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  1. Annan Athletic v Queen's Park

    Smart was so great your manager took him off half way through the 2nd half.you talk about rose tinted specs.you should read your post back to yourself
  2. Annan Athletic v Queen's Park

    The reason i have stopped posted in here is every time i log on i keep getting congrats you have won an iphone x,post your details and recieve a phone bullshit.onto the game,the ref was mince and gave us nothing,i hope the queens park bus dropped him off at his door,its the least he deserves for his efforts today.smart was guff and if you queens fans think he had a good game you are in serious bother this season.we have a good side this season and would be very disappointed if we didnt make the playoffs
  3. Cowdenbeath v Annan

    Any highlights of the game?
  4. Annan Athletic summer 2018

    Max wright has signed for annan again.another goalie is a must,young minto wont do.
  5. Annan Athletic summer 2018

    Was at linlithgow today.we played not bad,certainly didnt disgrace ourselfs.ross ferguson has signed but nothing official yet.came on as a sub in the second half.we have some decent strikers this season.
  6. League Cup 2018/19 Group F

    I think the players will be wearing the new kit on saturday
  7. Annan 4-0 Berwick

    If we play like that all season we will be very hard to beat and have a real chance of making the playoffs.murphy has made some really good additions to the squad.a couple more players and we have the makings of a squad that could easily make the playoffs.
  8. Annan Athletic summer 2018

    Both played well but hooper motm for me.also heard that coleman wont be playing for annan this season.dont know whats happened there.heard ex qots ross ferguson is being considered to take his place which in my opinion is a far better signing than coleman
  9. League Cup 2018/19 Group F

    Annan Athletic > Hamilton Accies...again
  10. Annan Athletic summer 2018

    Annan make tony wallace their 5th new signing of the summer.
  11. Annan Athletic summer 2018

    Tommy muir signed today.and yes,hes scottish.
  12. Annan Athletic summer 2018

    Cant decide if you’re serious or a hint of sarcasm in this post ha
  13. Annan Athletic summer 2018

    So it would seem.was a bit daft what he said considering we live so close to the border and have a number of non scots in the squad.i would like annan to look south of the border more often for possible hidden gems.it can be hard to compete with teams in the central belt so naturally going south makes sense for annan.
  14. Annan Athletic summer 2018

    Annan sign martyn coleman from penrith.personally i liked the look of tommy muir in the friendly games that he played.could do with signing another striker considering coleman is only our 2nd striker in the squad.
  15. Annan Athletic summer 2018

    Whats he said?been on twitter and cant find the tweet.