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  1. This is the team for me. I wouldn't be against McGregor dropping out for McLean who finished the season sensationally well. CalMac has also played 489235 games this season.
  2. Porteous, Hanlon, McGregor and Shaw.. possibly Fraser Murray too?
  3. Play him at the base of a midfield 3 and he is about as good as you can afford at this level. Breaks up the play extremely well and is very strong. Passing is average and he isn't the most mobile. He will never score a goal for you. Play him to his strengths and you've got a great player. I'll miss him but he is about as far away from a Heckingbottom style player that you can get.
  4. Marciano - Best Keeper we've had for years - Keep. Bogdan - 2nd Best keeper we've had for years. Probably too expensive but would still like him to stay - Keep. Gray - Keep. Obviously. Whittaker - Punt. Hanlon - Keep. Stevenson - Keep. Nelom - WTF?! Punt. Johnson - Punt. McGregor - Keep Spector - Not seen too much of him but based on his pedigree I would Keep. Porteous - Keep. Milligan - He's integral to the way we play under PH. Keep. Bartley - Keep. Just. Slivka - Keep. Boyle - Keep. Horgan - Keep. The f*kn boy. Gauld - With Allan coming in I don't really see a place for Gauld, which is a shame. Punt. Mallan - Keep. Agyepong - Punt. Bigirimana - See Nelom. Murray - Keep. I'm excited to see more of him next season. Omeonga - I can't see it but I'd love for him to stay. Keep. Kamberi - Keep. Shaw - Despite being one of the most talented young players in Europe, I just don't think he is good enough. Punt. Allan - Not good enough either. Punt. McNulty - Break the bank for him. Keep.
  5. I find it hard to agree with you that Hibs going a man down somehow worked in our favour. No matter what way you look at it, that's a considerable advantage to St.Johnstone. Until the last 5 minutes when St J were shelling it into our box we were playing all of the good football. It wasn't a typical 10 man performance when you are looking to soak up the pressure and break up the park and hopefully nick a goal. A draw would have been fair enough but I don't think St Johnstone were worth a win. Also, I'd have Kennedy back in a heartbeat, his delivery into the box is terrific at times.
  6. Can I ask on what basis do St.Johnstone fans think that they were the better team last night or deserved to win? They shaded the first half maybe but they weren't the better team and were pretty dreadful against ten men, at home.
  7. what an absolutely horrendous attempt at humour.
  8. This - by far and away their best album. Cornerstone and Crying Lightning are great songs but Dance Little Liar and the Jeweller's Hands are completely underrated.
  9. the Ultracheese is bloody brilliant, as is Star Treatement
  10. Who would be your nominees be? I'd go for Brown, Mcgregor, Mcgeouch and Boyd. Ypoty will likely feature McKenna, Tierney etc..
  11. I'd say top 5. In terms of starting line up, assuming Stokes, Commons and Slivka sign I would say: Marciano Whittaker Ambrose Mcgregor Stevenson Slivka Bartley McGinn Swanson Matulevicius Stokes
  12. I think he will be a great signing for you. Was always limited to opportunities with Cummings at the club. Has scored some great goals for Hibs. Goes completely missing at times but has a great left foot. Deserves the chance to be a main man at a club. Good luck to him. Scottish Cup winning legend and his celebration for the winner when he lost his shit and runs the opposite way from all the rest of the players is one of my favourite memories from that day.
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