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  1. What kind of Dingwallian are you? Going down the Peff murdering eels was the bastion of any good Dingwall upbringing. Shame on you.
  2. Never thought to look at the Friday night.
  3. Now out of the cup will the Falkirk game go ahead on the 2nd March instead of a midweek game later on?
  4. The Highland Derby

    He also saved from Griffiths in the League Cup semi final. He looks to move very early. The first four Caley penalties were gently stroked home in the opposite direction. The fifth a bit of a calamity from him. Good luck to Caley in the next round
  5. The Highland Derby

    Good luck to Caley in the next round. Taking United to a replay would do fine. I’d quite like to see Gardyne play in behind a striker. Give Armstrong a run on the left, to see what he can do. Disappointing to lose, but it saves us another midweek match. From memory have we still only made the quarter finals of this cup twice?
  6. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    On your point two - Ross County put all away fans in that corner unless they will outsell it's capacity. To go with the North Stand comes with extra associated costs for stewarding policing etc Overall I thought East Fife were excellent, Dowds and Long in particular stand outs. On that showing I would take Long over Fox any day. County didn't play particularly well but did enough to win. Long kept East Fife in the game, without him it could have been four or five. Nice to see Paton and Armstrong show well. Just a shame Paton is cup tied as it would be good to give him game time against Caley, As for the penalty claim, there was very little contact, and going down with that little contact is about as close to diving without diving you can get. Never thought it was a penalty at all.
  7. The Highland Derby

    Looks from the contract news that each station is allowed two ties per round but replays isn’t mentioned. I would assume that the two per round covers replays as well. If so replays will never be shown. Anyone know for sure?
  8. The Highland Derby

    Is the replay on the telly box?
  9. Ross County have officially stated that a player was arrested, they won’t comment on an on-going police matter, and he will be subjected to the clubs disciplinary code. Some of the banter on twitter from Caley fans is horrendous. Why does Vigurs enrage Caley fans so much?
  10. Favourite MILF Thread

    I have just finished watching Sex Education on Netflix and Gillian Anderson just gets better and better. I have loved her since she started as Dana Scully.
  11. Stan Wawrinka gets Murray a get better soon present,
  12. Protected ranking allows him to enter nine tournaments using his protected ranking of #2. On the entry list at this years Australian Open both Nadal and Murray were #2. He has used his PR for the US Open and Australian Open. So he would have seven left. Although if they were exhausted he would get any wild card he wanted.
  13. He has done it to attempt a comeback. But if the comeback isn’t looking successful he will officially retire. If he didn’t think he could recover he would have waited till Wimbledon. Bob Bryan was back playing within five months. If anyone can do it is Andy. He has been in pain most of his career.
  14. Good lad. He will not be in any pain anymore and that’s first and foremost the most important thing.
  15. Australian Open Tennis 2019

    In Djokovic's two matches against Pouille and Nadal to lift the trophy he made 15 unforced errors. There was a 127 points played in the semi final, and 142 played in the final. A total of 269 points made. There is no stats available for average rally length but you would imagine the rallies against Nadal would have lasted longer. In all he probably hit the ball around 1000 times in those matches. He made 15 unforced errors. Accuracy of 98.5%. Unbelievable accuracy and precision. He is now guaranteed to go over 250 weeks at number one. By the end of Djokovic's career he may just wipe Federer's name of every record. I imagine the Wimbledon record is safe though! Just a shame Murray's run is probably over. We never did get that Murray Federer clay match. Nor did we get a Murray Rafa match under the tutleage of Lendl. One last grass court match against Novak would also have been superb.