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  1. Montrose v Airdrie onions

    This is pathetic. No one from montrose and the NE of Scotland would have a clue about this song and what it purports to mean. So please take your central belt bigotry and put it in the sea.
  2. Montrose v Airdrie onions

    Thought we looked nervous for the first 15 mins .. I know I was! After that we took control and probably should’ve been comfortably ahead by halftime.. some poor finishing and good goalkeeping keeping us out. The penalty was very welcome .. looked a stonewaller and the lack of protests from the Airdrie bench suggested the same. Second half we were in control but lacked a killer instinct and I thought we were destined to concede a last minute equaliser. As it turned out the last minute goal went in but we’d nicked a second earlier. It’s been an amazing 12 months watching the Mo. As someone who’s been a regular for 50 years it’s been a lot of downs with the occasional ups to keep you coming back .. from the pits of despair at Brora to the tears and joy of the last day of last season .. and possibly the championship playoffs .. it’s been a helluva journey. On paper we’re not good enough to go up but this team constantly defies the odds .. so who knows. Whatever happens ... thanks to SP and the whole team .. backroom and on the pitch for what has been an unforgettable couple of seasons.
  3. Fife vs Mo - 4th Place Fracas

    Who knows where that starting line up came from. Looking at the team sheet I really had the fear .. Webby at fullback?.. Ryan at centre half? Dillo missing his first game in 2 seasons? Remarkably it worked. We were by far the better side. It looked like East Fife were even more confused by the line up than us. In truth, if it had been 3 or 4 nil it wouldn’t have been undeserved. The wind was a big factor but we harnessed it much better. Loved the “we are staying up” at the end. That was our objective at the start of the season. Anything else is a bonus. SP and his team deserve a huge amount of credit for what they’ve done. This is a team that’s poorer (on paper) than the one that won the league last year. Christ knows how they’ve done it .. but I’m loving it.
  4. Boycott

    I think you’re spot on. I was “fortunate” enough to be invited to the VIP lounge/seating area for a recent SC semi-final. The lounge was full of the “great and the good” of Scottish football (aka top level hangers-on) and SFA blazers. Two things struck me ..the incredible level of cronyism on display and how amazingly amateurish the whole operation was. Everyone was patting each other on the back whilst knocking back copious amounts of booze and filling their faces. Nothing wrong with that if you’ve paid your dues but it was pretty obvious that many (most?) of the attendees didn’t fall into that category. At one point Alan McRae stood up to make a speech. It was possibly the worst I’ve ever heard. A rambling, incoherent load of waffle .. he even had to be reminded to thank the sponsor ... it was beyond embarrassing and was something that you would’ve cringed at hearing at the local bowling club. If that was any indication of the level of incompetence and self-interest at play in the SFA then you can forget about ever qualifying for a tournament again. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.
  5. Mo v Stenny

    I thought we were by far the better side in the first half and should have been comfortable by half time. Two attempts cleared off the line and a few more chances not taken meant the second half was always going to be nervy. Will be interesting to see the highlights of the penalty incident. It was a stonewaller but ruled out for offside. Impossible to tell from where I was if it was or not. Second half Stenny took control .. I suspect a lot of that was down to nerves on our part .. caused by the recent bad run. Players seemed to dither and were uncertain about what they were trying to. We were lucky to stay ahead and the second goal was met with a huge roar of relief! The Seagull deserved his MoM award for two cracking saves .. the first was very good .. but I thought Rossco was our best outfield player. Bullied the two centre halves and never gave them any easy header all game.
  6. Brechin v Mo

    Game is off
  7. Not angry at all. The early .. totally avoidable .. penalty completely fkkd up the game plan. After that we competed ok. You got a second out of nothing and then your keeper made a cracking save to keep it 2-0. Second half you could’ve scored a few more. Third goal was another fkk up .. steeves should’ve booted it out of the ground instead of putting it on a plate. The fourth was a pure fluke. That said you were well worth the win on the day. As for the ref, Roncone is totally clueless .. the lead up to the Nisbet chance in the second half being a classic example. Hey ho we move on .. for us staying up is success this season. As for Raith, you’ve got a slick front line but whether that’s enough to get you up via the playoffs i have my doubts.
  8. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    From a Mo perspective Easton was the only Forfar player who caused us any problems up top. That said, I can see why he splits opinions. Nothing much seems to come from his efforts and by Christ he loves a dive/whinge. My impression is that he’s a luxury player that would look great in a good team .. a bit like McKay-Steven.
  9. Montrose v Forfar

    What a difference a week makes. SP got the team selection spot on this time. Put three battlers into the middle of the park with a target man up top with CJ to get behind the back four. Forfar looked good for the first 15mins but after we scored (a howler of a mistake from the Forfar defender .. but it still had to be put away .. and CJ missed arguably an easier 1 on 1 in the last game at Forfar) they looked pretty clueless upfront. I particularly enjoyed the last 10 mins of the first half where we sat back and said “go on break us down” .. they couldn’t. Second half we were by far the better side .. adopting the same approach and could’ve been one or two further ahead before the penalty. As for the “anti-football” pish from some of the Forfar folks. Precisely what do you expect from an opponent? Make it easy for you? No, we don’t play that way every week but SP clearly set out a game plan today and Forfar were second best as a result.
  10. Stenny v Mo

    A very fair summary of what happened today. Think we went into the game trying not to lose and ultimately paid the price. Hopefully, a lesson learned for us. Cook’s tackle was horrendous and a red all day long. Stenny look much more resilient than in previous meetings. If they can grind out some more results they might be able to escape the drop. As for us, maybe just do what we’re good at and stop overthinking the tactics. Win 5-2 and then completely change the front line?
  11. As a complete neutral on this I thought Rangers were by far the better side in the first half. Both penalties were spot on. Both sendings off were probably right. Although if I got someone deliberately stamping on my balls I’d kick out as well. The McGregor kick at Ferguson was a penalty all day long and probably a red card as well.
  12. Montrose v Brechin

    Believe me I’ve seen much worse [emoji15][emoji15]
  13. Montrose v Brechin

    In his defence he did see the best of it .. if you’re a Brechin supporter .. probably better in the pub than watching what followed. Was possibly the slowest pitch invasion in history
  14. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    He’s been a bit up and down. Couldn’t get in the side in the first quarter. Played well for a few weeks in Nov/Dec when we went with 3 upfront but got hooked at halftime on Saturday. The boy has potential and a good turn of pace. Very much a work in progress. Which I guess is why he’s staying around for the rest of the season.
  15. Montrose v Annan (a drama in two acts)

    For fkks sake .. only Montrose