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  1. Sounds like a wee superstar to me. What’s his name?
  2. Getting a diagnosis at times can be very difficult as they would score you on three things - social interaction, social communication and repetitive behaviours. Some children will score highly in two of them but not the third. It was especially difficult for girls to be diagnosed as the tests were designed by men for men, and men generally had a higher level of systemisation in their behaviours, so girls performed poorly in those tests. At one point the diagnosis was about one in eight being girls but as the testing has improved it's about one in four now. At placement in a Primary School there was one little boy that was uninterested in pretty much everything the teacher tried to do. He was miles behind in his mathematics and I was given him as a project. But it turned out he was an obsessed Aberdeen fan. If you made any maths problem about Aberdeen he would solve it almost instantly. But if you asked him the same question without the Aberdeen narrative he'd look out the window and disengage. As others have said each individual will be unique, and if you can find some online tests you might be surprised at how highly you score in some metrics. It certainly isn't anywhere as bad as it was even twenty years ago, and every day more is being learned about it. Good luck. P.S Autism trivia - Simon Baron-Cohen is probably the most well known researcher in the autism field. He is the cousin of Sasha Baron-Cohen.
  3. No one counts her as the GOAT of womens tennis. She won some in the amateur era when the best players were banned from playing. Even playing the Australian Open every year is a very recent thing, up until the 90s it was skipped by lots of players. Court won 11 of them when the likes of Rome, Cinci and tournaments of a lower standing today were considered more prestigious.
  4. It was just such an easy win for Fritz. Fritz was very good, but Andy just far too passive, the depth in his shots just wasn’t there and he really only started swinging at the end. His serve just isn’t there, he takes speed off it to increase % but they get swatted, so he goes back to hitting hard serves and he can’t get them in. He won about 80% of first serve points and about 20% of second serve points. Needs a lucky draw in Cinci to get a seeding for the US Open. Not in the main draw yet, so would need a couple of withdrawals or a wild card. Nick Kyrgios is next on the entry list if there is a pull out. That would free up a wild card. We know Djokovic won’t be at the tournament but until he officially pulls out, Kyrgios can’t be moved up.
  5. Serena Williams will bring an end to her stellar career at the US Open. An incredible career winning 23 slams, lays claim to the greatest female player along with Graf, Navratilova and Evert. Court just isn’t at that level despite having 24 “slams”.
  6. It’s scheduled after Nick Kyrgios tonight, although likely to be after midnight.
  7. That’s false as my account was registered two years ago for the PPV buys during Covid, so that can’t be the reason they cancelled mine.
  8. I never got a direct reply from them from my email after the cancellation. I heard from someone else that when they phoned the club, they were making judgement calls on whether they were regularly buying tickets as they didn’t want Celtic fans in the home end. They were a season ticket holder last year. And now they are just happy to sell tickets to Celtic fans in the “home end” now
  9. The match against Taylor Fritz is about 7pm our time tonight. Murray’s draw is an absolute nightmare, just go make the SF he could potentially have to beat Fritz, Tiafoe, Sinner, Alcaraz. Probably needs a couple of wins here and a couple of wins in Cinci to get a seeding for the US Open. Not looking good at all. At least his defeat last week doesn’t look as bad as Ymer followed it up with a good run. If he doesn’t serve well tonight it will be a straight sets loss.
  10. I registered the account for the PPV buys in 2020. The online store I use an older email address that has a purchase history back to 2013. My full name is used in both. I have a local address. Seems daft. I have said I would do overtime now, so won't make the game anyway. I have been offered tickets from elsewhere including a Celtic fan with home end tickets
  11. Did anyone else attempt to buy tickets for the game on Saturday and have them cancelled? I got a two sentence email from the club saying they were cancelled and you will get refunded in 5-10 days. No reply from my email asking for an explanation. I’m assuming they think I twilight as a Sellick fan.
  12. And when the tie is over, they will be the ones attacking Celtic Park with their sharks rioting after County fire them out of the League Cup yet again.
  13. As much as we are in agreement about Malky, I do think Ross County do a lot linking the club with community. The youth coaches are always having camps in and around schools in the area and are often going to the islands to do likewise. I think they work extremely hard to do that. But yes the cold hard cash is the main reason we are up there and we will yo-yo between all the divisions if Roy stopped the cash flow.
  14. Have a rich benefactor. It has never been self-sustaining.
  15. Murray had a very frustrating game against Bublik, couldn’t really get going and Bublik was Bublik. Smashed everything, and drop shotted. Bublik lost the final after being a set and 3-0 up. Thats Murray inside the top 50 and looking to climb another 18 to be guaranteed a seeding, although might be less than that required as not everyone inside the top 32 will play the US Open.
  16. Aye it would certainly be entertaining. There’s just something so brilliantly child like and petty about Chris Eubank and his wind ups. When Sky used to do those sit down shows with boxers, the super middleweight one was just Eubank winding Steve Collins up.
  17. What TV show was that for?
  18. Murray beats Querrey 6-2 6-0. Plays Max Purcell in the next round.
  19. He has won every Wimbledon since that loss apart from in 2016 and 2017. He lost to Querrey in 2016 and Berdych the following year when he had to retire through injury. Both of those were on Court 1. He almost lost the year before also on Court 1 where he came back from 2-0 down against Kevin Anderson. So if you want Djokovic to be beaten schedule him on Court One last on.
  20. Nope. All foreign players need to be vaccinated to get a VISA. Plus you need to be vaccinated to compete professionally in New York State. As things stand his next Grand Slam match will be in France next year.
  21. Murray starts his Hall of Fame Open tournament tomorrow, against Sam Querrey. If he gets through that is likely to face Mannarino and then Bublik.
  22. In the end Novak won that without getting out of second gear. Incredible to think that’s his 7th Wimbledon title. As soon as the stress came with not making every shot Nick Kyrgios fell apart. He will never get a better chance to win a Slam, and he just couldn’t perform at a high enough level to trouble Novak. Novak was well below par at the start of the match, but grew into it as the patterns of Nick’s serve became easier to read. Better tennis player won in the end.
  23. On the mens side. Although the likes of Laver might have more finals if the Professional Slams he played in the 60s whilst banned would officially count. Think the official record is Evert with 34.
  24. I think that got away from Norrie, Novak went into non error mode and just waited for the errors. Couldn’t keep his level up and some of the breaks he gave Novak were gifts. A tremendous run to the semis for Norrie, and just a shame there’s no ranking points to show for it. He’ll be looking forward to the US Open. On that showing from Novak, Kyrgios will have a chance for sure. Should be an interesting final.
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