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  1. Result from last week: GCarlos9 slaughters TopCatEH7
  2. I have sent my challenge to RicheyEdwards. For the game against Grant228 what happens? Is it a walkover?
  3. That’s what I do as well, I pick the game I think I need the most thinking with and just play through scenarios and see how I can attack my own defence.
  4. If someone can’t make one move in 24 hours that’s their own fault. You win in other chess formats if their timer runs out.
  5. Apart from when he channelled his fear and anger and almost killed his father when he threatened turning Leia instead? A fleeting moment of dark side that then dissipates exactly matches his character in the original trilogy.
  6. He’s retired due to work commitments. He’s Grant228
  7. I didn't mind how it ended, just felt they didn't quite pull it off. Certainly hinted that Buckles wasn't the top man, but everyone will be satisfied by him being the 4th Man. OCG likely to leave him alone as he is taking the hit for it all, and the police can sweep it all away. Just like everything else the police have ever been accused of, and considering the clear endemic racism in the police, I found it an apt ending. Everything goes back to the start and carries on like nothing happened. They didn't quite pull it off storywise though.
  8. I feel your pain I did likewise. If I don’t login and watch can I claim a refund? 😂
  9. A gold star for you. I wish I saw the lineup before buying the PPV.
  10. From next year onwards there will no middle Sunday of rest at Wimbledon. I’d imagine it means the fourth round will be split over the two days rather than always having the Manic Monday. Yeah I saw the Murray video too, promoting Castore. It did feel like a I’m not finished yet kinda vibe.
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