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  1. i see the crack pipe is being passed about down that way again , u realy are a wind up merchant [emoji85][emoji1787] either that or u realy are nuts [emoji2957]
  2. honestly you have serious issues , to the point it's creepy [emoji85][emoji849]
  3. not really a surprise stuart is it , him being disrespectful. ? also a big well done to Neilston, great result today .
  4. lol meant huntershill of course [emoji1787]
  5. yep been to them all apart from rossvale and Gartcairn ( should sort that out this season) love old grounds with a bit of character like lesmahagow, lanark and cambuslang , always enjoyed visiting those grounds , used to love the old petershill park and rob roy's adamslie dont like bens park but do like renfrew's park , done well for a synthetic pitch
  6. see if you look up dickhead in the dictionary they'l be a pic of u next to it arrogant tosser of a man [emoji849]
  7. u should be at the fringe next year your that funny , NOT !!!!
  8. yes you are right about knowing nothing about football - thats why i follow fauldhouse ! ffs your the kind of supporter fauldhouse could do without , what a statement that is [emoji849][emoji849][emoji849] Back your team through thick and thin instead of slagging off a team thats joint top of their league [emoji85]
  9. just as a side issue , what team do u support blobby ?
  10. very harsh , maxi has one of the lowest budgets in the top league and has done a great job keeping them up the last few years despite everything that has gone on off the park [emoji849]
  11. and as always happens we've just been drawn against u in the west [emoji1787]
  12. when did u change your name to Darvel legend ya tube ,read back ffs
  13. i no it was the west today , but i noticed another win for Neilston, they seem to be going along very nicely at the moment and under most people's radar ,of course ive probably gave them the kiss of death now [emoji1787]
  14. actually just read it there ceejayar [emoji1787] tried my best not to comment on his posts anymore, but he doesn't half come out with some belters does he not ? [emoji1787]
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