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  1. That was a fair result today.both teams had chances and a draw was probably fair.watched 90% of games this season and we arent great. Average season ahead i think
  2. Very interesting statement from peter murphy about the penalty....
  3. Im not saying it wasnt a penalty as i didnt have a great view of it but there wasnt a big shout from the home fans when it happened.was it a pen?
  4. Looking forward to the matches.we are due a win against clyde this season.
  5. Annan were the better side over the two legs and can see why stenny finished where they did with nothing to offer up front.Swinglehurst for me was the best man on the park today.all the best for next season stenny,hopefully we wont be seeing you.
  6. Smart was so great your manager took him off half way through the 2nd half.you talk about rose tinted specs.you should read your post back to yourself
  7. The reason i have stopped posted in here is every time i log on i keep getting congrats you have won an iphone x,post your details and recieve a phone bullshit.onto the game,the ref was mince and gave us nothing,i hope the queens park bus dropped him off at his door,its the least he deserves for his efforts today.smart was guff and if you queens fans think he had a good game you are in serious bother this season.we have a good side this season and would be very disappointed if we didnt make the playoffs
  8. Max wright has signed for annan again.another goalie is a must,young minto wont do.
  9. Was at linlithgow today.we played not bad,certainly didnt disgrace ourselfs.ross ferguson has signed but nothing official yet.came on as a sub in the second half.we have some decent strikers this season.
  10. If we play like that all season we will be very hard to beat and have a real chance of making the playoffs.murphy has made some really good additions to the squad.a couple more players and we have the makings of a squad that could easily make the playoffs.
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