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  1. That's too much hard work when theres robbing and killing to be done🤣
  2. I got the dishonourable ending, I left John to die and went for the money 😄 So I thought I'd replay the game and do good deeds and get the honourable ending. However I'm a scoundrel, and went on a rampage in St Denis killing pinkertons. Dont regret anything. In the original red dead redemption I accidentally kidnapped a nun, tied her up and left her on the train tracks to be splattered by a train. And my honour went to shit. What's the big deal it's only a bloody nun?
  3. As long as we have a sell on clause as well, that isn't too bad. It's a great move for him, as he wouldn't ever get a chance at county. Why give youth a chance when you can sign a journeyman? 🤣 Some shift his parents did taking him down from the Islands for all the training and games. Hes been in Scotland squads and impressed in the tourney over in Spain. On paper the signings made are good, I guess the aim is to finish above Hamilton and St Mirren. We are probably still needing three signings, cah we afford to make them?
  4. So what did we get from Rangers for the signing of Graham? A loan of six months for a cracking player with bags of potential?
  5. I started watching the match but gave up, definitely a bit strange. Obviously the courts arent as deep as what would normally be expected, so Andy had difficulty retrieving some balls as he couldn't go deep behind the baseline. A comfortable win and served well. Edmund tomorrow might be a bit too much if he hits the forehand well. I'd fully expect him to beat Ward comfortable and make the semis. Novak was a prize idiot. I have watched some of his Instagram interviews and he has some very controversial views about health and healing. He probably thought he wouldn't get it. Depending on how badly he gets it, it could have an effect on his stamina in a match if he was to get lung damage. Hopefully Dimitrov, Coric and Djokovic have speedy recoveries.
  6. Why would anyone buy a season ticket? We dont know when football can start, and if spectators are allowed they will be socially distanced. So there isn't a guarantee a season ticket holder would be able to attend every game. Obviously they want the money in the club hence the tickets are put on sale. I thought maybe a home streaming season ticket could go on sale and then that could be discounted against the cost of the actual season ticket when its known how many games will be available. On a positive both kits are superb. Will definitely get one of them.
  7. For the Tommahawk one, you can go close to a gang hideout, so you aren't close enough to get charged at, and get a lot of time to line it up. There is a gang hide out where the epilogue is based. There is a gang member against the fence, and you can just ping him with the tommahawk until you get the distance correct. Just run away and come back and he respawns.
  8. I now don't have a knuckle on my right ring finger. A lovely faded white scar. And a lesson not to punch inanimate objects. My cover story is I was playing football and was in goals, and pulled off a miraculous save but punched the goal post at the same time. That photo was taken one week after surgery, after getting the cast taken off.
  9. I'm too much of an arsehole to have good honour. It's great just exploding people in valentine with explosive shotgun shells.
  10. Thanks anyway, think they're just goosed. Went for the one with four controllers for four player mario kart. For some reason the right controllers seem a lot more expensive than the left ones.
  11. Just left and right controllers that can be plugged into the switch when its handheld. I do add their non Nintendo. I have three other nintendo controllers that synced as soon as you slid them in.
  12. Yeah dont do the $250 challenge in Van Horn. Theres no pinkertons and no snitches.
  13. Van Horn is mad. I once was pick pocketed, and I caught the guy leathered him then shot him in the end. Justice Served. 😎 No. I was the c**t. Every single person got triggered and started chasing me down the pier, must have killed about 50 people. My honour would have taken a huge hit, but I was a scoundrel already.
  14. Are they a knack to syncing the controllers? I bought a switch second hand, and I was given two extra non nintendo controllers. I cant get them to work. I have fully charged them. Tried to add controllers when it is in the TV dock, when it is in handheld mode. I've tried changing the grip control, and when trying to find new controllers they aren't being found. Is there something obvious I'm missing or should they just be fired in the bin?
  15. I have probably already told this story on this thread, but in my pursuit of a perfect American Robin carcass, I noticed a Robin land on my sisters fence. I then said aloud "b*****d if only I had my varmint rifle" - which was greeted with a massive "WWWWAAAAATTTTTT?". You aren't the only one Busta.
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