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  1. It isn’t necessarily what they have done, it is what they have done since it happened. Mackay in his first press conference should have addressed what happened, taken responsibility what he did send, stated what he’s done since then. Martindale has owned his previous criminality, has worked up from being a volunteer at Livi. He also gives talks on where he was, what lead him there, and how to avoid going down that path to local youth groups.
  2. I have just about made it to 100% on my third run through. The last thing I have to do is visit Arthur’s grave, and I’m just not ready for that The hunting missions were a lot easier this time, as every one of that shitey wee birds fly about the rundown fort if you wait about long enough. The challenges that I found the most difficult was disarming three people in a row, and shooting three hats off in the one dead eye. I eventually just went to the poker table in Saint Denis and shot the top hats off the mugs at the table. Until that point I attempted it several times in Van Horn and had to massacre the whole town each time I attempted it.
  3. The best hotel in Dingwall is the Tulloch Castle Hotel, but that’s at the top end of the town and a good 25-30 minute walk. As suggested you’d be best avoiding the Waverley.
  4. He doesn’t need to announce it, his ranking gets him automatic enrolment into the tournament. He would need to announce a withdrawal. He’ll be disappointed with his loss to Fognini, but Fognini followed that up with another great win today. Fognini is always a great watch, you just never know what Fognini you’ll get. The clown or the king. Murray might even turn up in an event next week. The sole aim is to get seeded by Wimbledon.
  5. It was even more difficult for those in f us in the County end that day. Full of people I had never seen at a game before. Roy McGregor have every global employee a ticket for it, hence the 20000 people.
  6. Hearts may as well score another to give us our biggest even senior league defeat.
  7. Not to forget Andri who made his 15th cap following his family lineage. Was surprised Cesare Maldini only had 14 caps I had always assumed he had more.
  8. I got this for the Xbox and I’m playing through it for the third time. I still love this game. However today, I took a wander down to Shady Belle to take out the Lemoyne Raiders gang hide out. I forgot to take my weapons from my horse, so I only had two side arm revolvers. I got shot to shit, and needed to take a health cure. I took it, but it wasn’t really a health cure it was moon shine. I hadn’t realised until I took my third one, and I was in a gang war absolutely steaming. Dead Eye didn’t work, your aim is like driving a shopping trolley, and I went through close to 200 bullets killing the eight or nine guys. The rest I killed by launching fire bottles. It was both hilarious and stressful as I had a legendary fish on my horse so couldn’t die without having to do it all again. I’ve done this on Ps5 with a further play through and here I am on the third play through discovering a new detail in the game. My advice to all is don’t drink moonshine in a gang hideout. And definitely do not drink four bottles of it.
  9. Good luck to Ketts, an utter legend of a player for us and the signings he made didn’t work out for us. Yogi Hughes managed to keep us up, so Ketts would have done also given a bit more time. Hes already shown he can get a little bit more out of an under performing team. My favourite Kettlewell story is when we dropped to the Championship, he seen that Vigurs was offered an extension by Caley but hadn’t signed. So he went round to his house and wouldn’t leave until he agreed to join County again.
  10. That’s the 15th time in his career he’s saved match points on his way to victory. He’s lost six matches in his career from having match points. Three of them in 2012 in consecutive weeks to Jankowicz, Raonic and Djokovic. He famously saved five match points in consecutive finals against Tommy Robredo.
  11. i would bin the STVplayer and use the ITVX app. Just use a random English postcode, the only one I know is Wimbledon (SW19) and the stability of the stream and quality is far better than the STV player. you would have thought they wouldn't be a difference but it is remarkably so.
  12. If only there was a viral video clip of him showing him to have the worst miss of all time to warn us.
  13. Since making the Scottish Cup final 13 years ago County have won 7 Scottish Cup ties: 2010/11 Deveronvale 4-1 2011/12 Albion Rovers 4-0, Stenhousemuir 7-0 2015/16 Dunfermline 1-0, Linlithgow Rose 4-2 2016/17 Dundee United 6-2 2018/19 Motherwell 2-1 Exiting to Dundee United, St Mirren, ICT, Hibs, St. Johnstone, Dundee United, Aberdeen, Kilmarnock, ICT, Ayr, ICT, Livingston and Hamilton.
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