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  1. Used resolver a couple of years ago it took a while to get the money but was easy to do. Definitely worth trying.
  2. If you are not angry with Jim why is there 400+ posts from seething Utd hypocrites. You cannot defend that you have players who behave like Jim Goodwin as well. No proper argument from you only abuse.
  3. ill use my account when I like I don't need your permission.Or do you vet every bodies posts.You are not answering my point. You are a hypocrite.
  4. no need for abuse. Turn the situation round say Goodwin commits the tackles in the videos.What is your response.
  5. You do not want to admit to what is going on. Jim Goodwin is being pilloried on here and when it is pointed out your players operate in a cynical manners as well. A tap on the chin against two crunching lunges. You must be able to see that it's not acceptable.
  6. Yes you can see clearly that those tackles were dangerous. Also a two footed lunge "with no malice". It is clear your club has been singling out J McGinn for rough treatment. Thanks for posting the clips you supplied the evidence of your players brutality.
  7. when I post or not is my decision you are trying to deflect away from the point that you have players that are just as bad as Jim Goodwin re always picking on the youngsters.
  8. I have posted Utd have had two players sent off for lunges on John McGinn coincidence? I think not.
  9. Its the seethe from Arabs who are whiter than white when your team systematically targets young players of other teams for rough treatment. Goodwin accepted his ban. Case over.
  10. Do not have a link if you are a Utd fans you will seen at least 1 of them. The second 1 was at St mirren park J Rankin. Two footed lunge on Mc Ginn.
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