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  1. Cup Match GCarlos9 defeats paakman01 by resignation.
  2. From a set and a break up Basilashvili errored all over the court to get Norrie back in the match. Norrie closes it out 6-1 24 unforced errors in that last set. Great win and he’s very likely to make the year end finals in Turin.
  3. It went as scripted for the first four games of the set. Norrie a break up and looking good, and then Basilashvili did to Norrie that he famously did at Wimbledon to Murray, reeled off consecutive games to win the set. Basilashvili is absolutely crushing Norrie with power currently.
  4. Schalk, Boyce and I’d take anyone back in exchange for MalKKKy.
  5. Getting through Aberdeen can be a nightmare but when you’re going to a football match you miss the really busy traffic times. The bypass will help with that. Going through Nairn and Elgin can be time consuming, and depending on what traffic is on the road your journey can vary by anything up to an hour or more. Although last time I did that trip was in 2008 when County were about to win the Second Division Championship with Brechin chasing the playoffs.
  6. Why’s it a disgrace? Anytime we have gone to Brechin we’ve went down the A9 and up to Brechin. It may be a longer route but it will always be quicker. A96 can be a nightmare, even more so if you’re doing it by a bus.
  7. what fucking clown said that? That’s aged very well. Our identity is now of an absolute bunch of jobbers playing for a racist. There is no “soul”. The “soul” of the club has always been the fans and the community, but you ripped that away with the appointment of a known racist. County are getting what they deserve.
  8. Norrie was absolutely superb, his forehand was on fire. Dimitrov looked like he was physically spent. Norrie will win the title tomorrow as Fritz or Basilashvili won’t stop him. Murray and Norrie are going to destroy Team England in Aberdeen. Is anyone going?
  9. You can get a book on the first 100 years of the Highland League that have information on the seasons, although they only have the finished tables. it’s known as the Highland Hundred but officially called “The History of the Highland Football League 1893-1993”. Ends with Elgin being stripped of their title
  10. I don’t study openings so I’m probably the weakest player in the league at opening. Even in divisions B and C I’d find myself behind in matches before developing my pieces to stretch opponents in the middle of the match. I guess if it’s not an orthodox opening I may get an advantage, as my opponent won’t be able to accurately guess what my next moves could be. Stuff to develop for next season. Unless of course I do a millwall and get relegated.
  11. He’s drawn to play Frances Tiafoe in the First Round, and then second seed Diego Schwarzman if he progresses. His points from 2019 finally dropped so he’s now about 170 in the world. Not sure on his schedule for the rest of the season but I’d imagine he would look to play the 500 and then the Paris Masters. He’s stated that he wouldn’t be playing in the Davis Cup, he did say he thought he wouldn’t be selected anyway as Evans and Norrie deserve it.
  12. Comes through in the end 6-2. Really superb result for him, best result since beating Zverev last year. Some really good variety from Murray, with an underarm serve, serve and volley on match point. Alcaraz had some lovely shots and can hit a drop shot sublimely. His power from a short swing is impressive. Brooksby and Zverev are going to a final set, and Murray will have chances against both.
  13. Women’s tennis is incredibly different to men’s in that there is a lot more variety in the types of playing styles. So absolutely agree with you there. Until you encounter these players you don’t know how to counter them. Five weeks ago it would have been a loss you would have expected. But one dream run later and there is a certain burden of expectation when she plays. Murray should be playing Alcaraz tonight about 8.30pm. Alcaraz is the favourite but quite fancy Murray to get it done and move into the Third Round. The winner will play the winner of Brooksby Zverev.
  14. it would have been a long journey home via Lock Ness for the Fort William boys.
  15. What an absolute tin pot club we have become. Our statement on the whole situation just looks incredibly fucking dumb. How can Ross County properly punish a person for racism, when they have a known racist managing them? And that known racist hasn’t done anything in the last week to show why he’s a changed man?
  16. Good to see Fort William beating Clack currently. Fucking Clack. Deserves to lose the trophy in that pronunciation alone.
  17. Madwullie Cup GCarlos9 defeats Beef2711 by resignation. The game turned on a blunder by Beef to take a pawn. I thought it was some elaborate ploy that I couldn't see so chased hois king around offering the trade of pieces, I then took the Rook that he moved in error. @Trogdor @eindhovendee are you guys ready for the league games?
  18. Murray has been drawn to face Mannarino in the First Round and meets Carlos Alcarez in the second if he gets through that. Likely to face Zverev in third round. Will be interesting to see how he does. He’s been working on his forehand, which should give him more first serve points. It looks like he will be gradually changing his game to finish more points at the net. First serve, forehand, volley, point won.
  19. @Trogdor @eindhovendee I will leave up to you guys to invite me when you are ready. I see you are both behind it the league games. I am still playing my Cup game with Beef2711 anyway.
  20. As much I don’t want to detract from your point, MalKKKy was never convicted of anything. The FA did not have rules at the time that covered private communications on private devices. So he did not receive an FA punishment. This would have been an ideal opportunity for MalKKKy to show he was a reformed character, but sadly he fails once again. County have been an utter PR disaster this past six months. You would think we can’t sink any deeper, but we do.
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