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  1. Yeah I enjoyed it too, mainly for nostalgia but it was good fun. Don't think it was as funny as the first two but I would imagine that's because I was a kid then and I'm a boomer now. Didn't mind the graphics, I played the original Monkey Island not that long ago, so the graphics for these types of games don't matter. I agree the ending was utter shite, but so was every ending to Monkey Island. Same rules apply - everything has a purpose, if you haven't used it yet, just keep trying it on different things until it works.
  2. Kids day at the Laver Cup - doubles match practice - Nadal and Federer Vs Djokovic and Murray. Imagine seeing that for free?
  3. There with have it, the beginning of the end of the greatest period of tennis that's ever been. Federer retires. Without his brilliance Nadal and Djokovic would never have reached the height they did. No matter which one of them you think is the GOAT everyone will be in agreement that they are the three greatest players ever. The reason those three were the greatest is that they got to play each other so often, learning to win against Grand Masters meant they had better experience and had seen all the tricks and trades so that even in the twilights of their careers they could and still can see off the best of the rest. Although I never actually rooted for Federer, I wanted him to lose against Nadal and Djokovic, he was just utterly cool and suave even four hours into a five set epic. While there has always been doubts about the legitimacy of Djokovic or Nadal's physicality, you could never say that about Federer. He really was that good. Legend, I feel sorry for anyone else that retired this year in the men's or women's game, as they aren't getting into the Hall of Fame. Serena and Roger have that wrapped up already.
  4. I just realised as well when I am "mourning" as the Queen died, I can sit on my arse all day and play this instead of working. AND it's talk like a pirate day.
  5. As I am a total boomer that remembers fondly playing Monkey Island 2 on 11 separate Amiga discs, can I use steam on the xbox? Or will I have to use steam on my Surface Pro to play this? But they have my money already. Like every one else I love evil Murray Bwahahahashahaha. Herman Toothrot can go straight into the bin though. And if anyone wants to argue about it I challenge you to some insult swordfighting: I ONCE OWNED A DOG SMARTER THAN YOU!
  6. And there we have it the youngest ever ATP number one. Carlos Alcaraz with his first slam title, and no doubt the first of many. Casper played very well, but just couldn’t maintain his level towards the end, but that was mainly as Carlos upped his game. A really wonderful final, and Mens tennis will be absolutely fine without the Big Four. Sinner, Ruud, Alcaraz, Felix and Ruud will all keep getting better.
  7. Thy drop volley to save set point was incredible by Alcaraz.
  8. The main difference between the two is that Casper Ruud knows exactly what he can do and what he can’t do. Alcaraz has all the shots in the world, but doesn’t have the experience of knowing when to play them and when not to yet. Ruud’s serve and main strokes are holding up better than Alcaraz’ shots currently. You just feel if Alcaraz can just play a little better he will run away with it. But Ruud is going to continue to play his solid 8/10 game and he’s looking good for the win with that.
  9. Ruud beats Khachenov in four sets, which means he’ll be the new number one if Alcaraz loses tonight or he wins on Sunday.
  10. Ons absolutely destroys Garcia in that first set, slicing her way through Garcia's attack. Ons has totally ripped up her playbook and is playing in a different style. Such a talented player with great variety.
  11. For Tiafoe everything has come together for him this past ten days, and with the crowd surging for him it will be a great match against Alcaraz. Hoping he can pull it off, as he is good for tennis. Absolutely engages the crowd without any of the histrionics that Kyrgios does. For the other semi can’t see past Ruud, he’s been the most consistent player this season without the big title. Two Slam finals in the one year would be mightily impressive. On the Womens side Swiatek usually destroys Sabalenka conceding about five games. I think Caro Garcia will spring the upset on Ons Jabeur, so that would make a very good final. Ruud Vs Alcaraz for the their first slam title and the world number one would be a great narrative. If Tiafoe gets past Alacaraz he wins it.
  12. Although it will go down as a shock, no real surprise to see a player that can remain focussed beat Kyrgios. Khachanov was far more solid throughout, and the times he did lose his serve he quickly regrouped. It was a great opportunity for Kyrgios but he bottled it. Dumped his serve serving to stay in the set in the first and third, and dumped his serve through lack of focus after securing the fourth set.
  13. There is also previous needle between Ruud and Kyrgios as he previously mouthed off about Ruud being nothing than a clay courter. A Ruud vs Alcaraz final would be great for mens tennis, a shoot out for the title and number one spot. If Alcaraz was to do it he’d be the youngest number one on the mens side ever. Will probably stay up to watch the first set of the Kyrgios show. Coco Gauff currently in trouble from Caro Garcia, who has had a renaissance this summer. Andy Murray once tipped her to be world number one.
  14. Or the mens game before the big four came along. Rios was number one without winning a slam. Ferrer did make number three but he had a Masters win, a Masters final and the French Open final in his ranking. With the same number of points he would be world number one on Monday In fact Andy Murray has been ranked number four in the world with more ranking points than the number one will have on Monday. When Andy reached number one he had more than double the points that the number one on Monday will have. At least if it is Rafa he will have won two slams this year.
  15. The number one scenarios are quite funny actually. Casper Ruud can be world number one if he makes the final and Alcaraz doesn’t. He will never have won a title above 500 level. Alcaraz will be number one if he makes the final and Casper Ruud doesn’t win the title. If neither Alcaraz or Ruud make the final, Nadal will be number one once again.
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