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  1. Pretty much. In simple terms .. East Fife play Airdrie in their last game so one or the other will drop points. If Airdrie win they move to 29 .. if Fife win their other they move to 27 (with a 6 goal deficit on us). If Fife beat Airdrie then Airdrie finish on 26. One win for us and we go to 27.
  2. So after tonight’s results it boils down to one win from the next two games gets us in the top five. If not .. we could still get relegated (albeit unlikely).
  3. Yet another Lennox fkk up. Time for him to be punted. Suspect that may just have cost us a top 5 spot.
  4. Have the feeling that Saturday is a must win for us. Anything else will leave us wide open to ending up 6th. Too many draws in the last 6 games has cost us big time. Been poor v Clyde, Fraserburgh and last night. That said we usually end seasons well.
  5. Well that was eye bleedingly bad. Could’ve/should’ve scored a couple in the second half but truth be told 0-0 was what that game deserved. A lot of draws across the 2 lowest leagues tonight ... maybe a sign that everyone is a bit knackered?
  6. A Mo win pretty much (barring Dumbarton and Forfar winning their remaining games pre split and us losing them all) guarantees us League 1 survival and first job done. Then we can think about securing a play off spot .. or better!
  7. I liked the commentary ... couthie, fair and hilarious in equal measure.
  8. You just know it’s going to be an Angus derby
  9. Not close to being at our best today but managed to get the job done. Much better outcome than the last time we met .. I’m still drying out from that afternoon. Fair play to the Broch who were the better side for large parts of the first half. Not sure why their penalty was given and the one we had two minutes later wasn’t .. looked identical. Second half we got things under control and other than a 5 minute flurry of corners we were pretty much in control. Looked like the lack of game time caught up with them. The front 2 who caused us loads of problems looked fkkd after an hour. Liked the look of their right back got up and down the pitch and caused problems throughout the game. Cracking finishes from Mochrie and Rusty. Pity about Kerr limping off but luckily Aiden is every bit as good. Onwards we go.
  10. Camera has been fine for me .. apart from right at the start. Decent performance from us so far .. night and day compared to Saturday .. but a long way to go. Hope Fife keep humping it long .. Waddell and Quinn will win those all night long.
  11. Don’t get too excited. Nairn were utter guff ... the first half was the most one sided game I’ve ever seen ... not entirely their fault given the HL is in abeyance .. 7 was flattering to them. If we had a clinical finisher it would’ve been double figures.
  12. Fkk me .. that was brutal. A bunch of half decent players with a sprinkling of decent ones playing a system they’ve never played and guess what?
  13. Believe me when I tell you that Montrose under Robertson were brutal! He hasn’t got a clue. Most memorably he signed 4 new players the night before a Scottish Cup tie at Deveronvale and put them all straight in the side. We went 2-0 up ... had a player sent off in the first half ... a second in the second ... and conceded 3 in the last minutes to lose. 3 of the new signings were never seen again.
  14. Can’t see our season restarting and it being declared null and void. Frustrating as that would be it’s probably the right outcome given where we are and where we’re headed (Devi Sridhar suggesting today that the current lockdown may have to last for 12 weeks). Whether the top 2 leagues will continue much longer is anyone’s guess but there will be a lot of pressure from the obvious clubs to play enough games to “call” those leagues.
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