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  1. In the womens side Barty is just playing so solidly, that even a rejuvenated Madison Keys probably doesn’t have a chance. Swiatek against Collins a bit more even, Swiatek can generate easier power, so you’d expect her to win. Collins can get the ball back in court long enough to extract errors, so should be interesting semi. Barty will be the first Australian champion since Chris O’Neil in 1978. Up until that point only 10 non Australians had won it on the womens side.
  2. As well as Felix played, he bottles every big match he’s ever played. There will be plenty of opportunities for him though, to get over that hurdle. I’m not even going to bother watching the Tsitsipas Medvedev semi. Both players 10 feet behind the baseline playing pong until someone makes an error. Tsitsipas will have to play exceptionally well to win. Can see it going exactly the same way as last years semi. But if he moves forward a bit more he’ll be able to cut Medvedev out with the angles from his backhand Berretini has the best chance of an upset, just plays solidly throughout. Over the last couple of years just beats everyone ranked below him at the Slams. Just feel Nadal will just bring it and go through.
  3. Yeah that is true, but you also have to factor that slow players will also cause other players to have a fixture pile up. They then have to play multiple games at the same time impacting on their playing time in a day. Less thinking time per move impacting on their quality of move. A point penalty for games over the 14 days would probably be the only solution, something to think about for next season. I had to laugh at the use of “nefarious reasons” though .
  4. But likewise extending your games towards the end of the season, so you know exactly what you need to get the position your aiming for is also open to abuse. A point for both players for finishing within the deadline could be a compromise. Round 2 Div A GKNeil defeats GCarlos9 by resignation.
  5. It’s one move a day on the app, but our rules are all matches need to be completed within 14 days of the published fixture.
  6. It’s a surprise in terms of ranking, but not a surprise in terms of his performance at slams. The moment he gets in a bit of trouble in a longer match, he just doesn’t have the tactical nous or fight to get through it unless he starts swinging and red lining. He’s never beaten a top 10 player in a slam (0-11), and if we go to top 20 players he’s 4-15. Just hasn’t been able to transition his best of three form into slams.
  7. That’s fair enough. If you messaged me saying that I’d have accepted a draw. Division A GCarlos9 defeats EindhovenDee by resignation.
  8. What’s the rules on someone not moving and then going on vacation? @Frank Grimes @eindhovendee hasn’t moved since Friday, and new league fixtures are out tomorrow. The slow play in this league is ridiculous.
  9. Alcaraz is just going to utter destroy tennis in two years. His game might not adjust to grass, but he’s going to have opportunities to win the others every season starting from the French this year. He’ll be inside the top 16 seeds by then.
  10. Taro did to Andy Murray what Andy Murray has made a career out of. Just giving his opponent one more ball to extract the error. He made some easy errors coming forward and that really stopped that tactic. The run last week has probably drained him physically, as he looked like he didn’t have much to give there today. He no longer has the Duracell batteries in. I don’t think he would have got past Sinner anyway, but still a disappointing loss. No doubt will play a few indoor tournaments, he’s got no points to defend until Wimbledon so has plenty of scope to get up the rankings.
  11. If it’s any consolation I also thought Sloane would win. Raducanu loves a crowd, and just elevates her game. Fernandez didn’t have such a good time in her first round though. Liam Broady is an excellent example of where hard work gets you, didn’t have a world ranking during the pandemic. But helped Murray train for the Battle of the Brits meets and has kicked on from there. I thought he’d have a shot at Kyrgios, but even a man just out of isolation and little training can just turn it on. Third prediction (third time lucky) Kyrgios to beat Medvedev. Cue a 6-2 6-2 6-1 win for the pantomime villain.
  12. Almost, three of the four have a tie break of some sort. In Australia it’s a champions tie break (first to 10) after 6-6 in the fifth. French Open is still play until your two games clear. Wimbledon is normal tie breaker after 12-12 in the fifth. The US Open is tie breaker as normal in the fifth at 6-6. Kyrgios looked pretty impressive today and will be absolutely relishing playing Medvedev. That Aussie crowd cheering Kyrgios and annoying Medvedev should be comedy gold. That could be extremely interesting. Taro Daniel is decent but doesn’t have the weapons that Basilashvili has, not the defensive skill of Murray so it should be a good match up for him. Daniel will serve well though or at least he has been through qualies.
  13. The documentation from ATAGI was that an exemption from vaccination would be available if a COVID infection prevented you from getting vaccinated. Tennis Australia absolutely fucked that up. Just a shame Andy wasn’t in that quarter, it’s wide open now. Andy will be playing on Tuesday. Possible Kyrgios Medvedev in Round 2 but I fancy Liam Broady to push him and possibly beat Kyrgios. Raducanu got a stinking draw against Sloane Stephens. Sloane is winning that.
  14. Yes here we use either fractional odds or we just use a decimal multiplier. Your -150 odds would 4/6 (odds on) or 1.667. You bet 150 and it returns 250. Your +150 odds would be 6/4 (odds against) or 2.5. You bet 100 and it returns 250.
  15. Karatsev has done that to Djokovic and Medvedev. He’s an exceptional player, very much in the Wawrinka mould where he can over power any opponent at anytime and there is nothing they can do about it. Just a shame Murray couldn’t serve better to give him more of a chance. Great week beating the second and fourth seed, and a first round win in Oz Open should see him back inside the top 100. If there’s an adjournment in Novak’s trial it could make the draw interesting. If the order of play comes out and Novak gets deported after that a Lucky Loser will become the #1 seed. If Novak is deported before the order of play comes out, the seeds will be rejigged. #3 will move to #1, #5 to #3, #9 to #5, #17 to #9, 33rd in list will be promoted to #17 seed.
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