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  1. Game of Thrones

  2. The deep behind the baseline drop shot, that bounced back over the net? Indeed it was glorious.
  3. If Dundee have Jim McIntyre they won’t scoosh anything. Hopefully you keep Martin Woods too [emoji2]
  4. Fabio Fognini absolutely destroying Nadal. A set and two breaks up. Fognini is 50% utter talent and 50% utter clown. Probably the most entertaining player to watch on clay when In form. But as it’s Fabio, he might even lose this.
  5. Yes but the law clearly states that throwing an object with excessive force is a red card offence. He throws the ball as hard as he can. He doesn’t just throw it softly. Brutality isn’t mentioned.
  6. The Star Wars thread

    Absolutely agree. I read the criticism online about Luke in the aftermath and thought it was over the top nonsense. Fan base happily accepting all flaws in the original trilogy and moaning about everything The Last Jedi. Look was always impulsive, looking to the future instead of the present, and clearly channelled the dark side when Vader told him he would turn Leia. But showing that traits in him in the sequel trilogy produced vitriolic comments. I really enjoyed The Last Jedi and think in a few years after Episode IX is done and dusted, it will probably received better.
  7. The Star Wars thread

    JJ to go with a time jump and a large memory wipe leaving a knocked up Rey pregnant to Kylo living on Tattooine sold into slavery and now called Shmi...... [emoji23]
  8. The Star Wars thread

    I love that the whole Rey running and the Tie Silencer going towards is a homage to North by Northwest.
  9. The Star Wars thread

    FARKING HELL! Incredible teaser. [mention=33876]captainkev[/mention] Kylo and Rey split Anakin’s old blue lightsaber in half fighting over it in Snoke’s throne room Never mind captain I didn’t read your post properly in my excitement. You already said it was broken
  10. County were shite. In the three games against Nielson’s United side we’ve found wanting. Have we went 4-4-2 each time? It took a blinding 45 minute performance from Draper to get that side in front, and we got Caley down to 10. To go the same side against United without Draper was brave or dumb. Although we may be hampered by injuries this season, we still have a seasoned squad of players. County will play well for 20-30 minutes in a game and that’s usually enough to get us ahead. But when we don’t have that spell we’re really awful. Determination of the players got that in the end. Jamie Lindsay has been superb all season. Was delighted he was the guy to get the equaliser.
  11. The Brazilian boy was signed by Caley to stop him going on trial at Ross County. The fact that he’s Brazilian people have given it a higher profile signing than it actually is. He’s just a youth player who’s family moved to the area. Was also on trial at Motherwell and Rangers before Caley offered him a deal. Looks a good prospect and has some really tidy finishes. The lob against Ayr was superb
  12. Yeah McCulloch in for Naismith. Ferries in right midfield ahead of Brittain is an easy enough decision. I like the pairing of Lawson and Kettlewell over any of them with Brittain. As good as Irvine was his last season was one season too many. Dropped him to the bench.
  13. Yeah Flynn wasn’t a regular and Fitzpatrick easily replaced by Morrison. On reflection I’d take McKay over McMenamin. All time County XI? McGovern Robertson Boyd Munro Naismith Vigurs Kettlewell Lawson Ferries Gardyne Boyce For sentimental reasons I’d have to have a bench of Bullock, Somerville, Goggs, Boukraa, Irvine, Grant and Duff.
  14. Kettlewell was more mobile and every bit as dirty. Draper would certainly get games much as Quinn did with injuries and suspensions. Mullin could play in the hole ahead of Gardyne and on the right. For me Fraser and Fox are about the same.
  15. Getting a win here is important as it gives United very little margin of error. We will move on to 63 points with a superior GD. Added with United’s tendency to follow a couple of good results with a clanger, they might not even make it to 64 points. I’d play 4-5-1, with Stewart up top. Mullin and Armstrong on the wings - with Draper, Lindsay and Paton. But knowing SKSF they’ll add in Spence or Cowie. We certainly have to be better from set pieces, we’ve under performed against United apart from our first game. Looking forward to it.