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  1. Are the players channelling their inner Yogi with them all going to Twitter to praise the decent shift from the lads? Coll Donaldson gives away another penalty and we don’t score a goal. Welcome back Stuart Kettlewell you were missed.
  2. Djokovic must be in the huff as he’s not playing the medal match in the mixed. Ash Barty and John Peers get the walkover and the Bronze medal.
  3. BBC can only show a certain amount of sports at the same time. On Discovery you can stream any event you like. Djokovic from a set and a break up, gets destroyed by Zverev. 10 of the last 11 games won by Zverev including breaking Djokovic five times. What a result.
  4. From 4-2 up in the second they played utter shit. Up until that point they were brilliant. Their performance in the tie breaks was very poor. They only got back into the Championship tie break as they Croatians were feeling it tight to close out the game. They will feel that they have missed out big time. The unseeded New Zealand pair is all that stood in front of them for the gold medal match. I suspect that is why you will never see Murray full time on a doubles court as he will be spewing.
  5. Liam Broady with the biggest win of his career. Superb.
  6. Murray/Salisbury into the quarter finals after another straight sets victory. One more victory and they’ll be in the medals reckoning. Liam Broady currently one set all against the Wimbledon semi finalist. Thsts all the British hopes left after both Djokovic and Barty elected to play mixed doubles. Meaning Watson/Salisbury are left as alternates. Need two teams to withdraw for them to take a place.
  7. Yeah supposedly the BBC can only show a certain amount of sport simultaneously, so haven’t shown tennis yet. I bought a month of Discovery Plus just for the tennis. Woke up nice and early for the Murray match. He’s withdrawn. A quad strain and has been told he can’t play both singles and doubles, so he withdrew from the singles as the doubles gives him the best opportunity of getting a medal.
  8. Even funnier was it was McGregor with his “morals” that made that decision. It was not morally correct to furlough them so he paid them all off instead.
  9. More tin pot stuff as we withdraw from the Challenge Cup. 18 days away and we can’t fulfil a fixture. County citing rules that have not changed, and recovering from COVID. Why not just come out with the real reason? We don’t have enough players to fulfil the fixture.
  10. Andy Murray to open his double Olympic defence against Felix Auger-Aliassime. Possible Carrena Busta in the last 16, Medvedev in the QF. Tsitsipas in the SF and the man chasing the Golden Slam in the final. Has to really play well in his first match, and if he does he’d have a good chance of making the quarter finals. Best of three sets with a day off in between, it might just be a format that works for Murray currently.
  11. I like your sentiment, but it should be a bye in the next round for your opponent if you’re withdrawing. If all the guys are withdrawing as they don’t have the time, would it be worth considering going down to one game a week? That may be able to retain some of the regulars and would reduce the admin of the competition for our favourite Aberdeen fan.
  12. Ive added you as a friend, if you want to challenge me. I’m happy to play as black.
  13. The real GOAT stepped up today: The absolute king of the drop shot.
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