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  1. just realised who this was ,older grey haired bespectacled guy who used to shout 'all up nielston ' and various other phrases at the games? every time we visited brig o lea he was there cheering on his team and giving advice on where they were going wrong, another character sadly gone, r.i.p .
  2. " the juniors are still dead " is that all the shite patter u have ? every post ,same pish ,what bit aren't u getting, we're not junior anymore, it's called the west of scotland football league,we"ve left the junior grade as u call it ! My opinion on Darvel, for what's it's worth, good to see any club progressing and as long as it's legal and above board fair enough, u can only take at face value what people are saying unless u can prove otherwise? and wether u like or dislike mick Kennedy ive never heard him disrespect another club unlike Darvel legend (even the name makes me cringe ) who disrespected many a club on here ,and he wonders why people gave him pelters ,it's called humility DL and u never had any !
  3. they might be the " dark side '" to us along the road lol ,but in all seriousness I hope they get back home to Kirkintilloch, it's been far to long away from the town hopefully theyl go from strength to strength if and when they come home but not to successful mind you [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  4. uve obviously got some agenda against the new Beith management team ,are u the coach who got let go or a released player ? it certainly sounds like it [emoji849] first season in charge ,took over at an established club who needed an overhaul in these trying off times ,give the guy and the club a break and see what happens next season if we can get back to some kinda normality hopefully [emoji120] [emoji120] [emoji120]
  5. well there's obviously not been loads of clubs with concerns or something would have been discussed by now surely then ?
  6. rightly or wrongly is me asking the question? I'm not a medical expert, neither are you ? ive already said ive no problem with any team having a season out ,time will tell wether they were right to even have a season but after been giving the choice to play or not ,If you start the season you can only keep playing till the relevant people say u have to stop ?
  7. it's no coincidence that all the people on here ranting on about stopping league's are fans off clubs who have decided to take a season out ? Now I have no problem with any team taking the season out or playing on ,that was up to each individual club on whatever grounds ,health ,safety or financial reasons but some off u seem desperate for it all to fall flat on its arse ,the teams are classed as semi professional wether u agree with that or most teams are is debatable for sure but teams were given the choice to play or not ,they made there choice ,and until the medical experts decide that in there opinion it should stop if no longer safe then we'l probably continue rightly or wrongly ,but don't continue to diss every team giving it a go cos your team ain't , getting a bit childish and petty looking .
  8. hard to criticise Ardeer to much alot of competition for players in ayrshire, probably very little budget too ,we played them a few years back in the cup and they took us back to pub and put on a big spread for us and treated us realy well ,and they were decent lads trying to do a difficult job ,all our teams have went through some hard seasons I hate to see any team struggling I for one hope they bounce back [emoji120]
  9. not a criticism of the highlights bud which are always excellent just hard to concentrate when the g.b.x is through it lol [emoji38]
  10. kilsyth 1Rossvale 1 HT . Upton for kilsyth Bradley for vale
  11. whats with the mad music through it ? spoils good highlights imo [emoji18]
  12. thing is craigyboy your gonna have loads of ups and downs with a youthful inexperienced squad ,this season might be a massive learning curve for them ,but u might reap the benefits next season with no relegation
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