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  1. Please can we all just agree to either put the tedious troll(s) on "ignore" or just stop replying to them? Eventually they'll get bored and leave us alone to discuss important issues sensibly.
  2. Same set-up every game. Competent opponents know we are playing a back 3 so push men up onto it and wait for the mistakes. Hendry, Hanley and McKenna in a back 3 was asking for trouble. Unable or unwilling to change mid-game. His subs make no sense and don't change the game in our favour. We needed to change shape but bringing on Gilmour for Hendry and pushing McTominay into the back 3 when it is clear McTominay is a liability in a back 3 was nonsensical. Make no mistake, a defeat in Yerevan on Tuesday leaves us bottom of a group we should have been looking to win and in real danger of being relegated back to Tier C. Clarke did well to turn us around but has taken us as far as he can.
  3. Is it a complete tear down and rebuild or are they just putting the roof and seats in while retaining the terrace? Terracing needs to be a bit steeper than currently.
  4. I like this result. Dead man walking. Unless they change the rules, they can't touch him for another year and imagine how much damage he will inflict on the Tories in another 12 months. They're heading for an absolute shoeing in the 2 by-elections later this month when the real picture will become really clear to the 211 who voted to keep him. This is perfect.
  5. Wouldn't thank you for Kirk Clubfoot. Experienced, yes. Liability? Not especially, when compared to our recent defensive options. Getting on a bit? Yes. Divisive? Just look at the comments on here. I suspect he won't fit the harmonious dressing room profile we need.
  6. I'll take a wild guess at playing hoofball for a succession of clueless dinosaur coaches. Maybe working with someone who knows how to develop, nurture and coach young players might help.
  7. Excellent piece of business. McInroy and Dempsey now, plus one more of the same standard and I'll be happy enough with midfield. Defence is a different matter.
  8. Muirhead was good but Tomi ragdolled that defence, won 2 penalties and put away the only real chance that came his way. Best player on the park by some distance and no idea why Muirhead got MoM in front of him. Bullen should be sitting Adeloye down tonight and sorting out his deal for next season.
  9. Maybe now they'll appreciate why we were delighted to get rid of him and absolutely staggered that someone paid actual money for him.
  10. Can't believe there were 2 teams worse than Ayr over the season. Absolute dugmeat for vast majority of the season, apart from a little spell just after Duffy left and when Bullen came in. Celebrate safety tonight then see what happens in next few weeks but hopefully a large rebuild.
  11. Kinda helps when your opponents give you a daft penalty in first 5 minutes then their keeper lets a soft header through his legs.
  12. Depends on the scores. If Ayr lose 5-4 and Pars draw 0-0 then Ayr stay up on goals scored. Head to head only comes into it if goal difference and goals scored are equal. I think it needs to be 1-1 at Dunfermline and 1-0 to Partick for it to happen.
  13. Can I gently remind those Pars fans saying Ayr will score early that they have conceded the first goal in 27 of their 35 league games so far. More often than not at they concede within the first 15 minutes of a home game. They have also yet to score against Partick this season, conceding 4 on two separate occasions. The stats are not promising from an Ayr point of view
  14. The longer that game ground on the happier I was going to be with a point. Two dreadful teams playing dreadful football on a dreadful surface. No idea what happened in the second half but our left hand side completely disintegrated and the goal had been coming for about 20 minutes before it eventually arrived. No surprise that it came down that side. We had several close shaves prior to the goal and a bit fortuitous with the equaliser but we'll take it. Happy that our fate is back in our own hands but seriously concerned it's at home where our form is shocking and against a team we haven't even scored against this season, never mind taken a point. On the plus side we are at least creating chances now, we just need to take a few on Friday night. Bring it on. Let's get it over with.
  15. Apparently that was Queen's first win at Palmerston against ICt since 2004. Time to burst an even longer jinx on Saturday.
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