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  1. not looking good bud , we'l no for sure early doors tomorrow cheers
  2. how's the weather down Irvine way ? tombo ?
  3. lmao , Edinburgh fringe for u next [emoji1787]
  4. darvel priced out of a move for someone ? wonder's will never cease [emoji848][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  5. terry have u any idea who this bufoon is ? ex-player ? manager ? obviously got a full chip shop on his shoulder [emoji1787]
  6. yip , crawled out from under his rock again
  7. took in cumbernauld v dalry today as our game was off , big kudos to dalry today who fought realy hard today for there 2-0 win , they were the better team 1st half but were put under the cosh in the 2nd half and battled hard for there 3pts , nauld weren't at it today at all but well done dalry . special mention to dalry no10 who never stopped the full game .
  8. saying that spyro saw a pic on twitter of there park yesterday covered in frost/light snow and pissing rain last night has flooded it i take it
  9. shotts v kilsyth off its like a summer's day down here in kiltoon too [emoji24]
  10. on a side note mate , see the guy diver playing centre for frew is he the diver who played for Pollok's son ? good player but can greet for Scotland [emoji1787]
  11. gotta give Rossvale tremendous credit so far this season , when they went up i and others probably thought they'd be the whipping boys of the league . Theve more than held there own and have had some brilliant results, and some great wins away from home in a difficult league [emoji106]
  12. lol alex ferguson couldnt make that fine mate [emoji1787]
  13. aye poor right enough if u want to just play on one side of the park , the enclosure side of the ground is rock solid , u want to endanger your players have a word with yourself eh [emoji849]
  14. i'm sorry , but surely the rest of the committee should have sacked him there and then after making a racist comment like that ? There's absolutely no excuse at all for using that word !!!!! Surely they shouldn't even have given him the chance to even say he was considering his position? Should have been taking the choice out his hands straight away
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