed to lose 8-1 to a seaside league team.
  13. Entitlement = thinking you deserve better than that which you currently have. I agree with you .. with a half decent manager you should have been promoted last season and possibly this. Of course you’re entitled to vent your frustration at your management team. That’s completely different from the sense of entitlement/superiority that a vocal section of your support seems to have when it comes to the rest of this league.
  14. Fair play ..the seaside league thing is a good wind up. I’m happy to be avoiding Club 42 again.
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