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  1. excellent work getting done at brig o lea ,always a tidy ground always like visiting neilston [emoji16]
  2. your right ,it was me who used the word corrupt ,maybe not the best word to use in hindsight,just thought was crazy the council would even contemplate a team from outwith the town before rob roy getting the site ? i still fear for there future, but i hope i'm totaly wrong and they get there new home and go on and prosper for years to come .
  3. ive nothing against Glasgow city sunrise, ive no doubt they do some great things ,but surely the club that comes from the actual town should be first in line imo ?
  4. i meant the point of favouring glasgow city over the local club on the corrupt bit ,of course there's been mistakes made ,they should have had a clear plan in place before they sold there ground i agree [emoji106]
  5. i have absolutely no sympathy for darvel legend and the others who where on here shouting there mouths off about what they were gonna do ,disrespecting other clubs and old managers etc; Most would love investment in there club no doubt ,but see if they had kept a lid on it and been humble and respectful i think most people would have wished them well and hoped they could have a bit of success, but DL and his cronies made it into some kind of hate fest with there ridiculous carry on ,hopefully it will calm down now ,and they"l let there football do the talking now [emoji848] or mibby not [emoji848][emoji23][emoji1787]
  6. Glasgow city or KIRKINTILLOCH rob roy ,ffs edc the clue is in the name about who should be the preferred option ,lee honestly corrupt the lot off them , all about backhanders ,favours and greed at all levels [emoji849]
  7. why don't you take a day off from being a smart arse . Always one ,and your it !
  8. i don't like the new petershill park but i can totaly understand why they made the move ,footfall is not going to keep clubs going anymore, but its far to big imo Renfrew on the other hand i really like ,seem to have got size and set up right [emoji736]
  9. unfortunately alan vandalism is the scourge of many clubs thesedays, but we"ve managed to rebuild not so bad thanks to the community and an extremely hard working committee [emoji106]
  10. pains me to say it [emoji848][emoji1787][emoji1787]just for the record, i loved adamslie to,which makes it all the more sad the roy have been out kirky for so long, hopefully it's a decent set up and not one of these soulless community jobs u build
  11. glad u enjoyed your visit to kilsyth andy [emoji16][emoji41][emoji106]
  12. obviously love our own stadium Duncansfield but always loved visiting Lesmahagow, lanark , shotts,pollok,largs and Ardrossan
  13. well done sal ,well deserved, smashing player and laddie ,hope and wish him all the success in the world
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