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  1. 19 hours ago, Frank Grimes said:

    Sorry for the radio silence lads, it’s been a mad week or so

    Have you commenced the play off?

    And has the other semi been complete

    New season will kick off in 2022 :) 

    No. It’s still on going.  If you do the draw now though we can go straight to the final, once a victor emerges.   Currently on move 37 and I’m chasing him about trying not to give away a draw 😂

  2. Nah sadly not, PlayStation already said tough you downloaded and played it.  Still waiting on their response to my further request stating I wanted a refund due to the game being faulty.

    But I guess now it’s fixed they won’t reply.

  3. On 28/11/2021 at 19:55, peasy23 said:
    On 28/11/2021 at 19:49, Left Back said:
    Evans won yesterday morning.

    Misread the scores. Any idea when we last played without Andy or Jamie in the team?

    It would be at the start of Leon Smith’s reign,  Andy stated that he would only play if GB were in the World Group, and Jamie’s double ranking had fallen dramatically.

    The unlikely 3-2 comeback victory against Russia in 2013 had neither.  Murray then returned for the World Group playoff before getting his back surgery.

  4. I think a lot of Zverev’s problems with the second serve was a change in trying to hit two first serves.  He’s now at a point where he finds himself in a service rhythm and he just fires out two first serves constantly.  His plus one shot after the serve is as good as anyones, he can lace it with forehand or backhand.  I don’t think he adapts to conditions or change in strategies, so I think a cleverer player will give him trouble.  But with his service so damn good now, there will be less opportunity.  That Turin court was so fast.

    Casper Ruud is a good player but he is largely there as he went through the clay court tournaments post Wimbledon and won four in four weeks.

    Tennis starts again for Murray on December 16th as he is playing in The Middle East.  QF against Thiem, winner plays Nadal.  Think it’s Rublev, Ruud and Shapo in the other half.

  5. 3 minutes ago, silver said:

    Sorry but I didnt say that. I have said we have played 2 games without conceding a goal and in those games we have scored 6. I did not say that we have not conceded a goal in the last 2 games. Big difference. As I am sure you are aware keeping clean sheets is a bit of a rarity for us so its a point worth noting

    County have played more than two games without conceding a goal though, so you're still wrong.

  6. 23 hours ago, placidcasual said:

    Managed to order a PS5 digital version. It's probably going to be a bit of a waste right now, there's no games that I'm desperate to play but I'm definitely looking forward to losing the noise from the fan on my PS4. It sounds like a jet engine taking off sometimes.


    Is it easy enough to transfer saved games over from ps4 to ps5? Anything that I should really try? I fancied Cyberpunk when it came out but it seemed like it would be a waste of time on PS4, does it play ok on next gen? I've also got an old original VR headset, might dust it down and see what it's like on the new console.

    If you're a PS+ subscriber you can save all your saved games into the cloud, and then redownload them all on to the ps5.  that's what I did.

  7. I bought it and it’s a disaster.  It crashes constantly and it’s unplayable.  I got to a certain mission and it just dies each time.  I used an older save game and played through to the same mission and it crashes again.

    55 quid on a game that doesn’t even work, at least if I bought a physical copy you could take it back to the shop.  Waiting on both Rockstar and PlayStation store getting back to me.

    I would strongly recommend not buying it at all.

  8. Did anyone buy the remastered trilogy?  An utter waste of money if you’re a ps5 user.  It continually crashes.  And I’m now at the point where I can’t get any further in the game.  

    As soon as I load my save game it crashes, I load my non auto save game and I get to the same level and it crashes.  Anyone ever got a refund from the PSN store?

  9. I think much of yesterdays poorer performance was fatigue, he’s been playing every week since September just about.  Three matches in three days, seemed to catch him out.

    I’m pretty confident that a good off season, and some slight adjustments to serve and forehand and he will be able to   Climb the rankings.  He has no points to defend until June.  Top 20 isn’t beyond him as long as he stays healthy.

    Australia could be a funny Slam as only double vaccinated players will get a VISA.  If they aren’t vaccinated now, they will be running out of time to receive the second dose before flying out.


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