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  1. Twice tonight in the first 25mins he’s sent Mackay through with this exact pass. A wee bit earlier, or Mackay holding his run longer and we’d be in business.
  2. The way Daniel Mackay plays, I reckon he’ll benefit from Allan being in the team. His frequency in trying to get behind the defence from inside the full backs could be fruitful with Allan’s vision.
  3. Yeah mentioned by the (excellent) Wyness Shuffle on Twitter. James’ mum passed away, so he’ll miss a few games.
  4. Carson & B.Mckay suspended, so potential starts for Duffy, McHattie and perhaps even the kids that have been filling the bench recently. Potential involvement for the new Rangers loanee as well. Maybe C.Mackay in for Ridgers in goal, too.
  5. If the game ends up having to be played, it’ll be easy enough to get the pitch waterlogged to secure a postponement.
  6. Here’s a crowdfunder over half-way to target, which may interest those that follow the Highland League https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/eyes-to-the-ground/backers#start / The Twitter account has examples of the photos included for a bunch of clubs
  7. Any chance the final could be in Dundee instead of Perth this time please? United are away that weekend.
  8. So we all agree that both sides are too inept to manage a ‘convincing’ draw? Can’t wait to see if it’s Meekings or Vincent that ruins it for us both...
  9. Also worth considering getting the taxi south to Portlethen or Stonehaven (assuming you are heading that direction), to then get the same train but with more time to spare and less traffic to negotiate. This also assumes the train is stopping at either of those stops!
  10. If that is the case, then the remaining games will have McHattie at LB or move our best performing CB, McCart to LB; with Mckay and Donaldson CB whilst Rooney is RB. Neither situation is ideal TBQHWY
  11. So would ICT I reckon. Brad McKay suspended, with Tremarco and Welsh injured. Donaldson might come back in and hopefully Ridgers is back too. This is how we'll probably line up. Doran and Walsh may be rested due to the plastic surface, where A.McDonald and Austin would likely come in. Would love to see some of the younger players get a run out, but none of them have had a sniff in recent months despite having 3+ on the bench for the majority of the season
  12. Anyone know which of the ICT players are suspended for the Dundee Utd game... as we’ve had quite a few yellow cards in this tournament so far?
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