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  1. Andy Murray’s wild card confirmed for Indian Wells. Even more exciting is the wild card for Kim Clijsters. Should be a fun tournament. Novak has pulled out, and potentially might not play the rest of the season but he’s expected to return for Paris and the Turin Finals. Looking to clinch a record 7th year end number one. Although Medvedev could thwart him if he goes on a Murray 2016 run.
  2. I think that any time we get scheduled to play Ziggy we should all play Polish Ziggy at the same time
  3. League Encounter GCarlos9 defeats Beef2711 by resignation. I thought the resignation was a bit premature, but I’ll take the win. Cup game still in the balance.
  4. Andy Murray will be on court around 1.30am to face Casper Ruud. Will be on Amazon Prime.
  5. I find it difficult to switch between 960 and normal. I have a board on my desk and have it set up for my 960 match in the cup this week. I struggle to see the game at the start, as your normal patterns of defence and attack are badly skewed. I made a really basic error in my league game that I had to resign. Mainly as I was thinking a space was covered by a bishop, and it was the normal set up so it wasn’t. I just didn’t see the move as I thought there was no danger. My fastest ever defeat
  6. Kei Nishikori withdrew so he played a Lucky Loser (Denis Kudla) and won it two easy sets. He now faces number two seed (Casper Ruud more a clay specialist) in the next round. In the most unexpected Wild Card news Emma Raducanu gets a wild card for Indian Wells. She would have needed to go through qualifying, as she was out with the ranking required for main draw when the cut off for entry was made.
  7. I resigned from my match with Craigkillie. Proper Ross County style defending.
  8. I assume moves 31, 32 and 33 you were looking for a draw by repetition? I felt by the time I had offered the Queen sacrifice I had seized control of the middle of the board and was in a better position, so wasn't going to accept the draw. I was in such a bad position at the start as you developed your pieces chasing my horse around. Good game and good luck for the rest of the season.
  9. Superman's Granda is it not? Wallis Day happens to be Superman's potential granny and she's Batwoman.
  10. I have watched all nine episodes of Visions and thoroughly enjoyed the series. Obviously a couple of the cartoons were utter guff, but the differing styles of animation and stories were extremely different. Episodes 1, 7 and 9 were my favourites but there was something for everyone in them.
  11. After another match of not taking his chances, he moves to San Diego where he will face Kei Nishikori in the first round with a second round tie against Casper Ruud if he advances.
  12. You should have played me last week, mistakes all over the shop. It says you had a missed win. I can’t work it out. Extremely good game, Kevin Keegan would be proud of us.
  13. A days rest before the QF. He will face the winner of Pouille Hurkacz. Hurkacz is the number one seed. When his first serve goes in, it’s almost unplayable.
  14. The tweaks he has made to his serve have really helped him. He will hit the serve before and after the ball has reached its peak in the toss. The toss isn't as far forward either. This dropped off at the tail end of the third set when he tired, but with more matches that will improve. San Diego next, then Indian Wells and then back to the scene of his last singles win.
  15. The word moron springs to mind. Our game would have had another 20-30 moves each most likely and I couldn’t be bothered doing all that for a draw anyway. As always good game and it was quite the tactical battle as always.
  16. I am absolutely seething with rage as I made a colossal error to go from a position of strength until needing to play superbly well to get a result. To play as well as I can I need to play with the board for at least an hour a day going through moves (probably more against the more experienced players). I think I’m at the stage where I’m chessed out. And then I can f**k it all by not paying attention
  17. The story is already there to have a total reboot. The original Matrix film, the matrix in that was the sixth or seventh generation. So a total reboot wouldn’t be out of sync with the originals. Certainly looks good from the trailer. Neo munching all the blue pills intrigued me the most. Sick and fed up of the real world, so gorges on the blue pills?
  18. Murray got drop shorted to death in the first set 6-2 and has pulled it back 6-4. Safiullin has now left court for a toilet break I have never seen this Russian play before I don’t think, but his drop shots are absolutely immense. Not the spectacular Paire reverse bouncing ones, but well executed. Good high quality match.
  19. That’s now confirmed that Murray will play the Metz Open next week. I suspect he will then travel to America and play a 250 event before Indian Wells. Will need a wild card for Indian Wells. Emma Radacanu wasn’t in the top 108 when the cut off for entry was needed. If they give her a wild card she will be seeded
  20. Murray wins 6-3 6-1. Will play next round on Wednesday.
  21. The rankings mean nothing currently due to the rules protecting players during COVID. Bencic and Sakarri would be top 10 without. As sad as Andrescu’s career has been since beating Serena two years ago, she only dropped those points on Monday. She’s been top ten throughout COVID despite rarely playing due to injury. She was where Emma is now, so hopefully nothing like that happens to her. She will be offered lots of money to play all the Chinese tournaments next year, plus she’ll be able to do post match interviews etc in mandarin. Anyway back to the grind of challenger circuit for the second most popular British player. Currently a set and a break up against Yannik Maden. Possible QF against Gasquet and SF against Gilles Simon if he makes it that far.
  22. News filters through to the Rafa and Roger camps:
  23. Novak Djokovic makes history, he beats Andy Murray to a sixth loss in a final of the same Slam. Was previously tied, now has this unique history all to himself. Legend.
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