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  1. I’ve got a horrible feeling that you’re being serious here.
  2. I understand how it works in Scotland. It works by falling well behind the rest of the UK which to be fair, comes as absolutely no surprise. There are none so blind as those who will not see.
  3. Listening to Cringe Freelunch giving out the figures pretty much now confirms, that they are failing miserably administering vaccines. An absolute shambles but not surprising given the ineptitude of these people.
  4. One thing that is definitely SNP Bad, is the pitiful amount of vaccinations that have been carried out in Scotland.
  5. It’s more like a Dacia Duster running on one cylinder.
  6. You’re the weirdo. Look back at some of your posts. The work of an angry, slavering oddball.
  7. That is the biggest pile of shite imaginable. A simple fact you say, that we are twice as likely to survive because of the actions of the Scottish government and the failings are the fault of the UK government. Delusional nonsense.
  8. Scottish people in being aggressive c***s shocker!! It didn’t take a pandemic for me to realise there was a high percentage of c****s in society. Utter vermin. They’ve normally got sleeve tattoos and are doing that “ beard thing”.
  9. Leitch was tee’d up for his......”I’m really surprised at how well the vaccine rollout is going, really surprised” statement. If one of those limp noodles who get to ask the questions had spent two minutes scrutinising the numbers, they would have seen that it merited challenging the FM. I’m still going to give Sturgeon the benefit of the doubt re guiding us out of this, but as to how someone as inept as Freecringe gets into a position of making vaccine predictions/promises....beggars belief.
  10. 2.4 million vaccinated in the UK so far is a fantastic achievement. Well done to all concerned.
  11. I must be watching a different Sky and BBC to you. I’ve not seen it mentioned once. Anyway, well done France, 352 vaccinations is very impressive.
  12. Prominent EU member France has managed to administer 352 vaccines, the UK has done 1,500 000. Not a peep from the BBC news, bed wetters.
  13. Who does “hero Michael” suggest we vote for instead?
  14. That is very funny, good stuff. The Nats are by far the best at banter, I mean, just look at that hilarious Janey Godley. All that’s missing here is some of that really original gammon material.
  15. Civic and joyous as always. Great Nat banter. Just needs some predictable, tartan, shit gammon/minter stuff added in.
  16. She’ll be too busy droning on about the nasty English to do that.
  17. Hence the reason so many SNP types side with them. The “Brexit becoming a farce, bed wetters thread” was awash with “ go Macron” shite!
  18. Circa 30 planes arrived in Edinburgh yesterday. No checks or tests (apart from Passport) if applicable. Passengers free to saunter out onto trams, buses etc. That doesn’t seem very sensible.
  19. I see P&B Poster Boy Macron’s vaccination programme is going well. The French have managed to administer 352 vaccines. We’ve done a million!
  20. So did I, and the UK having vaccinated more people than all of Europe combined, surely merits some praise.
  21. Well done Scotland, that’s a decent effort. Would be great if we can continue or preferably even better that trend.
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