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  1. I removed mine with a hairdryer. Heat it up a bit and it just peels off. Takes a couple of minutes. Works perfectly. You do feel a bit strange out on the drive blow drying the rear window of your car though.
  2. Hilarious to hear tonight that some folk aren't coming back due to this appointment. Seriously get a grip.
  3. Cant comment on the first 15 mins of the game as we were still stuck outside despite being in the queue before kickoff. Only 2 turnstiles open was ridiculous. The rest of the game left me wishing I'd remained outside for the duration. Or back in a Stockbridge pub. Awful game. Even when we were 2 up I thought it was poor. Possibly the worst I've seen us play this season. On a par with the Falkirk defeat anyway. Didnt like the ground at all. Flat terracing behind the one goal we were allowed to stand behind. I believe EC are here for another couple of years. I'm sure Meadowbank will be a huge improvement once finished. Hopefully we meet up again as a good day out in Edinburgh but not at Ainslie Park.
  4. You're all I've thought about for the last x amount of years. Even when we were pumping Raith Rovers and Dumbarton in last seasons playoffs. How you been doing recently? Any playoff wins? Any wins?
  5. Stirling Albion. Just a shite team that were once considered almost relevant to a far superior Alloa. They were once upon a time one would say a rival. Not been for a very long time. Just replying to make the point.
  6. bsd


    7 of us going along to the Skids tonight. 6 are Wasps regulars. You're outnumbered.
  7. No. Was released. Wasnt there last night but from what I saw against Arbroath last week he could have done at least as well as the donkeys we've signed up front this season.
  8. At least all the new signings looked excellant. Oh no wait a minute they were all utter pish, Could see why Cook barely got a game for Stenny. He was rubbish. The fat no.10 who I think was Fleming - looked like he'd just walked out the pub. Renton could barely win a header and when he did it ended up yards wide of goal or nowhere near a team mate. Only when Cook and fatboy were subbed and we brought on the youngsters did we look like creating anything. And please tell me Parry is back soon.
  9. Think you're being overly optimistic there to be honest.
  10. We should be sending our development squad to this one. 2 important league games either side of it. Dont mind the inclusion of non league and even the Welsh and Irish teams in this but who is interested in watching Premier youth teams.
  11. Still better. Plus he is a rookie manager who is bound to make mistakes. Maitland was an established experienced manager who had been managing league teams for 7 years before he came to Alloa.
  12. Not having that. What did he achieve with us? Oh yeah, got us relegated to the the third division. Which in a way was his most usefull contribution as it got him kicked out and Hartley came in. Oh aye we also had our massive bottling of the the 2nd division title under him. Nearly forgot that great achievement. Edit - thought I would have a wee look and in his 5 full seasons in charge of us his league record was P180 W66 D42 L72 which I make to be a win record of 36.7%. Pretty shite if you ask me. How many would tolerate a record like this for Goodwin.
  13. Remember a few years ago. Some people would not say a bad word against Maitland despite him being utterly useless because he was best pals with them. Also some need to remember that Jack Ross left us of his own accord. We didnt sack him. What were some supporters expecting when a brand new manager comes in. We were never going to win the league even if JR had stayed the whole season. My only criticism of Goodwin was that he tried to play and manage. Very rarely works. He saw this and rectified it. If we dont make the playoffs next season, in what will be a more difficult league, then fair enough have a go at Goodwin but for now give him a chance.
  14. Goodwin's league record since and including the Hogmanay game is P18 W10 D5 L3. This is pretty much when he stopped playing and concentrated on managing. I'd say that was on the whole if not very good then at least good. Cut the guy some slack. He's just started managing and had Ross's squad. Livvy were streets ahead of us all season. We were never catching them. If he fucks up next season then fair enough but give him a chance.
  15. Yes, he was pish. Swap you for Willis Furtado.
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